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Fantastic apartment for gerbils - Liz,

This is truly well thought out. Easy to clean, nice deep digging area, plastic surface for little paws so they don't have to walk on bars, protected water bottle. Easy access to the little critters. Mine took a while to get used to the tube so I put it in the tank section to start with. Once they had explored it thoroughly they soon got the hang of it and now love the 2 story living. Would strongly recommend this over all other options on the market - I have researched a lot and bought a 'holiday' home for when we're away and they go to a pet holiday home which is not a patch on this. Looks like a piece of furniture too.

- Amy,

We love it and so does our hamster Fluffy!

Doubles as a piece of furniture and keeps the hamster as part of the family - Dawn,

I ordered this because I was left with hamster frankie when my daughter moved to her own place. Frankie had lived in the bedroom which was fine when it was occupied but I felt sorry for the little thing when nobody went in the room much anymore. I moved her downstairs in the original cage but it was difficult to stop my 4 cats trying to push the cage off, and once they actually succeeded with poor frankie frightened and subdued for ages. The omlet cage although not cheap allows me to have frankie next to the sofa so constantly stimulated by the comings and goings of the house. Yes the cats are still interested in her, but they can't get to her and actually now she seems to enjoy their company. I think this was a good buy, I'd prefer it to be wider to give her more space but the space is adequate and the appearance is good.

Hamster cage - Trisha,

This cage is practical to clean, safe for the hamster and wonderful for children to view. We have had hamsters for the past 20 years and wish we had come across this type of cage before. The hamster enjoys coming out in the evenings when we are all there and has been integrated into the family so much quicker than if in a smaller cage. We would now never look to buy anything other than this cage.

Happy Hamster - Neville, Wiltshire,

Luna chewed through the metal bars on her cage so we bought the Omlet one after quite a lot of shopping around. It looks great and is much better quality than we thought, with bedding in the bottom Luna is really happy burrowing about, taking it up and down the pipe. She seldom knows the bars now and sometimes won't come out. The wheel is large enough that her back isn't bent over whilst she runs about - something that concerned us with other cages. Overall we are really happy but more importantly so it Luna.

Review of Quite hamster cage - Rachel,

This is a lovely, elegant hamster home, cleverly disguised as a piece of furniture. Have been meaning to review it for ages. Our hamster, Alexandra, loves it; it's Alexandra's palace! The only thing was that she managed to get the door open, so now we have to put clips on, but when we bought her they said she was feisty! Otherwise it's perfect, so much better and more beautiful than other hamster cages on the market.

Hamster Home - Barbara,

This is a really nice cupboard with cage inside, I have two Dwarf Russian hamsters and they love it. It took them a while to master the tube but now they have no problem. It is easy to keep clean and great that you can lock them either in the top or bottom to clean, a really good purchase.

Cuddlies And Loves - Bunnell,

I really love this awesome piece of living furniture. I have two syrian longhair hamsters and they are really digging their new crib. The wheel is so much quieter than the standard cage we were using and the amount of room for both is spacious enough to contain their happiness.

Really nice but could do with a little bigger storage - Roger,

Really good access to the hamster from the front, children can look into the cage and interact and easily get hold of the hamster via the front door. Hamster got used to it after a few days after a short period of nervousness. Really easy to clean. Would recommend. Only issue for us, was that the instructions were not included in the pack and we had to work it out.

Very impressed - Jane,

Instructions are a bit difficult as it comes flat pack, so better with 2 people. But super smart when complete. I find it is good size for Syrian hamster (bit bigger than regular wheel in pet shop). Hamster may need to be first shown the tube tunnel to go up & down. Also very cat proof as we have found out.

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