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Great Cage - Jodie,

Lovely look and style, very easy clean etc only downside it they are still able to make a mess as the sawdust escapes out the sides.

Excellent product - Mumofthreeboys,

Our gerbils (and our 8 year old son) are delighted with their new home. The assistant at the pet shop told us when we showed them a photo of the Qute that we'd be back to buy their similarly priced and nasty plastic one. Not likely. It's sturdy, straightforward to construct, well laid out, easy to clean and looks fab.

Panic buy for escape artist hamster! - Jayne,

After hearing that my grandsons hamster was doing chin ups through bars of existing cage,I had to replace it quickly! Looking at all available hammy cages,I decided this was the safest option.the cage sits safely on the floor,so no climbing to access food bowls and pet.which now has pride of place in sitting room where all can watch Elmo as he goes about his daily life.All very happy with Nanny Jaynes purchase.

Great product our hamster loves it! - Nicola,

Bought this for our new hamster at Christmas. Wanted a nice looking cage to go in our front room. It was easy to build and our hamster loves it! She worked out pretty quickly how to negotiate the tube up to the 'play' area and is up and down there all the time when shes' awake! It's so easy to clean and I love the way we just sit in front of it and watch her play, the draw below makes it really easy to get her out to go in her exercise ball and for us to hold her. I would definitely recommend getting this cage and the storage is great underneath, we store all her food and bedding in there.

Very happy with our Qute cage - Becky,

Love this cage! We have done everything from wire cages to aquariums with our hamsters and gerbils, but this cage by far is the best purchase we have made. It is easy to assemble. My 8-and 10-year old girls can clean the cage with ease. It is escape proof so far. It's a good-looking cage and fits in well in my daughter's bedroom with her white furniture. I would definitely purchase again.

Love the Cat Proof Qute! - Carolyn,

Our cat is an evil genius who has managed to break into every cage set-up we've ever we decided to shell out the money for the Qute based on some "cat proof" reviews. And it is indeed cat proof! Unless he grows an opposable thumb, I think our gerbils are finally safe. It is very easy to use for a 10-year old child as well. The gerbils took a little bit to figure out how to use the tube going up, but once they got it, I think they like it too! A good purchase and worth the money.

White Qute hamster cages with storage - Sarah,

We bought two of these, one each for our two children for Christmas. They are lovely. The best small animal cages I have seen. Easy to assembly. We had a problem in that one part was missing and another broken - Omlet rectified immediately. Cannot recommend highly enough!

Great small animal habitat - ,

This is a great home for our gerbils. I have not given 5 stars as I think the bottom unit comes out a little too easily for younger children, I would like to be able to make it more secure. Otherwise excellent ⭐️

- Avril,

Fantastic cage, looks great in the lounge, easy clean, Itchy and Scratchy love there new home and will recommend Omlet to my friends.

Happy Gerbil Home - Graham,

I found this very easy to put together and our 3 gerbils are quite happy with their new home. Easy to clean out too. The bottom perspex box slides out easily although we are now finding our gerbils can almost get out if there is a lot of bedding and the box has been removed for cleaning.

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