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Excellent!!! - Amie,

Bought our first omlet eglu, we decided to go with the cube so the girls had as much space as possible! After having some terrible experiences with mites we decided enough is enough and time to buy a “mite free eglu” as advertised. We have been slightly put off by the price previously but now I wish I had one from the start! I couldn’t rate the omlet eglu cube any higher! What used to take 2 hours to clean and scrub a chicken coop now takes 10 minutes!!! We have not had any lice infestations since having the cube I absolutely love it and so do our chickens, just wish we had bought one sooner!! OMLET EGLU ALL THE WAY!! NO OTHER CHICKEN COOP WILL BE AS GOOD! We love it!!

Eglu Cube mk 2 - Keith,

Can’t fault the cube at all. Relatively easy to make (tho my son did it!) and it is so easy to clean (yesterday it took all of 10 minutes). I removed the cube’s run and have put it into a extended walk-in run which is much better, giving the ladies more room. Hopefully they are loving the whole thing, they certainly seem to be. The new ex-batts are beginning to use the ladder, GrabI’m still helping them in at night after 10 days, tho yesterday one beat me to it! Give them another week and I’m sure they’ll all be fine. (Going down never a problem after they’d worked out that was the thing to do.)

Very good product - Ashley,

I’m quite happy with my Eglu Cube Mk2. I purchased with run and wheels. Instructions to put together are not bad, a little unclear in some diagrams, but easy enough to work out. I put it together myself, took quite a while, but it is nice and secure and weather tight. The only thing that I believe could be improved is the perches, being the same level as the nest does not encourage birds to sit in perch area. They tend to also use nesting box. It’s not a big drama, but something that could be looked into for the future. Perches should be higher than nests, as a home for about 4 large chooks, or 8 Bantams I think it is ideal. Expensive, but quality.

- Paula,

Absolutely chuffed to bits with out new Eglu. Took our chickens a while to get used to it but fully settled in now. Not over keen on the ladder as it’s is a little sharp and we have had a cut foot ( can’t say for absolute that it was the ladder). Found it a little complicated to put together but managed in the end. Would recommend to everyone.

- Penny,


Brilliant Chicken Coop - Derek,

We have been looking at the Eglu for some time and bulked at the price. However .... after one serious disaster with mite infestation in what was advertised a mite-free housing, we decided to finally go for the Eglu. Only wished we had done it right from the start. It is fantastic (once assembled, which is OK but quite involved and lengthy! ... but don't be put off by this comment). Looks great and oh so easy to maintain, clean etc. Chickens absolutely love it. Went for the slightly larger coop to give us flexibility, which was a good call. Chickens absolutely love it too! Although our chickens run free in a very large garden, the 2m run has given us flexibility for long weekends away. We love wood and very natural people, but the coop looks great too and blend into the garden in a very natural and pleasing way. Very impressed and pleased and if you really do want to keep chickens, don't consider anything else. Just not worth the hygienic hassle.

Great addition - Derek,

Great addition to our Egly Cube .... a little fiddly to erect and seem to have lots of links left over, but great once finished and skits disappears into the lawn with no problems mowing over it. Very pleased.

Eggcellent ! - Julie, Kent,

Debated with myself for weeks reading reviews/comparisons on all types of chicken houses before deciding that the Eglu Cube Mk2 was going to best sort my needs. I had been thinking about keeping chickens for a year or so and when my daughter took on some ex-battery hens I really decided I would like some chickens of my own although had not been impressed with the wooden chicken coops. I subsequently ordered my cube and 3m run and put this together all by myself. The run was a bit of a nightmare to put together and I certainly do not rate the little clips, I found it much easier and more rigid to use cable ties. The house itself was a little fiddly but not too difficult and I proudly took ownership of 3 chickens who seem to be very happy in their new home. The Cube is a doddle for cleaning out and although is rather expensive, I think you get what you pay for. The size is very good and you could possibly sleep 5 medium to large chickens however a 3m run I feel is only adequate for 3 largish birds. My hens are quite lucky in that at weekends they can be let out to roam around a designated area of my garden, if you were keeping hens in the run all the time, I would definitely not look at having more than 3. Everyone agrees that this hen house is lovely and I actually feel the chickens and hen house enhance my garden. My chickens are so lovely and follow me around constantly hoping for treats. If you really want to keep chickens then this is the idea house for you. I would have gone for the Go-Up, but after reading rather a lot about chickens I really wanted a totally egg laying area from the roosting area. Mine very soon realised where they should go to lay eggs and I can even leave the little sliding door open as they are more than happy to sleep on the roosting bars. I agree with others that the ladder can be a bit daunting for the chickens, I have one which has always walked up this rather elegantly from the star, one that jumps and flutters up and down a little at the time and another chicken which always seems to trip over its feet and literally falls out each morning. Overall very pleased with my purchase and more than happy to recommend.

Omlet Says: Thank you for your review Julie! We hope your hen will learn how to process the ladder soon! Thanks again, The Omlet team

Eglu Cube - Gail,

Totally amazed with this product, we are new to keeping chickens and wanted something that not only looked great but was practical, easy to keep and clean and keep out 4 girls secure, warm and safe. It arrive in 6 massive boxes as we went for the 3m run however was very straightforward to build using the video link on the website. Our girls really love the space they have and we feel better knowing they are safe throughout the day while we are at work. We would fully recommend this product to anyone wanting to become chicken parents ..what a joy they are, and thank you Omlet for designing a very practical and safe environment for our girls.

Eglu cube - Gail,

Absolutely love love love my Eglu cube, as a new chicken mumma I did exhaustive research into what would be easy to keep, clean, move etc and the Eglu cube won hands down. Our cube arrived in 6 boxes as we went for the extended 3m run to house 4 medium chickens which would allow space to stretch and have there own space without feeling cramped. It took several hours to build but was very straight forward and the step by step video online from the omlet site helped tremendously. It is easy to clean, I do this each week, dry, disinfect for cleanliness and store the droppings for my husband to use at out allotment. After day 3 our girls managed to take themselves to bed which they have continued to do each night, we love watching them queue to go to bed each night. For anyone wanting to a coop that not only looks great but keeps your choocks secure each night we would fully recommend this coop.

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