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Overall great product for the price! - Elissa,

I really love this fence for my chickens. They were used to free ranging all day so it has taken them a bit to get used to it and 2 of the 4 chickens were able to escape the first week, but after adding more pins to the base, it is rare that one escapes. My only complaint is that the directions do not specifically say how far to space the poles (except for the door) so I messed that up at first. Overall, very easy to install, and could be done very quickly with 2 adults, but still manageable with one!

Great product! - Beulah,

The Omlet fence is even better than expected. Although chickens do get out occasionally,it is not the fault of the fence! We just have some high flyers

- Mike,

Other than hen flying out over top before trimming her wing no trouble. Had the advantage that perimeter already had stout posts so did not need all stakes and also much of the edges also had wooden edges embedded.

Excellent product and service - Dina,

I have only positive things to say about Omlet - the chickens love the extra space afforded to them by the fencing and from our perspective it is both sturdy and flexible at the same time. In terms of customer service, one of the pole spikes was broken and Omlet replaced it without a problem and sent a few spare poles as well!

Very pleased with the fencing - Mealing,

This is my 2nd purchase of this fencing my chickens have now had an extension with this 2nd purchase. My original fencing is still going after 3 years! It's fairly easy to relocate around the garden and keeps them in their area. It's also blends in well in the garden.

Glad I bout the longer length - Jacqui,

Nice high fence that even my flying hen and cockerel can't get over . However didn't really need the length I bought but glad I did as am able to double the fence and I think a pole every 2 metres might have made the fence a bit wobbly . Think 1 pole every metre probably a safer option .

- Jane,

The chicken fencing is good but the chickens can still get out by flying over the top it would of been better if it was slightly taller

- Alan,

I love the Omlet fence. It is so easy to put up my 16 year old Son put it up while I was at work. It comes with everything you need. I have moved it several times to separate my chickens.

Great product - Anna,

I purchased this fence to contain my three hens who previously had full roam of my yard. I find the 105ft fence big enough that they adjusted quickly to the smaller space and are happy/not trying to escape. The fence arrived within a couple days of ordering (faster than stated at checkout) and was quick and easy to put together. I did it in about 30 minutes with my 5 year old assisting. My yard is very sandy (no grass or ground cover) so I find the stakes are not as firmly grounded as I would like them to be so I do have to make a point to upright them a bit now and then. If I had grass I don't think this would be an issue. I may order more poles to help keep it up. It is also not at all predator or dog proof. My 60 pound dog can push a section down easily if she sees something she wants inside. I would also caution to make sore the fence is pulled tightly enough so that your chickens cannot put thier heads through the larger squares of netting-- mine did whe I was assembling the fence and became tangled immediately. That said, this fence is great for a chicken enclosure that you can easily move around your yard. Would definitely recommend it if you have an odd shaped space or want to move it around once in a while.

A really useful product - Janet,

We had been having problems keeping our chickens in their usual pen because they kept hopping and flying over the fence. The new fencing is just the right height to stop them, and they haven't escaped since! It is also easy to assemble and move, plus the green colour blends in with the garden.

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