Reviews for Omlet Chicken Fencing - 138ft - Inc. Gate and Double Spike Poles

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Fencing - Wendy,

Great product, easy to put up if you're not a muppet like me. Keeps the girls safe and contained

No more poo on the patio! - Heather,

Great fencing, straightforward if a little time consuming to construct, but very easy to use and my chickens stay put in their roomy enclosure. It's transformed our garden for the summer, no more dust baths in the veg beds and unwanted visitors in the kitchen!

Definitely not rabbit proof! - Penelope, Gloucestershire,

Putting this fence up was pretty straight forward and we were delighted to be able to give our flock of ten a lovely big area of paddock to run free in. However ... we did not realise we were putting the fence across long-established rabbit runs and the sharp-toothed creatures made short work of the netting chewing right through in no time at all. Whilst I know that the netting is not designed for rabbits, having watched a rabbit be able to bite through in a split second, I wish I had worked out a different solution for my chicks. Need to look for a tougher twine to mend holes now!

great fencing the clasps on the gate too fiddly can't imagine shutting in the dark! - Elizabeth,

overall great netting but do not like the clasps for shutting gate do not think they will last, too fiddly,please invent something easier and stronger thanks Elizabeth

works great for keeping chickens OUT of veggies - Elizabeth,

I have a large vegetable garden that is unfortunately situated right next to the henhouse, where my chickens free range. I bought the fencing to keep the chickens OUT rather than IN, and it has worked great. So far the fence even seem to be keeping other critters out, including deer and pesky groundhogs who otherwise eat my cabbage. The design is excellent and the materials are very high quality - it required half a day to set it up by myself but so far has been worth it.

- Peter,

Easy to set up, keeps the chickens in.

Frustrated - Mike,

Our chickens have very easily eaten several holes and get out of this fencing. I've spent a lot of time patching holes. Not what I was hoping for but better than having to put up permanent chicken wire fencing.

Works really well but please be careful if you have hedgehogs about - Robert,

Has done a fantastic job of keeping the chickens in and blends in well with garden. I had a few metres of fencing spare and left it bundled up at one end as I didn't want to cut it but unfortunately a hedgehog got tangled in the fencing and suffocated. I have now cut the fencing and put tunnels in for the hedgehogs and no problems so far.

Perfect fence - Stephanie,

I went back and forth on whether to get this fence or make our own. My DIY version was about $50 cheaper with materials from tractor supply (Omlet fence was on big sale at the time) but I decided that the ease of use was worth the extra $50. We like to move the chickens' area around some so that we can let them "work" the garden area and such. I moved the fence for the first time today and it was soooo worth the extra $50. The posts go into the ground easily, move easily, the gate is perfect, and the fencing is lightweight but heavy duty (it's like a shrimp net or gill net that commercial fishermen use so it will standup to a lot). Great fence especially if you need to be able to move it.

Excellent quality - Matthew,

Really good quality product. Strong heavy duty poles, and the double spike system keeps them in place. Good netting. Easy to put up once you get the hang of it.

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