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Looks great, slight design fault? - Lauren,

This cage looks really good. The storage drawer is really handy for all the hamster paraphernalia. Now the Syrian hamster is fully grown I would really like it to be a bit bigger. My only real issue is my hamster (female) choices to wee upstairs in the corner and this means that the wee often shoots out and up the wall!!

Attractive hamster home - James-Forbes,

I got this cage for my chubby Syrian hamster, she has no problems getting around even if she is a bit chunky and seems happy in the cage, she doesn't often chew the bars or try to escape. Pros with this cage are ease of cleaning (5 mins to empty base, wipe down with disinfectant and refill) and accessibility to the hamster, no matter where she is in the cage I can easily get her out. Cons are that I can only get plastic water bottles to fit the holder, all the glass brands are too big, and she keeps chewing them. Also the tube being directly in the middle of the cage makes it hard to place toys, would be better at the side. Would of given this 5 stars if the cage hadn't arrived missing screws, with a broken bar and a crack in the plastic upper floor, nothing major and it was easily fixed but this is being marketed as a premium product and I wouldn't expect to encounter these problems.

- Tracey,

It's a lovely cage but when we put the Gerbils in they won't use the tube.

Excellent cage only bettered by the customer service. - Jonathan, Berkshire,

Found Omlet after searching online. It may appear to be expensive but totally worth the cost. Very well made, easy to clean and works in nearly every room. Dealing with Omlet customer service was excellent. I purchased the wrong one (my mistake) and Omlet helped me to return and exchange to the correct one with about any problem. Highly recommended.

Looks good but missing and damaged parts! - James,

Really pleased with the cabinet unit, very solid and strong. My hamster is happy in it and doesn't try to escape like he did in an all wire cage, he moves around the cage no problem. It does take just a couple of minutes to clean and because the cage is a functioning piece of furniture (I use it as a side table)Andy Murray (the hamster) gets to live beside the sofa getting attention from all visitors and getting sneaked biscuits which he loves. Would be better if the tube was at the side of the cage to make it easier to fit in toys etc. However the cage arrived with a few annoying problems, there was 1 screw missing, which meant a run to the diy store for 1 screw... The plastic floor arrived cracked and there was a broken bar on the wire front, also the water bottle drips. None of these problems were big enough to justify returning the cage and were easily fixed but this is being advertised as a premium product so I didn't expect to see sloppy errors like this. I would still recommend this product to others.

Omlet Says: Thanks for your review. I'm sorry to hear that some of the parts were damaged in transit. We always replace any parts which are damaged. I will send you an email to arrange this.

Excellent Product - Carla,

Ample storage for bedding and food. Easy to clean Hamster loves it. Sturdy so ideal for younger children who want a small pet. Good investment you can pay a lot of money for the plastic type but hamsters love chewing plastic.

It's really well designed! - Emily,

It looks really nice and is very well designed. I like how my gerbil is safe from other pets, and can still enjoy himself! The only problem is that because gerbils need really deep bedding the tube was surrounded by bedding and he couldn't work out how to get up. I'm hoping he'll learn that he has to dig around the tube otherwise I'll have to replace it with a bridge or something! We were also only sent 8 screws when we were supposed to have 9 but luckily we had a spare in my dads tool box.

Great purchase - Sarah,

Super product. The hamster seems to love it too. Its nice go see her enjoying burrowing as per her nature.

Best gerbil product on the market under £100 - Ian,

We have had so many poor modified birdcages, plastic pipe cages escaped from, that this was our last resort. It's great! Does everything really well. And if you want an introduction to Dobbies purchasing, I can do. They need your product. They don't have a cage suitable for gerbils.

Great gerbil house - Carolyn,

Looks fab, easy to put together and fast delivery. Our new gerbils love it lots of room to dig and it's very easy to get the tray out for the kids to handle them safely, only downside our young gerbils would not climb the tube but we replaced it with a c shaped tube and they are quite happy now

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