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Easy to move for fresh grass - Chris,

I bought the Omlet Fencing as a way to rotate my chickens to get fresh grass. It was easy to set up, move weekly and kept our chickens contained...until a wild bunny chewed many holes through the netting. I swear the bunny just liked chewing on it because very quickly there were too many escape routes for the chickens to get out. I am looking into ways to repair the holes.

Great Product - Laura,

This fencing is the best purchase I have made for my hens! It requires patience to set up (best with two people), but it's not complicated at all. Once it is set up, it's virtually maintenance free. It's perfect for letting the hens out during the day to roam. It is discrete and blends right into the garden, which is a big plus for the neighbors. Could not be happier with this product!

Highly recommended. - Margaret,

Good strong netting, easy to put up and move about if needed. Ideal for giving your chickens some free range freedom.

Wonderful product!!! - Olivia,

It took me a long time for me to finally buy the Omlet fencing after researching my options.... And I wish I hadn't delayed so much!! I love it. It is easy to move and works well in the area we use it. Our backyard is sloped and rocky so flexibility was necessary.... With the stakes to secure the net in between the posts at the ground, there is no worry about gaps that the chickens can escape from. We haven't had any of our girls escape with this fence and that's s big piece of mind. I love the gate, but the way our fixed coop is, I do not use the net in a continuous circle. I secure the top of the gate post with a screw to the coop and it works perfectly. The only issue I've had with the net was when our new dog chewed through some spots!!!! So frustrating.... But definitely not a product flaw! Thank you Omlet for a great product!

Great product - Sally,

Fencing has worked well and it is very easy to move around the garden - only issue we have it that whilst it is definitely hen proof our ducks can still slide themselves through the netting.

EXCELLENT Customer Aftercare - Andrew,

We bought this netting after reading reviews. It was easy to put up and very good quality. We had the netting up for a few months when a Fox chewed holes in the netting at various places during the night thankfully the hens are put in their coop at night and Omlet do warn you that netting is not Predator proof. I phoned Omlet Customer Services who were Excellent.. This was the best Customer Service I have ever dealt with. If you want to buy with confidence I highly recommend Omlet.

Excellent - Berrett,

The fencing is brilliant. It's sufficiently tall enough to stop the chickens attempting to fly out. Well done Omlet!!

Really pleased with this product - Bev,

This fencing does a fantastic job of containing our chickens. I was a little worried that the prongs on the posts wouldn't go into the ground easily as we have incredibly stony soil but they went in like a knife through butter. The only thing that didn't work great for us was the gate because, as far as I could fathom, this only works if you erect the fencing like a circular walk, with the start and finish in the same place. To maximise the area we gave our chickens we used an existing fence post as the start and a wall as the end so the gate option didn't work as intended. But we found a fix that makes it easy enough to get in and out.

Impressed - Anne,

Delivery well within time stated , easy to assemble , impressed with quality.One of my girls , Lady Cluck,is well known escape artist and she is unable to get out ; thank you , she is safer now. . Yours, Anne 8421

Great! - Kelly,

Easy to put up- I actually did it myself, although it would have been easier with two people. It's also secure. It's nice to know I can move it at any time. It also blends really well into the yard- doesn't stand out.

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