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- Belinda,

I love this cage! It looks great in our home. Rosie our hamster loves it too. Thank you for designing a pet cage that is functional and looks terrific!

Great gerbilarium! - Louise,

I bought this after my gerbils chewed through one cage and were constantly chewing the bars on the second. Third time lucky! With a few minor modifications (one of my girls just didn't "get" the tube & their wee seemed to settle on the plastic shelf, so I removed both) we were good to go. Lovely deep tank area, which they burrow in to their heart's content. Plenty of room for cardboard tubes, wooden chews etc upstairs, accessed by a wooden log ladder. Looks great too.

An expensive, but premium product - David,

This is a lovely bit of kit. It is heavy and does need building but it took me only about an hour to put together. It's really easy to clean and our hamster loves the wheel and climbing tube. She was dreadfully unhappy in her old cage, lots of bar chewing, but she hasn't chewed the bars on this one once. The storage is very spacious and the whole unit looks very cool. One happy hamster and two very happy kids

Great cage! Or is it furniture? - Emily,

We love our new hamster home!!! - Mike,

The cage itself is a beautiful piece of furniture. Spacious living for our hamster. Open cage style on top level has made her more "involved" with the family. Easy to clean. Hamster is much more active and more attentive. Highly recommend!!

I am pleased with it - Jacqueline,

I think the product is an excellent space for a small rodent to live. It was a bit fiddly to put together. Still can be messy - especially if animal decides to wee out of the bars on the top level. However, the plastic base container is great as no mess and easy to access and clean. The wheel isn't too noisy. The top layer could be a bit sturdier as it all fell apart when I tried to wipe it with a cloth.

Walnut cage - Wez,

Brilliant! My two gerbils Archie and Rodrigo love it. It's easy to assemble, clean and looks great in my front room.. The best in the market.

Smart and practical - Claire,

A big fan of this product - a smart piece of furniture as well as a spacious and practical cage.

Exceptional product and service - Sonja,

The Omlet cage looks at home in our space with its color and size and it is so easy to clean. An 8 year old can rather independently take care of cleaning. The hamster appears happy and busy, and there's room for us to add additional play things. We find the storage space beneath very useful as well. Customer service exceeded our expectations taking care of a small problem we had with shipping. Solid wood would be great, but perhaps cost prohibitive. The Omlet cage is exceptional for its smart design and function. Bravo!

- Ashley,

Absolutely wonderful!

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