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Chicken fencing that does its job - Stephen,

We purchased a 105' section of Omlet chicken fencing, and it has worked great. We especially appreciated the smaller openings in the lower section, which prevented our younger and smaller birds from escaping. And the double spike poles and guy lines help keep all up and secure.

I love this fence but I'm not sure its design works for use in my circumstance! - Patricia, Iowa,

I really do love this fence and if I had no wild rabbits or neighboring dogs I would think it is darn near perfect! Unfortunately, the rabbits nibble at the lower fence area and my neighbor's dog has destroyed at least 4 sections of the fence. (They reimbursed me for the cost of the fence.) This is not the fault of the fence, it does it's job at containing the chickens quite well although I have had a couple of escapees. They were so surprised and dismayed to find themselves on the outside looking in that it was not difficult to herd them back inside with their flock. Considering these issues I was unhappy to see that Omlet had allowed themselves to run out of repair kits for the fence; pretty sure my experience with the fence is not unique. I have tried to repair the places I could with a soldering iron (it works but doesn't look great). If my property was enclosed with fencing (not practical for 11 acres) in order to keep everything else out then I think this fence would be perfect - but then, what would be the need for the Omlet fence? I would love some suggestions for these issues if anyone has some.

Omlet Says: Thank you for your review. I am sorry to hear that we have been out of stock of our repair kits when you needed one. Please note that we now have them in stock, here: My apologies again for the inconvenience. Yours, The Omlet team

- Cindy,

fence for my chickens - Marie,

It arrived quickly which was great. However, I found it ridiculously difficult to get up. I don't have help, so when it said it was fast and easy to do, I thought it would be! stringing 16 poles through the mesh net, having to start from the bottom and work up the pole, was very hard on the back, and trying to stay in the right row was not easy. Maybe with 2 people it would be more manageable, but for just me, it was horrible. So far I have the gate up...3 hours later. Its now 90 degrees out so perhaps tomorrow I'll be more successful. I'm disappointed for sure. My suggestion: have help.

Quality of some components poor - Anna,

Fencing good at keeping my girls and vegetable patch separate, but only three of the many poles had screw holes which lined up to join two sections . Also tent pegs bend extremely easily so I can see them being useless after a few more fence moves. Rather annoying

Does the job pretty well - Robert,

We purchased the fencing in order to temporarily confine the chickens to a rose garden. it was easy to erect with 2 people in order to avoid getting tangled with the roses. From a distance the fence is almost invisible with the shrubs behind it. The only issue was that the ground is dry and loose, so the pegs were inadequate. I stapled the rear of the enclosure to a wooden path edge, and used longer tent pegs to provide additional security elsewhere. One chicken, a leghorn, has escaped twice, but otherwise all secure. Our young Spaniel took an unhealthy interest, got his head stuck a couple of times, and chewed 2 small holes. We have solved this using a low power electric fence at dog height. I will send 2 pictures

Not great for bantams - Serenity,

This fence has worked out pretty well. We have two standards and two bantams. The standards stay in but the bantams (one in particular) get out fairly often. I've discovered that they jump through the larger holes (above the smaller mesh panel).

Overall great product for the price! - Elissa,

I really love this fence for my chickens. They were used to free ranging all day so it has taken them a bit to get used to it and 2 of the 4 chickens were able to escape the first week, but after adding more pins to the base, it is rare that one escapes. My only complaint is that the directions do not specifically say how far to space the poles (except for the door) so I messed that up at first. Overall, very easy to install, and could be done very quickly with 2 adults, but still manageable with one!

Great product! - Beulah,

The Omlet fence is even better than expected. Although chickens do get out occasionally,it is not the fault of the fence! We just have some high flyers

- Mike,

Other than hen flying out over top before trimming her wing no trouble. Had the advantage that perimeter already had stout posts so did not need all stakes and also much of the edges also had wooden edges embedded.

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