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Cuddlies And Loves - Bunnell,

I really love this awesome piece of living furniture. I have two syrian longhair hamsters and they are really digging their new crib. The wheel is so much quieter than the standard cage we were using and the amount of room for both is spacious enough to contain their happiness.

Really nice but could do with a little bigger storage - Roger,

Really good access to the hamster from the front, children can look into the cage and interact and easily get hold of the hamster via the front door. Hamster got used to it after a few days after a short period of nervousness. Really easy to clean. Would recommend. Only issue for us, was that the instructions were not included in the pack and we had to work it out.

Very impressed - Jane,

Instructions are a bit difficult as it comes flat pack, so better with 2 people. But super smart when complete. I find it is good size for Syrian hamster (bit bigger than regular wheel in pet shop). Hamster may need to be first shown the tube tunnel to go up & down. Also very cat proof as we have found out.

Absolutely Beautifully Fantastic - Bobbie,

I am so pleased with this hamster cabinet. It is easy to clean, nice to look at, and Hannah is so happy in her new home. I did have to have an extra set of hands to set it up, but well worth it. And we had fun putting it together. I highly recommend this Hamster Home!

- James,

Brilliant home for a hamster. Well made and looks good.

- Deborah, Wiltshire,

First class product but I expected nothing less from Omlet my chickens live in luxury in their cube and now the hamster (Cookie) has been up-graded to the Ritz of hampster cages easy to put together and easy to use we love it .

Hamster cage with storage - Paula,

Absolutely love this cage. Solid great looking cage. Easy to clean and looks like a piece of furniture. Worth every penny and would highly recommend.


We absolutely love it! Wish it was bigger though!

Cool Hamster Condo - Kate,

Spacious, well made, visually very pleasing hamster house. Bottom drawer makes food storage easy and the main see through drawer is easy to clean. However, our current hamster decided to move his bedding upstairs, so he makes a mess anyway and there's fuzz all over outside the house. Overall we're very happy with the cage.

- Lenka,

A lovely product. We are happy with it.

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