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Love This Fence! - Michelle, Pennsylvania,

I bought the 68 foot, and use it for both mature hens, and 5 week pullets. I have one flighty hen who is able to get over it, but my yard is sloped, so she has a bit of an advantage taking off from the top of the hill. I don't have any problem moving it around myself. It's sturdy, easy to set up and use, and allows me to keep the hens on pasture. I move it about every 3 days, sometimes more often, it only takes me about 10 minutes.

Finicky but safe - Catherine, Pennsylvania,

We have been using the Omlet chicken fencing for the past month and have so far been pleased with it. The chickens have remained contained, and my flower and veggie garden are safe from them. It took a little longer than expected to put up. The netting got tangled and flipped so we had to reset our poles a few times. Getting into the netting area is simple for an adult although I wish the door pole had a stake to stick into the ground so it would not fall over every time I went in. My son let the door pole drop when going in once which led to an escapee. It’s also tricky for him to release the clasp. Moving it around the yard may take a few people together. While a little finicky, it definitely gives me the peace of mind to let them out of the run.

Sorry, it is still in the box. - Anne,

We are building a new hen house and due to the bad weather recently, progress has been very slow, hence the run is still in the box.

Great fencing but WARNING... - Jon,

Fencing is fine. Easy to put up and good materials etc. Just make sure your chickens are in their coop when you put it up. Don't do what I did and fence them out! I've got 2 in now but the third just can't seem to get her head around the concept of the new gate opening..

Great Quality and Easy to Use - New,

I bought the 21metre kit to create a hen corridor around the perimeter of the garden. Very impressed with the quality of the net and supports. Very easy to erect and reposition. Strong enough to keep frightened hens safe from neighbours large labrador which paid an expected visit "to play". Fence stayed up in recent deep snow despite a disgruntled Gingernut Ranger using it as a perch to escape the nasty white stuff.

Fencing - Westley,

Thank you I am loving my fence and so are the chickens

Great Product - Dave,

Good design, all in one fencing and posts and the extra spike on the posts makes the whole thing stronger and more likely to stay upright. Great product.

Great product! - David,

This is an amazing fence. I did not need anything electric, just a fence to keep my girls contained. This fence is great. I put it up to a semi permanent fence and it works well. I can also move it around and restrict my chickens to the garden for fall cleanup. Its great!

Great Fencing - Sam,

Although my chickens have a large run I like them to go into the garden, this was easy to put up and is ideal to section off part of your garden it also looks good and you can extend and reduce the fencing size with ease, great product

Excellent product - Lewis,

This fencing is really useful. Easy to put up and enables simple change of free ranging areas. If you plan to use the gate you do need to make a complete circle. Good video on how to put it up - very helpful. Highly recommended.

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