White Qute with Storage
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           Excellent new home for our hamster

- Gael, 25 March 2015

I am so delighted we purchased this. It looks so neat and tidy in my daughter's room, and is incredibly easy to keep clean. Clara the Hamster just loves it and quickly got used to the new layout and has great fun running up and down the tube (the first time she went down head first and tried to go back up facing the same direction - i.e. bottom first; she soon learned this was not so productive). We put her old little wooden house in the bottom section which she sleeps in, and have put some chamomile hay on the plastic floor in the top section as she was skating around a bit, and it was also a little noisy. The customer service from Omlet has been superb - a small piece was damaged and a replacement was sent out by first class post. Really a very good purchase and highly recommended.


- Mandy, 23 March 2015

I only held back half a star because they didn't have it available in the walnut when I wanted it. But truly, this is the best looking, easiest to clean hamster cage EVER! Customer service is excellent, as well. I called about a part of the wheel that seemed not to work properly and received a new part in the mail quickly, no questions asked. Truly, an excellent product.

           Love it!!!!

- Emma, 13 March 2015

Arrived promptly, easy to put together, really well made and looks wonderful....... Bought for my 10yr old for her birthday and is easy to clean out and a fantastic addition to her bedroom, happy daughter, happy mum and very happy hamster. I would recommend this product to everyone!! LOVE IT!!!

           Great home for Biscuit

- Sabine, 13 March 2015

Our hamster biscuit loves it. Looks great in our office. Great customer service too.

           Great Product

- Joanna, 07 March 2015

Our Qute White Hamster Cage with storage was well worth the wait. Looks fab & Coco the hamster has made himself completely at home in it. Very amusing to be able to watch the little creature. Looks great in the lounge.

           Nice design....

- Kirsten, 03 March 2015

I received my order and built it up straight away, I managed to do it on my own which was a little fiddly but I got there. The plastic level that clips into the top shelf was broken in the corner and I had the 2 little things missing that fit into the left side of the unit to keep the black bars in that hold up the top floor. I didn't email omlet on the same day with an attached picture of the broken plastic and unfortunately they didn't get back to me. I'm also having an issue with my wheel. It constantly falls off, my gerbils will be on it a few mins then it crashes on top of them. It's a little worrying. The clip stays on the cage it's the clip that comes away from the actual wheel. Maybe I have a faulty wheel? All that aside I love the cage. It looks lovely, it does a perfect job, I get to view the gerbils without the cage being an eye sore. It fits in nicely with surrounding furniture and it's so unique looking. So many people who have saw the pictures have asked me about it. My 2 gerbil seem to love it too. They love digging and burying in the lower section, it's deep enough for that. They did take a few days to learn how to use the tube but they are only babies and the pet store had them on 1 level so they didn't need to use a tube or any method or getting up or down. I really love my cage altho I wish I had a response from omlet for a new top plastic top level and the 2 fixtures I was missing from my unit when building.

           We love the Qute. Suitable for (some) people with special needs

- William, 12 December 2014

I look after a friend who had a stroke and is paralysed on one side. He lives alone with carers coming in. He always wanted gerbils but I did not feel able to look after them adequately so he had a hamster instead. Then we saw the Qute and suddenly saw the possibility of his having gerbils. We bought it, chose his gerbils and it has been brilliant. When alone, he can lower the top front of the Qute and feed his gerbils or play with them, keeping daily contact. He can pull the tub out and play with them knowing they can't jump out and get lost. His disability is no longer an issue. We have set up a play area and it's easy to transport them to it in the plastic tub. We found that the carers who had been nervous of the hamster in its wire cage were ok with the gerbils in the Qute and could even have conversations which was very beneficial for my friend. We love the Qute. In the wire cage we liked to fit a rat hammock which the hamster loved. Having the Qute, the only thing we miss is not being able to hang a hammock - wouldn't be able to lock the tube in place in the top half and it impedes taking the tub out from the bottom half. It is no exaggeration to say that this Qute has helped my friend cope better with his circumstances, has kept depression at bay and added a dimension to his relationships we never thought possible. We think the Qute is a thing of beauty in both looks and design. Some people have told us that they think it too expensive but his hamster had a medical problem which caused a discharge and corrosion of the cage base, 3 in total. With the Qute, replacing the tub would have been a lot cheaper. We wouldn't consider having anything else.

           Great Cages and Customer Service!

- Jennifer, 12 December 2014

I bought 5 of these cages recently for my Syrian Hammies because honestly I have not found anything like it anywhere in pet stores around where I live or even on the Internet. To say that they are all thrilled with their new homes is an understatement! They are so much happier and love that they can dig around in the bottom and come up top to exercise on their wheel. The cleaning is great also, but to be honest it does take more than a minute to clean, but considerably less time than with other cages. The mess that my hamsters create is not contained to the cage, but can spill out onto the floor. This really doesn't bother me - I just vacuum it up with my Dyson. Customer Service from Qute is awesome!! Clare was so helpful and replaced what was damaged in shipment very efficiently and with no problems. I am one satisfied, happy customer. Thanks Qute!

           Hammy loves it

- Leon, 20 October 2014

Hi Our Syrian hamster, Sandy, loves his new home, and so do we! We placed it in the kitchen where we spend most time, and it looks really nice so Mummy and Daddy didn't mind having it there.

           Love it!

- Shama, 13 October 2014

This hami home is loved by us as much as by our dwarf hamster. She easily climbs up the tube and it's so much fun watching her rummage through the wood shavings. My 11 yr old daughter actually enjoys cleaning this cage! The locking away of hamster on upper level is genius and v practical. Looks like a nice piece of furniture that doesn't look like laminate will peel off at the corners which is just as well as it's a pet hate of mine. My daughter loves lying in bed and watching the hamsters shenanigans as it's easy to view hamster. Plastic flooring covering most of the top level prevents bubble feet, while the wire edges allow for debris to be swept into the base before base is removed for cleaning. Hamster wheel is pretty quiet. Love the storage compartment. Handy to have food and cleaning spray in there for easy access. Encourages my daughter to keep up with feeding and cleaning. Best of all, unlike the cages with tubes on the outside, hamster cannot escape, even my tiny dwarf Campbell. Top level provides a v well ventilated space, with bars front and back. Lower level is nice a draft free. Hamster can move to cooler or warner area as desired. Can't bear the idea of hamster over heating, as is possible with so many designs in heat waves. We have 3 huge cats, 6kg siberians, and they cannot tip this over to access hamster, nor can they get their paws between the bars. The cage door is a clever design. You have to squeeze inwards to be able to open because of the catches. V safe. Cats cannot open this. To train our tiny baby dwarf to climb the tube, to access water and food, we dangled a cloth belt of dressing gown down the tube (and hooked it onto the bars) to enable her to grab hold and pull up. Once she mastered this, she moved onto using the sides and we removed the belt after 24hrs. Also, I have pointed out to my daughter that she needs to be careful when opening and closing the bottom drawer that she makes sure the hamster doesn't get hit by the tube - obviously, the tray moves but tube doesn't and she could get knocked out if she's upright on top of the wood-shavings. Basic common sense really. Thinking of getting another one for my 8 year old's hamsters.

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