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Satisfied - Victoria,

Find it to be as described. Easy to clean and maintain. Very happy with the purchase.

Love it - Dee,

I love my Eglu and so do the girls. We've been battling fleas for ages and the Eglu has helped combat them. Because it's so easy to clean out and nowhere for the blighters to hide, they just cannot survive. It was a bit of a nightmare to put together and took me about 3 hours and quite a lot of swearing.

Excellent - Connie,

We stopped by the Pet Expo in April and was introduced to Omlet by another vendor. My husband and I have always appreciated modern design and wanted a cool chicken coop for the longest time. This coop is easy to use and sleek. The most amazing feature are the wheels. We are able to move it periodically so that our chicken can access different parts of our backyard. This allows our grass to stay green and beautiful.

- Deborah, AL,

Perfect for my small flock. On the high side, but worth every penny if it keeps them safe.

Eglu Rocks ! - Tom,

My wife assembled the kit with some help for larger pieces, but relatively simple to put together. We live in an area with black bears, coyotes, foxes, and other predators. We have had the coop door opened by a predator but easily remedied with extra application of carabiners. Also, further reinforcement with zip ties had helped. Over the weekend our Eglu was attacked by a 300 pound black bear and despite the wire roof being smushed with its weight, the Eglu remained intact and no chickens harmed. We most likely will need an electric fence but we were impressed with the coop being able to withstand the assault. Very impressed ! Also, with 2 young children the Eglu is easy to clean and maintain - minimal maintenance required and our boys able to open and close the doors. Outstanding ! The best coop we could have with our rural area and lifestyle.

Eglu Cube Mk2 with 3m run - Melissa,

Love my Eglu!! So easy to clean and move around the garden! I roll mine to a fresh spot every couple of days. I felt good knowing that this winter they were warm and secure.

Happy Hens, Happy Owners! - Janice,

We inherited a 100-head wooden hen shed with our new property in December. Having worked as an Agricultural Student on a farm with two battery houses, management was not entertaining the better half stocking up with 100 hens! 6 max was the deal….and then the search for easy care housing began. Having had to clean industrial chicken sheds by hand with a shovel the idea of a plastic tray that can be easily slid out and scraped daily was of huge appeal as was the ability to move the house daily on wheels. The anti-predator claims were also a big plus. The assembly took one person most of one day and the clips were pretty difficult to pop into place, resulting in a few industrial sized blisters. But all effort well worth it. We discovered a missing packet of bolts but this was soon rectified with a quick email to OMLET. Our 6 hybrids arrived at POL status on Easter Sat and were laying 4 days later in their nesting area. We were told the hens might not come out of the house for 48 hours but actually after 12 hours they were all negotiating the ladder and very happy. The easy clean nature of the house, bespoke, covered feed and water containers and absolutely nowhere for vermin to lurk make this house worth every single penny. Once we fence the orchard we will let the hems roam by day but we are very sure they will return of their own free will to their chicken palace to lay and for bed. We live on a footpath and the hen house has been a hot topic of conversation with passers -by. We have hen house envy in Brampton!

Love it - Julie,

Already love it. All so sturdy and simple. The birds are super happy and took too it immediately.

brilliant item - Lorna,

very sturdy with a tardis effect of looking compact & discreet but masses of space it!

- Alexandra, Jersey CI,

Very pleased with the Eglu Cube Mk2 with 3m Run and Wheels Package. Just waiting for my new ladies to take up residence!!

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