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Excellent quality - Matthew,

Really good quality product. Strong heavy duty poles, and the double spike system keeps them in place. Good netting. Easy to put up once you get the hang of it.

chicken fencing - Ken,

The chicken fencing is great love it keeps all the chickens in and away from the brush line. The only reason i gave it a 4 and not a 5 is it can be overwhelming for one person to set up the largest size but that can be expected. Other than that i do not regret this purchase at all.

Chicken Fencing - Spencer,

So far it been working great. Easy to set-up and keeps my chickens contained to the area I want!

Brilliant - does exactly what it is supposed to do :-) - Cath,

A great product for our back garden. Chickens very happy with their extended area. The cheeky squirrels have nibbled through a few bits to get in but it did hold its own against a muntjac deer that had got caught in it (we untangled him and released him unharmed), We were very impressed that when we propped the posts back up there was not a big hole! Very happy with this product.

Great! - Elaine,

Affordable. Easy to set up. Portable! Happy chickens!

omlet portable fence - Laurie,

easy set up and works great for chickens and ducks. portable and well made. love it!

Great for chickens but not much else.... - Hester,

I use this netting to subdivide my fox proof runs to separate breeding groups of birds. In theory it works brilliantly for this purpose and very few of the chickens have ever broken through (mine are big, they don't fly!). However, the ducks are fabulous at scooping up the bottom with their beaks and going under the bottom. However tightly it's pulled or pegged, they can find a way. Meantime the geese just chew through it. They have now created so many holes, it's more hole than fence and completely useless. I'm going to have to use electric fencing or wire netting so it was an expensive option.

Love this fence! - Saill,

I ordered the 138 ft. Omelet fence, and I was rather daunted by its sheer length when I first unrolled it. Turns out it was FAR easier to put together than I had imagined it would be. Once I had all the poles inserted my chicken yard came together in a jiffy, and my girls LOVE it! The net fence is better than a wooden or metal one because the chickens can't fly up and stand on it to gather their thoughts about jumping to the outside world. Great deal on a fabulous chicken solution!

Great product - ,

Great product and fast shipping

Good fence, bad chickens. - Loren,

No complaints about the fence, just about the chickens. The young ones, 4 month americaunas, a small bird to begin with, are light enough to fly over the fence. However, they only do so if they are scared. Which must only make sense to a small chicken brain, because they are jumping to the side of the fence where the perceived danger is. As long as it's only me here, no jumpers. If anyone else comes near, they jump. Lawn mower in a distant place, many jumpers. They want to get back in again, but can't figure out that they need to likewise jump to get back in. If a real danger visits, this scenario can be disastrous. But it's not the fence, it's the chickens.

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