Eglu Classic Run Extension Kit A
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- Elizabeth, 08 September 2014

Extension is easy to fix onto run. Unobtrusive, good quality, would recommend.

           The girls love it

- Stephanie, 10 February 2014

We are very pleased with the run extension. The hens are very happy and the skirt seems to be working at keeping out foxes. Only last night the security light came on and we saw a fox doing a tour around the outside of the run (eeek) but eglu and the run are staying strong.

           Easy to use good extension

- Katja, 01 October 2013

Items arrived promptly and were easy to assemble.

           Useful good product

- LouiseH, 08 June 2013

Arrived quickly, easy to construct and lots of extra room for my 3 chickens. Only con is the price, seems a little steep but still worth it.

           Perfect size to add on

- Amanda, 21 May 2013

This 1m add on makes a big difference to my rabbits play space... He loves it...great to see him having fun...5* Product


- Amanda, 21 May 2013

Great item..just the right size and quality is 5*.. Free postage offer was a bonus.

           Extends run, but way overpriced

- Buzz, 18 April 2013

Does exactly as you'd expect and gives your chickens some extra leg room, but way overpriced. Should be available at around half the cost.

           Does what it says on the tin!

- Philip, 13 July 2012

Great 1 metre extension to existing chicken run - our three are loving the extra space to run around in!

           Worth it for peace of mind

- Ann, 09 May 2012

Sadly the girls can't free-range anymore (after losing one early in April) so we used the extension kit on the existing Classic run and then added the walk-in run. This has given plenty of pecking room and although our remaining original girl tends to pace a bit to get out and at the lawn the 2 newbies are more than happy with their space. The extension plus the original run would be fine for 2 if they had to be left safe. All in all, a good buy.

           Eglu classic

- Sarah, 24 April 2012

Wanted to get an Eglu and decided on the pink house as they are girlies!!!..What a fantastic chuck house it is,easy to clean,Henrietta,Daisy and Winifred are happy in their lovely pink house.. I can't believe how warm the house gets,was worried they wouldn't be warm enough..I would recommend any Eglu homes to everyone. So chuffed with it and it looks fab in the garden too..

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