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Brilliant - Lin,

So glad I got this additional run extension, it means that if my hens have to stay 'in', they have enough space and are dry with the extra cover, and safe. the doorway is big enough for me to get in if I have to, so well pleased.

Essential purchase - Jane,

This makes a huge difference to the size of the normal run that comes with the eglu cube, which would otherwise be too small for me to be happy to leave the girls in when I am out.

Fits great - Victoria,

Surprizeing how much extra space it gives you, more than you expexted to say it's just a meter

Omlet cube plus extension - Sheila,

My chickens took a little persuading to go in on the first night, but no problems after that. This is so much easier to look after & clean than my old wooden hut & hopefully red mite will be a thing of the past. With the attached run, if I am going to be out when I would normally shut them in, I can just put them in the run & they are safe until I get home. They are enclosed in an electric fence as well, but we have foxes around here so I won't leave them loose after dusk. Just a couple of concerns. The ladder! The old ones particularly had a problem with this, slipping & sliding, so we had to add a wooden one that they can get onto & grip. Also the height of the run. I can see an older person would have difficulty getting in & out if they needed to. However, overall I am very pleased I decided to buy the cube.

Eglu Cube with 1 meter Extension - Arshad,

From Beekeeping I started Chicken keeping and bought 4 various sizes wooden coops, found that these chicken coops were getting some damages, leakage during rains also smell terrible although I had been cleaning regularly. I just wanted to get rid of chicken then I decided to eglu Cube for my 15 chickens. I found it strong, easy to move by one person. I have a big garden so I move cube every week to different part of the garden and don't need to get help from other person. Regarding cleaning, I clean the cube and run within 30 minutes. I use mild washing up liquid and Dettol diluted in a bucket of water, rinse with warm water and wipe with disposable cloths, then spray with concentrated poultry shield mixed with water. No problem of smell at all. To keep my birds healthy I mix homemade Apple cider Vinegar with mother. Clean grub and glug with homemade lemon vinegar with mother. Eglu Cube with 1 meter extension made my life easy and comfortable and now love chicken keeping. Lastly I feed my chicken crushed garlic, onion with mild Curry powder mixed with chopped Dandelions and fresh grass and find no illness.

Eglu cube extension run - Arshad,

Extension is proved extra room for my birds, I see my chicken running and flying most of the time. Extension made a good space and keep up to 10 chickens easily. Cube itself is enough for 10 or more chicken for sleep at night. I am quite happy.

Definitely recommend this if you have the room! - Bridget, Essex,

Makes such a difference to the amount of room available for your chickens if like us you can't let them roam free because of foxes. If you have room and are debating whether to buy this or not, I'd recommend you do! I have four chickens.

Great product overall - Amanda,

The run is a great additional extra. The instructions on fitting could be a bit clearer but we managed. It's really a 2 person job as it can be a bit tricky to get everything lined up. Our ex batts love the space. We only have 4 (soon to be 6) but would be too small for any more if that's the only space they have. We have Omlet fencing as well so ours haves bit more space to potter around in. Overall, great stuff Omlet!

Innovation - Elke,

This is really an innovation as far as hen-houses are concerned. Although there is not too much space for too many hens, it is utmost practical in every respect. You have to let the hens + cock out often enough to give them the feeling of freedom. But this is widely described by you. My children had the fun of fixing the parts together. Of course you need some English for it, so I suggest you should get a German translation to open the German market for you

Fun run - Louise, Carmarthenshire,

A great extension to my coop

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