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- Berrett, 01 May 2015

The fencing is brilliant. It's sufficiently tall enough to stop the chickens attempting to fly out. Well done Omlet!!

           Really pleased with this product

- Bev, 17 April 2015

This fencing does a fantastic job of containing our chickens. I was a little worried that the prongs on the posts wouldn't go into the ground easily as we have incredibly stony soil but they went in like a knife through butter. The only thing that didn't work great for us was the gate because, as far as I could fathom, this only works if you erect the fencing like a circular walk, with the start and finish in the same place. To maximise the area we gave our chickens we used an existing fence post as the start and a wall as the end so the gate option didn't work as intended. But we found a fix that makes it easy enough to get in and out.


- Anne, 11 April 2015

Delivery well within time stated , easy to assemble , impressed with quality.One of my girls , Lady Cluck,is well known escape artist and she is unable to get out ; thank you , she is safer now. . Yours, Anne 8421


- Kelly, 20 March 2015

Easy to put up- I actually did it myself, although it would have been easier with two people. It's also secure. It's nice to know I can move it at any time. It also blends really well into the yard- doesn't stand out.

           Easy to use but chickens still escape

- James, 17 March 2015

The fencing is very easy and quick to put up. We used it to section off a part of the garden against a hedge rather than go around in the full enclosure and it is unobtrusive. But we have noticed one of our chickens, even though she is not a young chicken, was able to squeeze through the larger net above the small hole "skirt". The net is also starting to sag a bit after a couple of weeks and will need adjustment to take up the tension. But overall very pleased and I would recommend it to anybody who wants to keep chickens without them roaming all over the garden digging up the flower beds.

           Very good product, excellent customer service

- Sally, 06 March 2015

This is great for containing my wayward hens and preventing them from destroying my garden. We did have a problem with our first net, but as it comes with a 1 year guarantee omlet sent a replacement without any problems. Thank you Omlet.

           Excellent fence

- Stephen, 29 October 2014

Good value fence. Excellent product.

           Brill Product

- Antonia, 26 October 2014

My girls are loving their new extended area to play in. Only a couple of negatives and that is the bigger square net holes means that my smaller pekins can jump through, and the netting soon sags in the middle even thought I have used a lot of poles. But it does what I wanted it to do and that's to give my girls more space away from the dogs.

           Well worth the money

- Avril, 13 September 2014

Great idea, looked long and hard for a suitable enclosure, The gate was the reason that I purchased your product. Ideal if you value your garden and want to keep hens on a small scale.

           Could be improved on

- Bridget, 10 July 2014

A couple more poles and extra pegs would have been useful. The netting should have had smaller holes higher up - one of my chickens manages to squeeze through the larger set of holes on frequent occasions!

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