Glug - Pink

By Omlet

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The new glug water container holds a thirst quenching 4 pints (2.2 liters), is easier than ever to fill and can be put in the dishwasher. Fits onto both the mark 1 and the current eglu run.

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           Does the job!

- Sarah, 13 July 2014

We purchased our Eglu Classic 2nd hand, however the vendor could not find the Glug. She kindly gave me the money to order one, which I did. The colour matches the existing Grub and Classic very well. Easy to clean and nice wide openings.

           Glug The best drinker there is

- Glenda, 24 May 2011

After re homing some ex bats three weeks ago, became very disheartened with the amount of times they knocked the traditional bell shaped drinker over and how dirty it became over the day with all their scratching about. Since having the Glug no accidents at all. Being mounted half a chicken's height above ground level it's not being dirtied and it hasn't been knocked over. It holds more than enough water for my four girls and there are no knooks or cranies for algae to form. Be warned when it arrives in the does resemble a very large pair of boobs!

           Keeps the water nice and clean

- Catherine, 22 November 2010

Love the colour and it works really well too. Chickens can use it easily and it keeps the water nice and clean for them even when there are ducks around.

           Pink Glug

- Pamela, 11 October 2010

Our 4 ex battery girls love it and drank out of it straight away seem to prefer it to the mushroom type we had. Great girly colour, washes easily and can be filled easily also.

           Large and easy to clean

- Andrea, 03 July 2010

This does exactly what it says it does. Holds loads of water and is easy for my girls to use. My only complaint would be that the finish is a little rough round the edges.

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