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Fantastic chicken coop! - Renae,

The cube is a fantastic chicken coop. Our chickens love their new home and worked out how to use the ladder to their sleeping/laying area almost immediately. It is super easy to clean and fits in really well in the garden. The quality of the product is excellent and I love how it comes with a matching mini run cover and feeding dishes. Definitely the best chicken coop I've owned.

Excellent - Amanda,

Easy to assemble. Easy to clean. Easy to move around. The hens took to it straight away.

eglu - Jane,

The eglu went together fine, my chicks do find the ladder a little difficult to manage, especially the older one. The only thing I would like is a small awning over the entrance as i do not have need for the run, the entrance is open to all weather and does get wet inside. Perhaps this could be a project for the design team.

Perfectly easy to clean - Linn,

Combined with my own run

Great quality product - Brendon,

Great quality product and better than everything else I researched on the market! Definitely suits the backyard chicken trend and makes cleaning and maintenance all the more friendly. Only issue is the chickens do seem to struggle with the ladder / stairs however easily fixed by tacking on some ply to help out the girls and create a ramp entrance.

Super convenient - Odette,

So easy to clean and very practical! Although I had read reviews saying a lot of chickens had difficulty with the ladder, my little silkie bantams figured it out very quickly. I can see they struggle a bit but they don't require any assistance getting in and out of the cube.

Good quality manufacturing and easy to assemble - Arthur,

Once assembled the hens were keen to explore and adapted quickly to their new home. Looking forward to the auto door opener being available in the spring. One of the main reasons for purchasing the MK2

Cube Mk 2 - Penny,

We recently bought the eglu cube for our five chickens. The fox had already eaten three of our free range chickens and he sure wasn't going to get any of the others if we could help it! It arrived quickly, and took a bit of time to put together. However, once done and moved into place the chickens were put into their new home. They love it, we love it. We move them everyday, (it is easy to move because it is on wheels) as they are used to free ranging and some of the holes they dig just about make it to China. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone else.

I'll start saving! - Cricket,

I have an 'old' Eglu Cube, which I have had for 8 / 9 years. It only had a few niggles, and now you have solved them all! There is nothing wrong with my old one, but now I will be saving up for one of these new ones. Thank you for your great designs.

A good product. - Ian,

A well made kit of parts, the estimated assembly time is somewhat ambitious, but generally the assembly is not very complicated. We bought ours as a test to switching over to these mainly for ease of cleaning, which we find is the superb thing about these. They will be unbeatable once the automatic door opener is available and we fully intend to buy more of these in the future.

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