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Great product - Gail, Hampshire,

We recently inherited 4 hens and a rather dilapidated wooden coop, so needed a replacement and after much thought we went for the Eglu Go with a 2m run. It's a very well designed coop, easy to move and clean and the hens seem very content with it! A bigger run would probably be good if the hens were confined to it all of the time, we are able to let ours roam the garden for part of the day so it isn't an issue.

The Perfect Coop! - Susan, TX,

I LOVE the Eglu Cube! The Cube has solved all of my chicken coop woes. It's easy to clean, easy to move, and plenty large enough for my bantam hens!

Great product! - Sylvia,

I would recommend not trying to put it together against the clock in failing light and sub-zero December temperature, but the chickens are very happy. It's very well designed and practical.

So convenient - Cassie,

This is such an amazing coop. It has so many unique parts to it. My hen LOVES it. The only thing I would change is the door to enter the chicken run, it isn’t the nicest looking and a hastle to get in and out of. Overall though, this is an amazing coop that I would highly recommend!

Beautiful and functional - Valerie,

I am very pleased with my new Eglu coop. My chickens haven’t tried it out yet, as they are still little. But they will be taking a trial run here soon. It was easy to assemble, and I had a nice afternoon hanging out with my hubby during the process. This is a great sturdy product, and I look forward to years of use.

my hens really love their new home - Brian,

After keeping hens in my garden for many years I finally decided to push the boat out and buy an eglu cube, I saw one close up in a school yard in Torquay when attending a wedding that was using the building, so I had plenty of time to inspect it. Then I added some hens from the BHWT which included an Omlet brochure which did the extra kick to buy. Here in Herefordshire I have red mite problem with nest sites in the nooks and crannies of the wooden coops. I am hoping that with DE and clean bed straw this will not be a problem with the Cube. So far so good, I like all the doors and safety features. A fox only has to be lucky once to get your birds but we have to protect our luck every day. I am hoping that the large outlay will repay even after years of other runs and expense over the next few years in the cube. I am using this 4metre run and cube as a hen tractor to prepare the soil for vegetable growing by means of moving the run aroun a large garden and orchard

Wonderful! - Ruth,

I bought my Eglu Cube Mk 2 several months ago. I had 3 bantams at the time. Mandy and her friends had a very old Eglu Classic. When I introduced two Light Sussex bantams they were very stupid and insisted on sleeping in the walk-in run. Mandy, the only original bantam left, decided to join them. They slept in the run (which is covered) all winter. Even when it was -5! I wanted to introduce more to my flock and bought the cube. The girls wouldn't go in that either! I moved them to the Classic, in the Classic run. They agreed to go in the coop at night! I got myself 3 Pekins who all went into their Eglu Cube from the first night! Now they are all integrated, and 5 of them trot up the ladder to bed each night. I'm still having to pick Mildred up and put her inside, but hopefully she'll get the hang of it soon. I love the Cube! It took us a day to put it together and attach it to the walk-in run. It's easy to clean out and is warm and dry. I still have my original Classic as an isolation wing.

Excellent from start to finish in every respect. - Nigel,

As a chicken novice the web site is a superb education. The product arrived on time and is both attractive and practical. A thoroughly pleasant and efficient experience from start to finish. Many thanks

Love it! - Angie,

Really pleased with my cube - was finding my old coop difficult to clean but with the cube it's so easy My Pekin bantam took a few days of being 'persuaded' out each morning but soon got used to it

- Ana, NJ,

Absolutely love this new Eagle cube. I have 6 hens. I can easily clean and move it around the garden! The service was very good, everything arrived quick. I wish I’d bought it as my first coop! I would definitely recommend!

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