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Chook caravan - Erika,

We chose the omlet because it looked long lasting (as compared to some timber ones), easy to clean, super sturdy and safe and quite attractive and of course it is portable which was a must for our small suburban backyard. Took a few hours to put together and my fingers hurt from all the clasps, but it came together ok and we're happy with the finished product. Only took the girls two nights before they started putting themselves to bed at dusk. We LOVE how it locks up like a vault for night time, you can sleep soundly knowing the girls are locked up tight and safe from foxes. The wire mesh of the run is lovely and sturdy too and we have had no issues with vermin trying to get to left over food meaning you can fill the food container quite full without worries. Cleaning is a breeze, we were worried it might get stinky, but a full cleanup and wash of the coop area once a week has been fine. Our girls are too young to lay yet so the nest box is closed off, the door is handy. We can't wait until the auto door mechanism is available, will be especially happy when we have chicken sitters as we are worried about them forgetting to lock the door at dusk. We let our chooks out to free range when we are home but otherwise they are very content in the run area with enough room, we added a piece of dowel under the coop in the run so they can roost there during the day time if it is raining or they just feel like relaxing. It is on the pricier side compared to others on the market but we feel it was worth paying more for. Very highly recommended.

Best hen house ever - John,

Over the moon with cube. Hens had trouble with ladder at first as they were only pullets. After trial and error for a fortnight with a ramp they are now using ladder. Easy to clean. Plenty of room for my 7 ladies. Great ventilation.

Perfect - Melissa,

Good size worked perfect

Omlet Review - John,

Good product, well made & thought out. Height a little limiting, width good, nesting area could use a contoured bottom. Very good product overall!

Brilliant- quite expensive but overall cheaper the bill for mite powders for our old wooden coop! - Reed,

Really great, the perches are easier to clean as they are smooth and broody hens can be locked out of the nest box, although my hens don't like the ladde they climb perfectly up it to lay eggs but like the nest box door open so they can sing they're egg song whilst perching on the door frame up high!

Cube constructed, now just waiting for our chickens to arrive! - Patricia, Iowa,

The Cube arrived almost 5 days earlier than we were told, very pleased with that. There were a couple of issues and Clare, at Omlet, was very helpful in getting those resolved. I decided against replacement so a note was left in our file in case we have issues down the road. Again, very pleased! As most everyone has said, it took longer to put together than expected but I got more efficient as time went on. Our two Silver Laced Wyandottes and three Barred Rocks (all about four weeks old) arrive next week. Very excited to get them and introduce them to their new home. I highly recommend the Eglu Cube based on its sturdiness and ease of cleaning. I suspect it will be more than a match for the raccoons and coyotes in our area.

Amazing !!! - Ade,

Well it arrived in 4 large boxes the very next day. Everything has clear instructions and when we completed assembly (2 of us in another 3 hrs with no divorce) we were really pleased. Wheeled easily into position and our 7 hens were left to investigate. All moved in within the hour and happily went to bed that night! We find it easy to clean and the kids collect the eggs easily through the side door. It's been really well designed and would fully recommend.

Excellent product - Liz,

Although pricey we are delighted with this. It is so easy to clean and my girls love it. I think they prefer the green water drinker as I changed and refilled both my old one and that one at the same time and they greedily drink from the new green ones. They manage the steps well. We have owned chickens for several years and I have always converted omelet ones. Wish I'd bought them earlier

Excellent coop - Hywel,

Excellent. Putting it together was straightforward. It is easy to clean. Solid construction. Mine is currently home to four, happy, chickens. Very satisfied.

Love it! - ,

Like other reviewers, we dabbled with wooden coops and runs which fell apart and warped before biting the bullet and getting an eglu cube. we can see the garden from our bedroom window and wanted something that wouldn't be an eye-sore. We also bought (separately) 100metres of electric poultry netting which surrounds the eglu to give the girls a larger area to run but keeps the foxes (and our dogs!) out. We move the cube and run around the pen weekly and then move the whole pen every couple of months. This keeps the girls on fresh grass all the time and stops any damage occurring to the grass. It is so easy to keep clean. I decided to stop using the door to shut them off the nesting box at night and just clean it every other day instead as it was so quick to do, but after a short while they stopped messing in there anyway. I agree with a lot of the comments about the water container (spilling when full) and feeder (makes a lot of mess on the ground) but despite the expensive outlay we are glad we bought it. It actually enhances our garden and shows off our beautiful girls, while we feel smug that they are safe, happy and in 5* luxury. The best bit is that if we want to go out on a summer evening, we can throw half a cup of corn in the 3 metre run and stand back while the girls rush in, then shut them into the fox proof run and let them go to bed when they like. If we want a lie in, we know that they can get up at dawn and help themselves to breakfast and we can let them into the bigger pen when we get up. Very stress free. Well done Eglu.

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