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Hamster cage with storage - Paula,

Absolutely love this cage. Solid great looking cage. Easy to clean and looks like a piece of furniture. Worth every penny and would highly recommend.


We absolutely love it! Wish it was bigger though!

Cool Hamster Condo - Kate,

Spacious, well made, visually very pleasing hamster house. Bottom drawer makes food storage easy and the main see through drawer is easy to clean. However, our current hamster decided to move his bedding upstairs, so he makes a mess anyway and there's fuzz all over outside the house. Overall we're very happy with the cage.

- Lenka,

A lovely product. We are happy with it.

Fantastic. - Terri, Wiltshire ,

Wow what more can I say.well thought out design. Plenty of space the wheel is perfect size . Looks great easy to put together. Our hamster loves it. It has helped make her very tame, my daughter is able to handle her thanks to the bedding tray. It really is great. For those that have mentioned the wheel being noisy/coming off. If you make sure the fastening is covering 4 bars it is a silent wheel, also the water bottle if you really screw it up super tight it doesn't leak!! ,took us a week to work those things out!

Superb product - Derek,

Excellent materials - very good looking - need some DIY skills to assemble. I use mine for "rescue" mice - ones the cat brings in alive. Got seven so far - plenty of room. Bit of a hassle to get all seven on one level at the same time for cleaning - but it adds to the fun !!

Great product overall! - Liz,

Really like this - it looks good in our lounge and the cage itself is well designed. Our hamster seems very happy. It's very easy to interact with him and get him out for a run around in his ball, and the bottom section is very easy indeed to keep clean. Just a few niggles stopped me giving five stars, which are: - the water bottle was broken on delivery (part of the dropper mechanism was missing) so we had to buy a replacement; luckily we found one which fitted the holder - we were missing a couple of screws for assembly in the package, but luckily we had some at home which worked instead - it's a shame there isn't more wire mesh parts to the cage as hamsters do love to climb round it in my experience, which they can't really do in this cage - the cage could really do with being larger, say 60-70cm long by 50-60cm wide, to give the hamster more running around space (admittedly our hamster is quite big, and still growing, and may well outgrow the cage, but even so it is on the small side compared with the ideal) - the top section is really quite tricky to keep clean, because the only access you have is via the door and you can't take the floor part out (as far as I can tell). But would I buy it again? Probably, unless something larger came onto the market.

Looks great, slight design fault? - Lauren,

This cage looks really good. The storage drawer is really handy for all the hamster paraphernalia. Now the Syrian hamster is fully grown I would really like it to be a bit bigger. My only real issue is my hamster (female) choices to wee upstairs in the corner and this means that the wee often shoots out and up the wall!!

Attractive hamster home - James-Forbes,

I got this cage for my chubby Syrian hamster, she has no problems getting around even if she is a bit chunky and seems happy in the cage, she doesn't often chew the bars or try to escape. Pros with this cage are ease of cleaning (5 mins to empty base, wipe down with disinfectant and refill) and accessibility to the hamster, no matter where she is in the cage I can easily get her out. Cons are that I can only get plastic water bottles to fit the holder, all the glass brands are too big, and she keeps chewing them. Also the tube being directly in the middle of the cage makes it hard to place toys, would be better at the side. Would of given this 5 stars if the cage hadn't arrived missing screws, with a broken bar and a crack in the plastic upper floor, nothing major and it was easily fixed but this is being marketed as a premium product and I wouldn't expect to encounter these problems.

- Tracey,

It's a lovely cage but when we put the Gerbils in they won't use the tube.

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