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           Great Cage

- Jessica, 15 March 2014

When I ordered this cage was planning to adopt two gerbils. Instead ended up getting three and was a bit worried it would be too snug for a trio but it accommodates them fine. Most hamster/gerbil cages are an eyesore and a pain to clean--for stylishness and ease of cleaning, it gets an enthusiastic five stars, however, I'm rating it four because, for the money, the quality isn't quite what I would expect. The screw joints on the cage bottom broke off when I was attaching two of the legs, which isn't a problem generally since the cage sits flush against them anyway but is a pain if I want to move it around at all. Still, I am very pleased with this purchase overall and would recommend it to anyone.


- Laidlaw, 01 March 2014

Love this. At first the bin stuck but this is if it is pushed too far back and catches under the black bars. Make sure the latch just catches and it's fine. Looks very stylish and is very easy to clean, just like the adverts. Only negative is the wheel is extremely noisy after 2 weeks and a bit lopsided. Can't be tightened so bought another one. also food bowl is very small and the shape takes up too much room, so again bought another one. Would be good to be able to buy housing, other size/shape bowls etc in the same orange colour. Would recommend though, especially with drawer which holds loads of stuff.

           Probably the best cage on the market

- Nichol, 28 February 2014

Without a doubt this cage is solid. Well packaged. Eaay to assemble. Easy to clean as boasted. Visually appealing. However some modifixations could be made to make this perfect. I have two Campbell Dwarf babies. The wire top is problematic. Their little lega fall thru and they are very umcertain up there. To rectify I lined the top with wimdow screen as it does not impede overall circulation. The tunnel is hard for my dwarfs to navigate...granted they are young so they will probably get it. However a tube with smaller diameter would be morw appropriate for dwarfs. I'd like to see an elbow at the bottom and top to make getting in and out easier. Size is ok. Largest xage on the market but I can't help but think an additional 8 in wide would be perfect and allow for more envirnmental modifications to be added. 4 stars cus not perfectly suitable for smaller rodents. Otherwise very pleased.

           Overall well made and stylish but expensive

- David, 12 February 2014

Also came without the water bottle

           Great purchase!

- Marc, 06 February 2014

Just purchased the Qute hamster cage sans storage drawer and I am very pleased with it. I was initially concerned after reading reviews on this site about the noisy wheel. The people at Omlet must have addressed this issue because the wheel is not noisy at all. Our little furry friend enjoyed exploring his new surroundings and I believe he will be very happy in his new home. The only criticisms I have is it seems the water bottle is a bit small and I wish the entire cage had just a bit more room but not a deal killer. It's still a great upgrade over the 10 gallon aquarium we had previously.


- Jessica, 02 February 2014

I've had my Qute cage for over a year now and have had two hamsters live in it, my current and my previous. This cage is amazing! Both of my boys have been very big boys - VERY big boys - and the space in this cage is perfect. There's loads of room for extra toys as well as lots of space to move around. Very expensive but well worth the investment, keen to save up and buy another without the storage section only as I have purchased extra storage since getting my gerbils, before this the storage on the cage was wonderful. The perfect size for storing all the essentials and very neat.

           Amazing hamster house

- Melissa, 26 January 2014

The easiest to clean, happy happy hamster :) safe environment for bear the hamster and my daughter to have in bedroom :)

           Brilliant value for money

- Claire, 21 January 2014

I was a little nervous about spending this much on a hamster cage but it is well worth every penny. I have bought 3 cages in the last 12 months and every one has broken or the hamster has got out. I wish I had found this one in the beginning. The sales team are so helpful and arrived next day, 4 days before Christmas what more could you ask. Even the wheel supplied is big enough for Syrian Hamsters unlike high street cages. Wonder if they will make one with 2 floors and the tank at the bottom?

           Lovely Home for our 3 Gerbils

- Rachel, 08 January 2014

We bought this for 3 gerbils, I was slightly worried that it wouldn't be big enough, but they love it. It looks great in the house, and is easy to clean the downstairs bit. We have found that our gerbils wee upstairs through the bars and so the top bit has to be cleaned out regularly too which is a shame as we bought the cage based on the fact that it only takes a minute, but think this is our gerbils rather than the cage. Even so its still easy to clean. It did take the gerbils who were 10 weeks old when we bought them about 10 days to finally work out how to use the tube, but they got it in the end and now are happily going up and down all the time. The wheel is a little noisy, it doesn't squeak but instead bangs on the back of the cage. As its downstairs in our house its not a problem for us, but it couldn't be kept in a child's bedroom. We love the storage section, but if we could suggest an improvement to the product it would be to make the storage section big enough to keep a hamster/gerbil exercise ball in without having to separate it in half each time. Our gerbils are very happy in their new house and so we would definitely recommend it.

           Great product

- Michael, 08 January 2014

Hamster very happy and settled in. good customer service as we had a damaged part - sent out next day. many thanks

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