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Excellent sturdy product - Ian,

Excellent sturdy poles, ideal for reinforcing those 'droopy' points in your Omlet chicken fencing.

Great addition to the 68 foot chicken Fence kit - Janie,

I bought the extra poles to further support the 68 foot chicken fencing I bought - love them both!

Preventing the great escape.... - Kathryn,

We already had the large green Omlet net which came with a set of poles but the poles were so far apart that our girls were literally walking into the net and over the top!! The extra poles have stopped this.

- Linda,

The omlet fence is a brilliant idea. Wouldn't be without it now. Very good customer service too, thank you.

Chicken Fencing Double Spike Pole 5 Pack - Warren,

Very easy to erect and maintain

Sturdy and easy to use - Ingrid,

We bought five of these stakes to accompany our 25 m of Omlet fencing as we found that on the longer sides we needed extra support to keep the top of the fence from sagging. This has worked very well and the poles are easy to use and insert into the ground.

fantastic product - Liz,

I am using this netting to keep my chickens out of my vegetable patch. It was super easy to put up and so far they have not breached my defences!!

fench - Marjan,

fench is perfect, it keeps mine chabo's out of mine garden...

Good but could be better - Tom,

The fencing is very effective but tends to sag between the posts allowing escape by ambitious flyers. The bottom has to be pegged taut to prevent escape by tunnelers. Moving the fencing every couple of days to preserve my lawn is easy once you get the hang of it

Great product - Lisa,

I have the Omlet fencing and so ordered some extra spike poles to extend my chicken run area. They make the omlet fencing nice and secure and keep my happy chickens off my lovely garden!!. So easy to use and you can move them in and out of the ground so easily.

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