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Fabulous - Mary,

Brought this as part of a leaving gift for a colleague at work who loves anything to do with chickens. Her comments on this Chicken Poop Lip Balm were as follows: - "The Chicken Poop Lip Balm that isn't real Chicken Poop is fabulous, very refreshing!!

quick delivery, good product - Fiona,

Got as a quirky Xmas present. Happy with service, would definitely use omelet again. Good range of quality items that are a bit different

A fun but practical product - Heidi, Lincolnshire,

Bought as a gift, my friend thought I had finally cracked and gone totally organic, but assures me it is a very good product and makes her laugh every time she uses it, will defintely be getting more for people!

Love the flavour and feels good too - Emma,

I got this for myself and my mum for a kind of joke Christmas filler. But I am pleasantly surprised that it's more than that, I love it. So different from other lip balms in smell ans taste and it's really refreshing. Both myself and mum love it.

No crap balm - Louise,

No crap, does the job, also good on callouses... ;)

Chicken Poop Lip Balm - Lynne,

aaaw I'm sorry, the lavender was so overpowering - lavender isn't really for lips - take out the lavender and it would be lovely - texture was really smooth. I do like the smell of lavender and I'm sure some poeple will love it!

love this! - Caroline,

This lip balm is far better than any other I have used. It leaves lips soft and smelling of sweet lavender. It makes a lovely quirky gift.

Natural but VERY strong lavender - Helen,

I do like the lip balm- it is all natural BUT it is almost overpowering with lavender and don't lick your lips as it tastes awful!

My husband loved it! - Nicola,

I purchased this as a stocking filler for my husband, he loves it and uses it often, it's not a girly lip balm so he's happy and I'm happy that he has soft lips. Thanks Omlet!

So good I've bought it twice - Emma,

admittedly, on both occasions it was for a friend but she raved about it so much I've bought more for other stocking fillers.

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