Birch Qute with Storage
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           Good looking and functional

- Simon, 16 April 2015

This product looks really good, and is really well designed. The extra large and deep bottom section is great for Gerbils who need more bedding material to allow them to burrow. Most hamster cages don't provide this. The bottom section is also great to pull out and allow my young children to interact with their pets without fear of them escaping. Finally, its design also makes the bottom section easy to clean. The design of the rest of the product is equally well considered, the upper section provides an area for our gerbils to explore, eat, drink and exercise, and the interconnecting tube is a great way to provide access between the two areas and also confine them in an area when required. The storage space at the bottom is really useful for storing all that is required to care for the gerbils and makes the whole thing an attractive, well sized and functional piece of furniture.

           Very good and easy to clean

- Jess, 06 April 2015

I bought this cage for my Syrain hamster Cookie, i have it in my bedroom. It is very nice to look at big and is easy to clean. The pull out tray works along with the lock and twist tube. After trying very hard i found a very silent wheel it is amazing and does not keep me awake. The storage is great and is really nice to put cookies food and bedding in.The only down side it was very expensive but other than that i love this cage and is amazing! me and cookie love it!!!

           Brilliant !!

- Deonne, 17 March 2015

Having had three children we have had lots of hamsters over the years. When our youngest child asked Santa for a hamster, my first thoughts were the chore of cage cleaning and the guilt of keeping a small animal in a confined space. However, since purchasing our Qute cage having a hamster is an absolute pleasure! This has got to be the 'Beverly hills' of hamster homes. It's so easy to clean, looks lovely and our hamster has two separate areas to play and burrow. I must admit it was a big decision to buy this product but I can honestly say it's worth every penny!

           Hamster Heaven

- Mike, 02 March 2015

This is an outstanding product in terms of design and functionality. The family see so much more of our little pet's activities. The unit really is so easy to clean. Buying direct from this site saves a packet when compared with the price in our local pet supplier. Oh, and I think the hamster likes it. Highly recommended.


- Anne, 16 January 2015

Brilliant home for our hamster. He loves it. Needed to contact customer care following purchase, Probably the best customer care I have received. Polite and knowledgeable about all the omlet products. I would definitely recommend in fact we have bought another hamster and will be buying him one too.

           Hamster cage

- Emma, 06 January 2015

We, and Sammy our dwarf Hamster, love this cage. It is so easy for the kids to look after their pet with this. And easy to clean. We have a cat and we feel this cage offers better protection from cats than others on the market. A real winner.

           Very happy

- Tara, 02 January 2015

I am very happy with the item a little hard to put together but still happy with it

           Great Product

- Christine, 02 January 2015

Really impressed with this habitat. Very well made and nice looking. Excellent value for money, one small screw missing on delivery but found one to match... gerbils love their new home


- Alicia, 01 January 2015

We have been through 3 store bought hamster cages because we own a gorgeous but frustrating escapee which manages to get out of almost anything. Our new qute cage is not only a beautiful piece of furniture but a safe and fun design for our daughters treasured pet. I wish we had found it earlier!

           Great hamster home

- Martin, 30 December 2014

We purchased this as we wanted something a little different from the run of the mill hamster homes. The unit was easy to assemble, sturdy and the instructions were clear and easy to follow and it feels like a quality unit. The draw part is just the right size for keeping all the food, bedding and treats! A couple of weeks in and I can confirm the bottom tray is very easy and quick to remove and clean, it makes a great staging point from where you can handle or transfer to a ball. I did a bit of research about these and read a few negative reviews, about the size and the top part having a wire floor, both I believe are unfounded. The size is great for a single hamster and the wire floor has been replaced with an easy to clean plastic one. Omlet were a great company to deal with, great communicators and eager to please the customer – a rare commodity these days I think! I am glad we chose this unit and would happily recommend it to anyone, it was worth the investment!

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