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Omlet Chicken Fencing - Brett,

This fencing is as advertised: simple to put up and move. The gate works well. The quality appears to be good and I am so far very happy with my purchase.

perfect - Alex,

it's just ideal for the job, we simply couldn't find an easier or more effective way to keep our chickens where we want them.

So helpful! - Rene, North Carolina,

My husband I bought 2 chicken fences and 2 of the poles weren't quite right so I called and they are going to replace them for us! I was so happy with how easy it was to contact the company and how nice the representative was to deal with. She was understanding with our issue and very prompt in calling me back after she talked to her supervisor about the issue. I love the fence and our chickens hopefully will too once we get the new poles and the fence up. Very happy!

Omlet Chicken Fencing - Moira,

Not too bad to put up although the supporting poles seem a bit flimsy. Gave a reasonable area for the chickens to be kept in one place temporarily. However, I have an adventurous type who flew over the fence after about 10 minutes, clearing it with ease. So I won't be using it nearly as much as I had anticipated - and no - I don't want to clip her wings, but that's not really Omlet's fault!

Good quality product - Sarah,

I bought this to replace the old style Omlet fencing which had broken over time. It is much higher and the hens can no longer escape underneath it due to the smaller netting at the base. Our new pullets have managed to fly over, but now they are putting weight on they are finding it harder!

Great product! - Anna,

I have three of the 21m fences and one of the 12m and I use them not to keep chickens in, but out! I fence off areas of my garden when I don't want the hens there, like my fruit bushes in the summer, and my vegetable garden, and let then have the run of the rest! The fences are a hassle to put up as no matter how carefully you gather them up they get tangled something crazy, but they do a great job of keeping chickens out.

Even better than my old Omlet chicken fencing. - Cricket,

This fencing was good, which is what I always expect from Omlet. AND my little chicks cannot get through it at the bottom! This fencing keeps my chickens in the 'wild' part of the garden, which is very rough, and on a steep incline. My 'nice' garden is blooming. Hurrah!

Goodbye chicken wire - Hello Freedom! - Lynn,

This is such a fantastically well designed, useful fence for the croft. The hens get a super large run which is moved about regularly and the girls are scratching up the ground ready for us for digging. It is lightweight and strong. Flexible to use, practical and I can move it on my own. Though it is nice when someone helps too:) Much admiredby fellow crofters! The hens like it too and don't try to escape.

Keeps the chickens out of the main garden - Susan, Essex,

Great for keeping the chickens in a designated area of the garden when needed ! Easy to erect and move, well pleased with my purchase !

Exactly What We Needed! - Robin,

I am delighted with this fence. It was easy to install, and does the job of keeping my three hens in "their" half of the backyard - thus sparing the garden and the patio from their ravages, while still giving them plenty of space to roam. Worth every penny.

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