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Omlet review - Chris,

I was somewhat unsure about the product after reading some of the reviews posted. I opted to chance it. I used mine to fence in two pairs of geese. The product performed exceptionally well. It did what it is advertised to do. I wish at the time I had purchased the 50 meter length. That said I am vey please with the product and would recommend it. Always buy more than you think you will need. You won't regret it. Ensure however you buy the repair kit as well extra additional posts. The repair kit should automatically come with it but id doesn't. A satisfied customer.

Great at keeping chickens in an area - Davina,

Easy to use and great at giving chickens space without fear of escape. Although movable you must be careful as one of the spikes has already broken off. You must also be careful that the fencing is fairly taut otherwise chickens can get through larger holes so extra poles are essential.

Fantastic! - Sue,

I love the fencing. Easy to put up and move around. What I like is I can move it around to give the girls different areas to scratch in. Great quality. Now I can let my chicken have more room to free range. No more having them digging up all my flower beds, flower pot and garden. No more pooping on my sidewalk or porch. They are happy hens having the extra grassy area to scratch in. I really recommend this fencing.

Wonderful Product - Carole,

This fence is amazing. Easy to put back up when you move it, takes about 5 minutes. Keeps my chickens in except for one escape artist who had to have her wing clipped. I wish I had bought a bigger one but this one works very well. Love it, love it, love it. It gives my hens a chance to free range without the danger of predators.

omlet fencing 20mtr set - Jane,

Brilliant omlet fencing easy to erect and move even by yourself. Quick delivery and customer service excellent. We had a small problem which was dealt with within 24hrs...excellent.

Love it! - Inman, Illinois,

Was pretty easy for one person to put today. So far, it's keeping my hens in. Love that I can now enclose them so they are no longer eating my plants or pooing on my patio! I will be adding more fencing to extend longer.

Awesome fencing! - Nolan,

Just as advertised! I have 9 chickens and this is probably the smallest I would go for the system. It's just as easy as the videos show, everything is well made and sturdy for their purpose. You can wrap around buildings or trees with ease. It's really a versatile system.

pretty effective, and practical - Sarah,

This is my second lot of 21m fencing, my only gripe is that the original gate post with the green clips does not clip on to the new posts, I can't shift the clip so can only close the top one. On the whole very glad to have the second length, the hens are thrilled -but putting it up is nothing like as easy as on the little video - for a start 'lay it flat' is virtually impossible... BUT once up it does do the trick!

Great Fence! - Patti,

Having a mobile fence that can be configured to fit whatever space is available is a wonderful thing. I'd recommend the Omelet chicken fence.

Good idea...needs some improvement. - Melinda,

So I bought this fencing to give my chickies a bigger area to run and play in. I had to arrange this in a circle due to space. The fencing could use about 4-5 more poles. It tends to sag. So I have had to loop it up on the tops to re-secure it. It has held up pretty well. No holes and now that my girls are a bit more plump they are finally not able to pop in and out of the top holes. I would recommend this product but would suggest ordering a few more poles just to be sure.

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