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68' Omlet Chicken Fencing - George,

Love the fencing, however, we have a Sheltie who got tangled in it several times. His yipping was the only thing that saved him each time that we found him, once at 2am. He put many holes in the fencing trying to chew his way out. I ended up cutting up the fencing in a couple pieces, due to the holes, which still happened to work in my situation. The dog finally leaves it alone and the chickens are happy with their extended coop!

Very easy to use, able to re-size easily, keeps chickens in and gives them more room! - Sarah,

The omelet fence is perfect for our urban chickens. We purchased this b/c we enjoyed having them free in our yard but they were eating everything! I have re-sized and adjusted the shape a few times to find the best area for them. The green fence is subtle and doesn't look obtrusive. Chickens do stick head through fence to munch grass so need to be sure the omelet fence isn't close to a prized plant. I would highly recommend this.

Useful product - Eileen,

Bought the 21 metre product at the weekend. It is apparently a new style and the poles came in two halves and had to be screwed together. Assembly is a bit of a faff and took ages. It would be easier with two people. Once erected it is very obvious that there need to be at least two more need two for either side of the gate which means there are not enough to put them close enough together to provide sufficient support seems silly to have such an expensive product and not provide what is really needed. Having said does the job well. It's provided my girls with a bit of extra far they have not escaped and I am pretty happy with the result.

Convenient and easy to use - Rachel,

I bought this to use as a temporary pen for our young chickens while I was working on their permanent run and also so that we could offer then access to fresh grass after they have destroyed all the grass in their pen. I loved the convenience of it, but "teenage-size" chickens can still fit through the openings in the upper part of the mesh and once my chickens figured that out, they took turns flying out regularly. Then my neighbor's dog tore through both the top and bottom of the mesh one night, so now we have a big hole in it that the chickens can also get right out of. Wish it was a bit more sturdy.

Omlet chicken fencing is awesome! - Laura,

The omlet Chicken fencing works amazingly. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to put it up but it was so easy to install. I love that I can move it if I need too! I love my hens but my kids could not enjoy the backyard due to the hens being everywhere in our backyard. Now my kids can have their own space in the yard and the hens can have their place. It works so great. So glad I found this product.

21 m chicken fencing - Sam,

The fencing is very useful and I am able to move it easily. However, my naughty little Pekin Bantams are able to jump up and pop out through the larger holes in the fence. They can't get through the lower small holes so I would have been better if the smaller holes went higher up fence and not only at the bottom.

Quality product, easily assembled, more poles needed - James,

I was swithering whether to go for the more expensive omlet fencing or cheaper barrier type fencing. I am glad I decided on the Omlet fencing. Good Points 1. It arrived quickly and was well packaged. 2. I erected it on my own without too much difficulty. 3. It is quality material which does not snag or tear. 4. It is high enough to prevent the hens flying over. This has been proven on several occassions. 5. The mesh has smaller holes at the bottom. They are a perfect size. The hens cannot push their way through but at the same time the holes are big enough so they do not get their heads and combs stuck. 6. It blends in well in the garden being dark green. 7. Most Important - Hens have never got out. Possible Improvements 1. For a big open space it would be fine to enclose a circular area but for a typical small garden with lots of corners, hen coops, trees etc. to negotiate there are not enough poles supplied.

- Margaret,

Excellent product, keeps my hens from roaming around.

Chicken fencing - Petrina,

It was so easy to put up. And very easy to move to a new grass area. Great having the built in gate. So glad we bought it. Well worth it's money.

Purchased to keep hens in a certain area. - Leigh,

This fencing is great for keeping your chickens in a certain area which you can move around your garden to help regrowth. Please don't get complacent with how much protection it gives because I forgot this and came home from work to a decimated flock....

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