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- Avril,

Fantastic cage, looks great in the lounge, easy clean, Itchy and Scratchy love there new home and will recommend Omlet to my friends.

Happy Gerbil Home - Graham,

I found this very easy to put together and our 3 gerbils are quite happy with their new home. Easy to clean out too. The bottom perspex box slides out easily although we are now finding our gerbils can almost get out if there is a lot of bedding and the box has been removed for cleaning.

Really great - Mandy,

We love this cage and so does our hamster. the only down side is the our hamster likes to take all her bedding to the top level and makes a nest in the corner. this then fall out the bars on the back and makes a mess on the floor.

Superb design, with every element of the assembly thought through. - Rachel,

I'm blown away by this design. They make assembling superbly easy and everything about the finished product is brilliant. I would buy any Omlet product in the blasts if what I've seen so far!

Fantastic home! - Sue,

I am truly amazed at how great this product is! Our hamster is so safe and happy in her little home. It fits perfectly in my daughters room with lots of space for accessories and bedding underneath so everything is kept nice and tidy. The spacious Perspex tub at the bottom is great for interacting with our hamster, it can be taken out easily and you can reach in to pick up the hamster or interact whilst she is still in the tub. The tube can be raised and lowered so that the two areas can be separated for cleaning whilst keeping the hamster safe. A friend has also purchased one after the tubes on her original cage (not one of yours!) kept coming off allowing her hamster to escape! We definitely haven't had any problems like that!

Fantastic quailty - Stopped hamster chewing out - Mandy,

I bought this cage as my hamster kept chewing out of his cage through the plastic. The plastic bowl on this cage is very strong, he has tried to chew out but failed! He loves climbing up and down the tube to get to the top level too. It's very easy to clean and looks lovely and it fits in with the furniture. Would definitely buy again!

Brilliant, as good as the promotional film suggest - Forbes,

A really fantastic and value for money product, looks great, is easier to clean and sturdier than any previous cage we've had, and is as good as it says. And no more hamster mess all over the floor. I have already recommended to various friends. One of the best purchases I've made in a long time.

Love it! - Rebecca,

We love this cage! It is nice to not have a cage taking up table space, and it is fun to sit on the floor to watch the hamster explore. The cage took 1 hour or so to assemble, but it is very sturdy and will last a long time. I love that there aren't a million plastic tunnels to disassemble and reassemble to clean. Even the water bottle is the perfect size for small critters. We bought with storage and are glad we did. Truly thoughtfully designed!

Nice product, well made, but not easy to clean and the wheel is noisy - Debbie,

The product as a whole is very nice looking and we were very pleased with it. now we have had it a while we realise that it's not easy to clean, whereas i mean to take out the top it is very awkward, to clean the plastic which is what needs doing regularly. Also the wheel is very noisy so we will have to look at buying another one i think. The gerbils love it though.

Great cage - Clare,

Great cage. Lovely bedding area that the gerbils can chew, dig and make endless tunnels in. Play area with food bowl, water and wheel works well and easily cleaned. Storage area very useful. My 9 year old daughter loves the cage and it must be robust because it is all still in one piece. Plus gerbils seem very happy with their home!

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