Manna Pro Organic Scratch satisfies your flock's natural desire to scratch around in the yard looking for tasty tidbits. It comprises an entertaining and nutritious mix of wholesome grains and should be scattered for your hens to enjoy on a regular basis. Manna Pro Organic Scratch is ideal for backyard flocks, is a great source of energy and helps to add diversity to the feeding regimen.

This feed is USDA certified and is made without pesticides, medications or genetically modified ingredients. It can be fed daily from a feeder or scattered on the ground and should comprise no more than 10% of the overall diet.

Contains min 8% crude protein, min 0.15% lysine, min 0.1% methionine, min 3% crude fat, max 5% crude fiber, min 0.01%/max 0.5% calcium, min 0.1% phosphorus and min 0.01%/max 0.5% sodium.

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Weight: 14.950 kg

Height: 64 cm

Width: 41 cm

Length: 10 cm

Brand: Manna Pro (15 Products)