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Very happy hamster - Katie ,

Overall very pleased with this product. Took some time to put together and the screws did buckle the wood in the drawer which you can't see from the outside. Once together looked really impressive-is very easy to clean - hamster is very happy although took him a few days to work out the tunnel. Much less mess than with other cages but occasional hamster poo sneaks out the back from the top. The wheel is a bit noisy but really wide and the hamster loves burrowing in the bottom compartment. It's great for young kids to learn to handle the hamster as it can be transported in the tray and handled over this initially. Really easy to see through cage and watch what he is doing. Overall delighted and would buy again.

Lovely Cage, Happy Hamster! - Rebecca ,

I love this cage, so does our hamser, she's much happier in her new home. I'm happier too because the enclosure is so easy to clean, my daughter can do it alone. The design of the cage is intelligent and innovative and stylish enough to keep in any room of the house. My only issue with the cage was when we received it and the problems with the parts. Not the cage itself. The floor was cracked and the corner had snapped off, also 2 rods were missing that were integral to the cage working. I called Omlet and they rectified this quickly, but it did mean a delay (and irritated children) in setting up our hamster's new home. However, this was just one of those things, and I cannot fault the service we received. It is the only reason I haven't given 5 stars.

perfect - Claire ,

bought 2 gerbils to go in this cage- they love it and we love watching them in it.our 4 year old can easily get the tank out to safely handle them and it literally does only take a minute to clean. sturdy and easy to put together and not an eye-sore in our lounge-quite a nice feature actually. quick and very well packaged delivery. best water bottle feature i've ever seen and we have had quite a few cages over the years. quiet wheel. delighted with this product.

Fabulous - Karen ,

Great design which Boris our gerbil really loves. It is very easy to clean and looks attractive. Most importantly, the bedding matter is contained so that, when he digs, it doesn't get kicked all over the room like it used to in his old cage.

Not bad but not perfect - Nivine ,

I bought this product to put in my new house (looks nicer than the generic cage). I was very impressed with how it looks, however putting it together was not as easy as the instructions suggested. Some boards were flimsy and did not hold whilst putting heavier boards on top. Some of the wooden parts that ensemble the parts together, broke! I had to use my own! Overall the product is visually pleasing and hides a lot of equipment in the storage compartment. I would've liked if there wasn't a random tube in the middle because it's very constricting to manage things inside the cage and my hamster sometimes hits his head on it. I would suggest not buying this product if you are not very good with DIY and are looking for a larger cage size.

Outstanding! - Duane ,

Not only does the Omlett Qute hamster cage look modern and well made, it is so fast to clean too. Not only that, but 'Nibbles' our hamster loves it too!!!

Good but some niggles - Rachel ,

The cage itself is a good size and my daughter can see a lot more of her hamster. The hamster loves the bottom part where he can bury himself. She really likes it so insisted on a 4 star review. The wheel was disappointing as we needed to push some more plastic down the back as it was loose therefore rattled during the night. The hamster climbs the metal bars and can make a bit of noise so I am not sure whether her bedroom was the best place for it! Hamster poo can escape from the top so a regular hoover round the back is needed. However a good purchase but maybe a bit on the pricey side.

Omlet Qute - Beverley ,

I love my Omlet Qute. It blends in with other bits of furniture yet it's still a practical well thought out cage. I use mine for a duprasi and he loves it. I can make a burrowing section in the bottom tub as well as having other toys/houses/wheels etc. I change the set up every time I clean it out so he doesn't get bored. The Qute is really easy to clean. It is very well made, but on the down side it's very heavy so can't be moved around. I also have a cat who has knocked over other hamster/gerbil cages before...but he can't get to my little duprasi in his Qute cage. So I don't have to worry about that, which is a relief! I think the only real negative I found was as the cage bars are held to the main unit by a bar it's not solid and has some movement which meant that when my duprasi uses his wheel it's very noisy as the bars have move too. Tried other wheels but they were the same. I had occassions where I emailed Customer Services and they were really helpful. I can't praise them enough. Plus speedy delivery. One happy Omlet Qute owner. Thank you!

Awesome and brilliant - Lyndsey ,

This cage is just brilliant. Easy for the kids to access the gerbils. Gerbils very visible. They took a couple of days to work out the tube but once they did they were sorted. They absolutely love the wheel too. Useful storage underneath for the food. A fabulous cage, that looks like a nice piece of furniture too. Well worth the investment and highly recommended.

LOVE - Ruby ,

I purchased two of these hamster condos due to the fact that hamsters tend to be animals that thrive better solo. The units were a bit challenging to put together, but after they were assembled I have never looked back. They are not only functional, but they are a nice piece of cabinetry that displays our new furry friends in a lovely way. Very happy with our choice.

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