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Gate - Lou,

Amazingly fast delivery of the gates I ordered. Product excellent. One additional product that would've good - different lengths of netting as had to cut one section to put gate in correct position and then stitch the ends to add gate posts.

Chicken fencing - Quokkagirl,

Does exactly what it says it will do. Would like the gate posts and clips to be a bit more substantial to be honest but like all the Omlet products, it is designed for the job of urban chicken keeping. The clips on the gate post are riveted so cannot be replaced without buying a whole new gate section.

Fencing and gates - Sonia,

Brilliant. Does exactly what we want it to do.

Fencing and gates - Sonia,

Brilliant. Does exactly what we want it to do.

Good - Tara,

A bit fiddly but generally easy to assemble, I purchased an additional gate pole kit to allow me to use the fence in a point-to-point arrangement, so keeping my hens in a sectioned off part of the garden. It's effective and easy to use and would recommend it.

Product was just what I wanted - James,

I am pleased with the product. I originally bought the fencing kit to keep my hens and ducks at the bottom of my garden as a means of protecting my plants and keeping the patio clean -although I did want to allow occasional access as the ducks are great at keeping hostas slug free. I wanted a point to point enclosure to run across the garden rather than a circular one. This meant I needed an additional post to secure the gate clips and the fencing kit was the easiest way to get this. You might consider offering a simple clip arrangement which would allow the gate to be clipped to a fence for those who want to use the fencing in conjunction with an existing fence.

Expensive for what I wanted - Diana,

I wanted one extra pole with a spike and this was the cheapest way of getting it.

Fencing - Jane,

This fencing is wonderful for both my hens and my garden. It is so easy to be able to move the hens around so the grass can recover. It also gives the hens solo much spaces they really are free ranging, but not being able to escape and get run over. Brilliant, I certainly wouldn't be without it.