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gerbil house - Adam,

exellent quality and size for price,has to be one of the best one's i have seen at that price and the gerbils love it.

Very happy gerbils :) - Kathryn,

I bought this cage along with two baby gerbils (straight from the breeders) as a Christmas present for my other half. At first we were concerned that our gerbils were too small to use the vertical tube. We emailed Omlet and were advised to tip the cage slightly so that the tube wasn't completely vertical. This worked a treat and we left the cage like this for one week until our gerbils were confident with using the tube. Now they can't get enough of it. The water bottle dripped so we just bought one from a pet store. The wheel is one of the best I have seen (including the silent spinner regular which I think is too small). The cage looks great and is perfect for interacting with our pets. I will be buying another one of these when I buy another hamster.

Fabulous Hamster Habitat - Alli,

Calling this a cage doesn't do it justice! This small animal habitat was easy to assemble and has been no trouble to maintain. It is an attractive piece of furniture. Cleaning the Qute Hamster cage was a breeze compared the cages we've had previously. My daughter can easily access her hamster from and play with her in the bottom bin. The wheel is not "silent" but is very quiet. I also had a very positive experience with customer service. They were responsive and satisfied my request 100%. I confidently recommend this product!

Awesome - Jenn,

Love the cage. Easy to clean for my 7 year old daughter. Customer service throughout the transaction was fantastic. Would highly recommend!


Our little Princess loves her cage. It took her a couple days to figure out the tube, but now she goes up and down like a pro. It is easy to clean and I love that it fits into the livingroom without looking like a "cage". I like everything about it and I am so happy I spent the extra money!

Qute hamster cage with storage! We - Asha, Buckinghshamshire,

Kristoff loves his new home! His "house" where he can go upstairs and downstairs. Kids love seeing him go up and down the tube and burrowing downstairs! Very easy to clean out too! Whole family including Kristoff are delighted with it, thanks Omlet!

Best hamster cage yet - Alison,

Having bought a range of hamster cages over the last decade, with tubes, multi-levels and stacks I can confidently say that this cage is the best yet. It allows younger children to look at the hamster without being able to torment it, makes cleaning out so quick and simple your 8 year old can do it herself, and the hamster really does seem happier when it can burrow and make tunnels in the lower part, and have a bit of privacy. It's also far nicer to look at than the usual cages and the food, sawdust and droppings don't end up everywhere either. It's also simple and straightforward to assemble and well made - our hamster had escaped several times from the previous cage and hasn't a chance with this one.

Very happy hamster - Katie, Devon,

Overall very pleased with this product. Took some time to put together and the screws did buckle the wood in the drawer which you can't see from the outside. Once together looked really impressive-is very easy to clean - hamster is very happy although took him a few days to work out the tunnel. Much less mess than with other cages but occasional hamster poo sneaks out the back from the top. The wheel is a bit noisy but really wide and the hamster loves burrowing in the bottom compartment. It's great for young kids to learn to handle the hamster as it can be transported in the tray and handled over this initially. Really easy to see through cage and watch what he is doing. Overall delighted and would buy again.

Lovely Cage, Happy Hamster! - Rebecca,

I love this cage, so does our hamser, she's much happier in her new home. I'm happier too because the enclosure is so easy to clean, my daughter can do it alone. The design of the cage is intelligent and innovative and stylish enough to keep in any room of the house. My only issue with the cage was when we received it and the problems with the parts. Not the cage itself. The floor was cracked and the corner had snapped off, also 2 rods were missing that were integral to the cage working. I called Omlet and they rectified this quickly, but it did mean a delay (and irritated children) in setting up our hamster's new home. However, this was just one of those things, and I cannot fault the service we received. It is the only reason I haven't given 5 stars.

perfect - Claire,

bought 2 gerbils to go in this cage- they love it and we love watching them in it.our 4 year old can easily get the tank out to safely handle them and it literally does only take a minute to clean. sturdy and easy to put together and not an eye-sore in our lounge-quite a nice feature actually. quick and very well packaged delivery. best water bottle feature i've ever seen and we have had quite a few cages over the years. quiet wheel. delighted with this product.

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