Roosting Bars Plastic - Eglu Mark 2

By Omlet

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Keep your Eglu in great condition with a new set of roosting bars. Made from hardwearing plastic they are durable, easy to clean and long lasting. Complete with an egg design grip surface. Please note these roosting bars are for mark 2 eglus, which were supplied from Spring 05 to present.

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           Eglu plastic roosting bars

- Elaine, 26 March 2014

Fantastic product find these easier to clean compared to the wooden ones, very happy


- Susan, 11 March 2014

We love having the extra rooster bars, when we clean out the chicks each week we put in the fresh clean bars in the Eglu, wash down the dirty ones ready for the next week.

           Great product

- Jane, 31 January 2014

Wish I had bought these bars sooner. Even although these bars are very easy to clean, it was not much fun washing the bars out in the rain and wind so the second set has come in handy for switching over in bad weather, leaving the dirty ones till later. Would highly recommend.

           Excellent choice

- Matthew, 31 December 2013

Previously I would have to pressure wash the old wooden bars each weekend. The new plastic bars stay cleaner for longer and are much easier to clean - also they don't harbour insects etc, like the old wooden bars. So glad I made the change!

           Plastic roosting bars for eglu classic

- Jacki, 19 September 2013

Why havent I bought these sooner!! I bought my chickens and eglu classic about 6 years ago. It came with wooden bars which have to be scrubbed and scrubbed to clean them. If I applied too much pressure the bars would fall apart. I know they have lasted well but was so relieved to bin these. ( well going to use in my wood burner as I like to recycle) These new plastic bars fit beatifully look so much nicer and are a dream to clean. Also much more hygenic no worries of mites etc..

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