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A very well made and first class product - Peter, North Yorkshire,

A very well made piece of kit that shouts quality. Extremely well designed and thought out and perfect for our Daughters two Gerbils. Far better than the standard cages you will see in the high street pet stores. Excellent value for money and would recommend to anyone who wants a Gerbil / Hamster cage that is practical and also pleasing to the eye.

Trevor loves his Qute - Julie,

Trevor the hamster makes full use of both floors of the Qute. He has made a nest and toilet at the bottom and food store at the top.

Attractive hamster home - Sarah,

My hamster & I are very happy with the cage. Looks nice in the lounge and he likes the two floors. Wheel nice and big too.

fantastic hamster home - Claire,

We had had several hamster cages before we were recommended by a friend to try the omelet cage, we are so pleased with it, the best cage we have ever had and our hamster seems as happy with it as us ☺. So easy to clean, for my children, easy access to our hamster aswell and looks great. I highly recommend and can't stop raving about it, we'll worth the money. One extremely satisfied customer.

hamster cage - Judy,

Apparently my grandson's hamster is very happy in his new home. I heard it is very well made, attractive and secure from their cats.

Albert is loving his new pad - Ellie,

'I thought you had a hamster'. No-one that comes in to my room ever notices the cage at first glance, especially with it matching my birch furniture. It looks fits in perfectly and doubles up as a piece of storage! Most importantly though, our little man Albert is very happy. He spends a good couple of hours doing his intervals in the wheel each night, luckily it is very quiet!! The tube is perfect for him travelling between the levels, but even more than this it is somewhere he can hide and feel safe when the scary hoover is in the room. The bars allow him to have a little climb and let me attach some chews to keep his teeth in good shape. Being a student house, easy cleaning was essential for us and it genuinely takes no more than 5-10 minutes out of our week. Albert says a big thank you for his swanky pad. One of the many ways we spoil him rotten.

Hamster house - Yvonne,

Beautiful house looks so good and so easy to clean

Great product, my hammy loves the 2 levels - Holly, Northamptonshire,

Great product, my hammy loves the 2 levels and the deep tray at the bottom. At first it took her a while to know to use the tube to get between the top and bottom ( I got a little worried) but within a couple of hours she was whizzing up and down with ease. It is great to clean although some sawdust and other food bits etc can sneak out of the cage wires at the top and either down the back or down the front ( there is always going to be mess with a hamster though!) There are also 4 small silver retaining pins that fit into the woodwork above the deep tray that were easily removed by my hamster...I got concerned she may eat them so have removed altogether and doesn't seem to affect the cage at all. Great cage though and would definately recommend to anyone looking for a unique cage for a hamster. Looks great in my bedroom too, nice wood quality and colour blends well against other furniture.

The best hamster cage ever! - Nathan,

This is the best hamster cage ever! Very deep tray for my hamster Tedder to burrow in and it really promotes natural foraging. Awesome storage compartment. The wheel that comes with this is small and not appropriate for my hamster but other than that I can not fault anything. Thank you so much Omlet for such a cool piece of furniture, it is so nice to have my hamster in the living room right next to where I sit on the sofa, I get to watch my hamster eat, play, be cosy and happy all the time now! :D

Great cage - Joanne, Leicestershire,

Really pleased with cage. It looks lovely. Is easy to clean and spacious. Spike the hamster took a little while to get use to it but is bombing round it now.

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