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1st owner - Jason,

first time hearing about this cage, won't be the last time we own one. the cage is awesome! the only downside is the tube, if it was more of a ladder at an angle the animals would enjoy it and use it regularly. we substituted a stick with some twine, the gerbils love it! love the storage, able to keep their snacks and food. just an amazing piece. was easy to put together as well. only took me about 20 minutes or so. Great Product would buy again if i need to.

Hamster cabinet with storage - Linda,

I purchased the hamster cabinet for my grandkids and they absolutely love it

Love it! - Mirian,

It came fast and once I set up, it looks amazing. I am taking my time to allow my dwarf hamster to get use to it. She does seem to like being at the bottom much, but is learning to climb up. I do not want to stress her out, but everything is coming along just great. Thank you!

Excellent product and of a high quality. - Dave,

It came flat packed but up in forty minutes. My gerbils love it I did remove the tube and they climb on a house I made. I rent and because it is an attractive piece of furniture I never have a problem with landlords.

Great product! My gerbils love it! - Karen,

I love this cage and so do my gerbils. Really easy to put together (by one person) the instructions were clear and straightforward. Its a very well designed and well thought out home for your little furries and the easiest cage to clean that I've owned. Would highly recommend this especially as it looks so nice in any room in your home.

Amazing product - Amy,

Our pair of gerbils and our daughter love this, amazing design!

Excellent buy - Kim,

My Qute hamster cage arrived today, next day delivery and I am thoroughly pleased as is our hamster Cosmo! It did take 4 hours to assemble I could have done with clearer examples or a YouTube video but the end result was satisfying. The cage blends in with the furniture and I love the separate levels. I took Cosmo a while to workout he had to go up the tube but he got there eventually and we thought he would give himself a heart attack on the wheel but he has settled in nicely. My 7 year old can now spend more time with him. I would definitely recommend this cage.

Excellent - Meral,

Wonderful product. Stylish and part of the furniture. The only downside for me is the floor pace for the hamster. But if you like me let your hamster out and her excersise it is a wonderful lovely hamster house rather than a cage ! Please do not doubt to purchase this product as I love it and my children does too.

We love it. Our hamster loves it. It's perfect. - Liz,

If you want a great cage, but it has to go in a living room or central area in your home, this is a great one! I didn't want a multicolored, plastic-tubed hamster cage in the middle of our foyer, so we got this one. It's pricey, but perfect.

Walnut Style Qute Gerbil And Hamster Cage With Storage - James,

Excellent, we bought two new girbils and put them straight from the shop into the cage and they took to it immediately. They love the deep tray for burrowing and they figured out the vertical tube in about an hour. Top tray is great for feeding as it's flat and better for their feet. Recommend this to anyone looking. Looks good too!

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