Super Glug - Orange

By Omlet

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Quench your thirsty chickens with this superglug! Holds an amazing 10pints (approx 4 litres) of wonderfully wet water. The superglug can be easily refilled by hosepipe or watercan from outside the run. It hangs on the run with integrated hooks and comes as standard with the eglu cube. Will fit on an eglu too.

Please note this no longer comes supplied with drinking nipples.

Out of stock but expected back in shortly.

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           Looks great

- Victoria, 18 October 2014

Looks great and does the job

           Brilliant product!

- Polly, 04 July 2013

Best drinking product I've found in the 7 years I've kept hens :-) wish had found these before! Easy to keep clean too. Will be getting another and the grub variant too.


- Carolyn, 23 September 2011

This is our second. We have one inside the run and the second on the outside. Neither has ever been knocked over even when the chickens have been climbing onto them! Easy for the children to rinse out, refill and rehang.

           Excellent product

- Jane, 12 September 2010

Bought this after reading all current reviews and can safely say you're not wrong! The chooks took to drinking from it withing minutes of it arriving. There is no chance of them kicking dirt into it like they were with the original glug, and because it holds so much, no need to keep changing the water so often. We have the eglu classic so have attached the super glug to the front of the run just above the door, it isn't in the way and this was the only 'flat' place to put it, and it works fine. I would certainly recommend it and only wished that I knew about before I ordered the eglu.


- An Omleteer, 03 July 2009

This is great. I had the original little glug first of all but the chooks kept jumping in it and making the water and the glug very muddy. This has solved the problem and now there is always clean water available. Don't have to fill it up so often either! Makes me wonder why they don't come as a standard item with the eglu ??

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