Cube Run Extension - 1M

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Cube Run Extension - 1M

The run extension adds a further 1m length to your run, even more space for your chickens to explore. It is made of the same strong steel weldmesh with a durable PPA coating and has anti tunnel skirting.

Comes as three panels - two sides and a roof as well as a support arch made of PPA coated steel tube (the same material as the legs under your cube.)

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Cube Run Extension - 1M


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           Great product overall

- Amanda, 08 April 2014

The run is a great additional extra. The instructions on fitting could be a bit clearer but we managed. It's really a 2 person job as it can be a bit tricky to get everything lined up. Our ex batts love the space. We only have 4 (soon to be 6) but would be too small for any more if that's the only space they have. We have Omlet fencing as well so ours haves bit more space to potter around in. Overall, great stuff Omlet!


- Elke, 07 April 2014

This is really an innovation as far as hen-houses are concerned. Although there is not too much space for too many hens, it is utmost practical in every respect. You have to let the hens + cock out often enough to give them the feeling of freedom. But this is widely described by you. My children had the fun of fixing the parts together. Of course you need some English for it, so I suggest you should get a German translation to open the German market for you

           Fun run

- Louise, 25 March 2014

A great extension to my coop


- Nick, 07 March 2014

It makes the Eglu more chook friendly but still too small to be kind to more than a couple of them.


- Helen, 13 January 2014

Excellent extension to our run

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