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review on 68 ft fencing - Zoe,

On the whole works out alright, but had to buy U spikes to keep the bottom down, we have a nosey Chessie. One of the chickens got out also, so now that I have the extra u spikes in place, we are alright. The only other thing would be to have a slightly small footage, around 34 ft. The first one was to small, but I had to cut the 68ft netting much to big for our area, and for the dogs to have room also.

ideal for giving a small group of hens more freedom - Joanna,

This fencing is easy to move, the door works well, much easier than trying to chicken proof the garden boundaries. Only problem- one hen tried to escape before I clipped their wings and she got tangled in the fencing.

love it - Beverly,

me and the chicks love it.

Good for chicken exercise - Jacki,

Found the Fencing a bit fiddly to erect but once in place it gave our girls some extra space to roam around. However our svelte like girls can get through the larger holes in the Netting. Holes need to be smaller as in the Bottom section. Great product though.

Love the Omlet Fence but watch your dogs - Jana, NY,

I absolutely love the Omlet fence. It was easy peasy to set up. The only negative is my dog who runs free managed to get his head and paws caught in the wider squares on the netting. For this reason I wish it was all made out of the smaller squares like the ones on the bottom. I would have given it a 5 but it was hard to untangle my dog.

Just The Ticket - Gary,

The fencing was easy to install, and has worked like a charm to keep our hungry backyard chickens out of our two gardens. The fencing is a good product at a fair price.

- Brynn,

Great system, very convenient setup/move. Keeps the birds in.

Great fencing but not rabbit (we think) proof - Deborah,

The fencing was just what I was looking for to fence part of the garden for the chickens. It's easy to put up and generally keeps them in. However, holes regularly appear in the bottom of the fence (we think it's rabbits) and so we are continually having to fix them - cable ties made into link fencing works well - although almost the whole of the bottom part is now made up of this!

Omlet Fencing - Alita,

I really like this fencing a lot! It is easy to put up and to move. It means that my birds can get fresh grass every few days and, because they are on clean ground, have less parasites. So far, we have not had any birds fly over the fencing, so I think that it is an ideal height. Not so high as to be unwieldy to move but high enough that the chickens are not tempted to escape. On top of that, because the customer service at Omlet is so good, I can order things and know that I can get answers to any queries rapidly and to a successful conclusion for me. I have already recommended this fencing, and Omlet, to quite a few people.

Great fence - Andy,

Considerable improvement on my home made version. Much tidier, easier to erect and smarter, highly recommended.

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