Super Glug - Red

By Omlet

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Quench your thirsty chickens with this superglug! Holds an amazing 10pints (approx 4 litres) of wonderfully wet water. The superglug can be easily refilled by hosepipe or watercan from outside the run. It hangs on the run with integrated hooks and comes as standard with the eglu cube. Will fit on an eglu too.

Please note this no longer comes supplied with drinking nipples.

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           Brilliant glug

- Becs, 11 September 2011

Just fab I would definitely recommend this product. Extremely satisfied.

           Super Glug

- Sandra, 12 May 2011

Chickens love it.

           Excellent product

- Claire, 01 September 2010

I have found the super glug to be so much better than the original glug. Water stays much cleaner and my chucks grasped the concept immediately - highly recommended

           Chickens keep pecking the teats out

- Jenny, 26 June 2010

Arrived very quickly. Love the idea of it being off the ground. However, our chickens use it as a game when they are bored at the end of the day by seeing who can peck the teats out. This is our second Glug in a year. We thought the first was faulty but they are doing the same with this one so not sure how long it will last!


- Sophie, 21 June 2010

I bought this for our eglu as the glug kept getting dust kicked into it and with weekend camping trips on the horizon I wanted to have a larger water container for them. The only place I could attach it to the eglu run was above the door which is no problem. I called the girls over and showed them how it worked and much to my suprise they were all drinking from it a few hours later. No sign of leaking nipples yet but it is only day 2. Good value the only slight negative was that there is a bit of an ugly seam across the front, not that the girls seem to mind! Hooray!

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