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- Brynn ,

Great system, very convenient setup/move. Keeps the birds in.

Great fencing but not rabbit (we think) proof - Deborah ,

The fencing was just what I was looking for to fence part of the garden for the chickens. It's easy to put up and generally keeps them in. However, holes regularly appear in the bottom of the fence (we think it's rabbits) and so we are continually having to fix them - cable ties made into link fencing works well - although almost the whole of the bottom part is now made up of this!

Omlet Fencing - Alita ,

I really like this fencing a lot! It is easy to put up and to move. It means that my birds can get fresh grass every few days and, because they are on clean ground, have less parasites. So far, we have not had any birds fly over the fencing, so I think that it is an ideal height. Not so high as to be unwieldy to move but high enough that the chickens are not tempted to escape. On top of that, because the customer service at Omlet is so good, I can order things and know that I can get answers to any queries rapidly and to a successful conclusion for me. I have already recommended this fencing, and Omlet, to quite a few people.

Great fence - Andy ,

Considerable improvement on my home made version. Much tidier, easier to erect and smarter, highly recommended.

excellent product! - John ,

It is very easy to put up and effectively keeps the chickens where they should be.

Very pleased with this product - Jill ,

We found the chicken fencing easy to assemble and it looks good. The gate is simple and effective in design. We did buy additional spikes for extra security and were glad we did so after spotting a fox in our orchard on more than one occasion!

21 metre Omlet fencing - Janeen ,

Absolutely brilliant for dividing up our garden to keep our hens out of our vegetable patch, it is easy to use and can be easily moved much better than a permanent structure.

Excellent Fencing - Harri ,

We have the omlet and run but wanted some fencing too and this is perfect. It's very long, strong and tall so is suitable in all weather conditions and keeps the chicken enclosed nicely. We use the gate which works a treat, and you don't need to have the fencing in a complete circle for the gate to work. It can be tough to clip it on and off though but it works. All in all an excellent purchase.

Love it! - Becky ,

Love this fence. I use it to allow supervised free ranging when were at home. It is easy to move or change the configuration. I have it attached directly to the coop/run door, and can let the chicken's out without going into the Omlet fence. I can also, easily enter the coop myself by opening the Omlet door, then the coop/run door. I haven't needed to use the additional stakes, and have only had one escapee, which was the rooster. I did not see how he got out, only found him standing on our back porch. There have been no other escape incidents since. We have had the fence for about 1 month. It was very easy to set up and is made of quality material.

Omlet Chicken fencing - Sandra ,

I love this netting! It is a lot thicker than some of the other netting I have seen and it does the job of keeping my chickens out of my garden and off my deck. LOVE IT!!

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