The Eglu Cube is really well insulated but following two of the coldest and snowiest winters the UK has ever seen we decided it was time to offer your chickens the ultimate protection from extreme weather. This insulating jacket for the Eglu Cube has been designed to keep your chickens as warm as possible during the deep freeze.

If it’s good enough for Astronauts it’s (just) good enough for your chickens. Omlet’s insulated covers are lined with Flectalon. Originally developed by NASA to keep astronauts warm during missions, Flectalon has been made available for a select few earth missions. Flectalon combines trapped air thermal insulation with mirror surfaces that reflect infra red heat back into the eglu making it simply the most efficient insulator known to man. It is also used in emergency blankets to treat hypothermia, deep sea diving suits and to prevent frost damage to the very valuable sculptures at the National Trust.

The extreme temperature jacket for the Eglu Cube simply slips onto the main body of the house for a snug fit. It has one large zip opening at the back for easy access to the nesting box and dropping trays. When unzipped, the cover can be folded back to give access to the eggport too.

Please note: to use this jacket you must have an Eglu Cube with a run.

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Weight: 1.460 kg

Brand: Omlet (174 Products)

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So glad they made this! - Nola,

I have 4 backyard hens in my older style Eglu Cube and live in Colorado, USA. Temps here sometimes reach -10 or lower and I am so glad to have this option to give the hens a little extra help. The jacket fits perfectly and I use thin bungee cords to attach it. It is very easy to access the interior of the coop as well as the egg port and the door handle. It looks very attractive on the coop since it is tailor made for it! High quality and well worth the price. I highly recommend it.