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21 m chicken fencing - Sam,

The fencing is very useful and I am able to move it easily. However, my naughty little Pekin Bantams are able to jump up and pop out through the larger holes in the fence. They can't get through the lower small holes so I would have been better if the smaller holes went higher up fence and not only at the bottom.

Quality product, easily assembled, more poles needed - James,

I was swithering whether to go for the more expensive omlet fencing or cheaper barrier type fencing. I am glad I decided on the Omlet fencing. Good Points 1. It arrived quickly and was well packaged. 2. I erected it on my own without too much difficulty. 3. It is quality material which does not snag or tear. 4. It is high enough to prevent the hens flying over. This has been proven on several occassions. 5. The mesh has smaller holes at the bottom. They are a perfect size. The hens cannot push their way through but at the same time the holes are big enough so they do not get their heads and combs stuck. 6. It blends in well in the garden being dark green. 7. Most Important - Hens have never got out. Possible Improvements 1. For a big open space it would be fine to enclose a circular area but for a typical small garden with lots of corners, hen coops, trees etc. to negotiate there are not enough poles supplied.

- Margaret,

Excellent product, keeps my hens from roaming around.

Chicken fencing - Petrina,

It was so easy to put up. And very easy to move to a new grass area. Great having the built in gate. So glad we bought it. Well worth it's money.

Purchased to keep hens in a certain area. - Leigh,

This fencing is great for keeping your chickens in a certain area which you can move around your garden to help regrowth. Please don't get complacent with how much protection it gives because I forgot this and came home from work to a decimated flock....

Omelet fencing works great. - Vicki,

The Omlet fence was relatively easy to install. The first time, by myself, it took about twenty minutes. Most of that time was spent weaving the stakes through the netting. Subsequent changes of the fence should be much quicker. The fence seems to be a good height. My girls who had taken to flying over my makeshift wire fence have not attempted this one. I have had to reposition poles, tightening up the tension a few times. Mind you, my fence is set in a round fashion as opposed to square due to geography at the site. The guy wire stakes supplied would work much better I think if I could set it square. Also on my fence, I have each end connecting to a different side of my chicken house. The end post is stabilized with strapping to the wooden frame. In arranging it this way, I have noticed a couple of things. First, the gate closure is very strong, in a good way, and I don't know how easy it would be to operate without the added support of the wall when I push it closed. Might not be an issue at all, I just know for my arthritic hands, I'm glad to have the added wall to push against. Second, because I have my fence set the way it is, I would appreciate an additional gate at the other end. One thing I found, while initially I had no intention of using the lower spikes to secure the netting to the ground, I'm really glad I did. They have done an excellent job of securing a problem I didn't know would be a problem. All in all, I find the Omlet fence to be a reliable semi-permanent solution for me. My girls seem happy enough with the extra space, and my garden plants are secure.

Good quality product but not enough poles - Jane,

Overall I'm quite impressed with the quality of this fencing but would be much happier if the pack had included a couple more poles so I could reduce the distance between them.

Good quality, easy to use and move, need more poles with package, finer gauge fencing should go higher - Julia,

The Omlet Chicken Fencing system is easy to install and use. Our chickens are kept in a large run during the day, and in the evening and on weekends when we are home we let them out into their fenced pen for some foraging in the grass. We move the fencing once every week or two, so easy of mobility is key. The Omlet fencing system is quite easy to move. It takes me 20-25 minutes to remove all of the ground pins, pull up the poles, move the fencing onto the adjacent section of ground, and reinstall all poles and pins. I consider this an appropriate and acceptable amount of time to uninstall and reinstall a 68 foot fencing system. The one think lacking with the fencing system was a sufficient number of poles to be able to properly hold up the fence all of the way around without too much sagging. I've installed two of my own posts, and need to add another one or two to really stop the fencing from sagging. Including more posts with the original package would be my strong recommendation. My final comment regards the different gauges of fencing used in this fence system. I have some bantam hens in my flock, and one of my girls has gotten very good at figuring out that she can fit through the larger sized holes of the fencing, particularly in those areas where the fencing system sags due to lack of enough poles. This hen has figured she can dive through the hole and escape (or reenter to get back with the flock after she's been out!). Having the smaller sized holes of the fence actually go half of the way up the fencing instead of just a third might help reduce this problem, as I image that even with sufficient posts holding up the fence, some birds could still figure out how to dive through. I also have two determined flyers who can easily fly over the top of the fence when they so desire, but that's not a problem with the fencing itself. I think the height of the fencing is appropriate for most chickens, especially larger breeds that cannot fly as easily. Most of my girls are easily contained within this fencing without any problems. In summary, the Omlet fencing system is a good product, and even with some minor flaws, I am glad that we purchased it.

Good Product - more poles required - James,

I ordered the 21 metre run. My lawn is flat and not stoney ground. I put up the fencing easily on my own. The hens have not escaped yet but have certainly tried to fly over and dig under. It is good quality, strong yet light mesh and does not tangle up easily. But then it should be at the price. I have only two problems. 1. There are not enough poles supplied. Extra can be bought but I did expect there to be more. 2. The gate can only be positioned between the two ends of the fencing which is fine if you are enclosing a circular area. I was using it in a line as I have permanent fencing on two edges. I have improvised with the gate. Perhaps omlet could consider selling modular fencing like this so that one could position the gate anywhere and order as much or as little fencing as required and more if necessary later.

- David,
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