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Great product - ,

Great product and fast shipping

Good fence, bad chickens. - Loren,

No complaints about the fence, just about the chickens. The young ones, 4 month americaunas, a small bird to begin with, are light enough to fly over the fence. However, they only do so if they are scared. Which must only make sense to a small chicken brain, because they are jumping to the side of the fence where the perceived danger is. As long as it's only me here, no jumpers. If anyone else comes near, they jump. Lawn mower in a distant place, many jumpers. They want to get back in again, but can't figure out that they need to likewise jump to get back in. If a real danger visits, this scenario can be disastrous. But it's not the fence, it's the chickens.

My chickens love the fence. It gives them freedom to run and forage in the yard away from my dog. - Becky,

I love the product. It was easy to install and the directions were great!

Good and simple product - Andrew,

Easy to assemble and also take down. Can put up on your own in 5 minutes. Should last for a lot of years without any maintenance.

Great adaptable product - Robert, Hertfordshire,

Having taken the advice of another reviewer to buy the longest fence you can afford, we are glad that we did as it is really adaptable to alter the shape and position of the run. this is especially so in the winter when the grass is not growing, and the wet surface soon gets scratched by the chickens. It is very easy to alter the run.

Best thing I have ever bought! - Jennifer,

Our brood always ended up around our back door and garden, ruining the flower beds and making a big mess! I read about this product several times before buying it. Initially I felt guilty about keeping our five enclosed in this area but it's been the best thing ever! They are quite happy and I have no mess being trailed into the house.. I am going to expand the enclosure after Christmas by adding on the same again to give them a bigger area for summer.Thanks!

Works with horned sheep - Mcalpine,

I have bought this primarily to use as a mobile fence within our orchard so we can rotate 200 hens and 3 grazing sheep. I've only bought one so far in order to test the fencing before I commit to 2 more rolls. The orchard will be planted in March next year, and the hens will arrive after the orchard is planted. However I do have the sheep and wanted to test the fence on them first. I was concerned because they are horned and may get caught in the fencing material (you cannot use electric fencing with horned animals - too dangerous). To my delight the fencing worked with no issues. Simple to put up (having watched the video on how to), and simple to take down and move. Great design! Further, my friend's two ponies and horse mistakingly got into the fenced area but to my surprise they didn't go near or damage the fence. To conclude; I cannot comment on it's performance with 200 hens yet, and I know how wily hens can be, but the sheep are wily too and it certainly works with them. I will be happy now to purchase two more rolls of fencing, as it appears to be the only product that suits my situation. PS. A clip was damaged on the gate post. Omlet sent me a replacement post free of charge, straight away, and with no fuss. Very good service!

Pretty straightforward, flexible and effective - Iain,

It took a little while to put up the whole fence, but this was because we have a tricky set-up in the garden and it needed to go behind two garden sheds and also through a few bushes. Putting in the door, the poles and so on is really rather easy once you have the hang of it. We were pleased that it was as we hoped for once up: it kept the chickens in. A few weeks later we moved the fence to another part of the garden so that the chickens could get a bit of sun. This really needed two people simply because the fence got a bit tangled up with itself when we moved it. It took quite a long time to get it straightened out. But again, it wasn't complicated. Given this, the only thing we think would be an improvement would be for it to be possible to have the fence in two parts, tied together in some suitably ingenious Omlet way.

Keeping the hens in as hoped! - Robert,

The fencing arrived with one broken pole but have not needed it as there were enough with pegs for a decent spacing. The fencing was easy to erect and on our uneven ground was definitely easier with 2 people. We couldn't go square so a couple more re strainers would have been useful. The lower than anticipated height has not been a problem with our five hens as they haven't yet tried to escape. The fencing s barely visible from a distance, which adds to its appeal. We have plenty of rabbits and field mice around but (touch wood) haven't had any problems with chewed holes as read elsewhere. Overall, I would recommend this product and of course the reliable service provided by Omlet.

Great fencing - Christine,

I really like this fencing, it's so easy to put up, the only thing is it should be sold with more poles, I'm going to have to buy the extra pack of poles, which when it cost so much for the fencing I have been putting off buying, but will have to give in. Other than that it's great. Christine

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