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Best gerbil cage out there! - Alexandra, NY,

I searched for a long time to find a cage that gave my gerbils room to burrow, was safe, and that they could not chew through in two months and this cage is the best one out there! The added bonus of looking great in my living room is great too! Shipping was fast and customer service is great. My two gerbils absolutely love the cage and that they can have more toys to play with and deeper bedding. They are happier and more active than they have ever been!

We Love our Hamster Cage!!! - Sue,

My Daughter has been pestering me for years to get her a hamster but I have a real hatred for the conventional hamster cage. I think they are ugly and messy so I was delighted to find the Qute cage. It's more than perfect, blends in well with our decor, it's easy to clean, non-messy etc ets. Thank you.

Excellent - Steph,

Fabulous product, easy to keep clean, whilst looking totally stylish, our 2 gerbils absolutely love it. Excellent customer service, quick and efficient delivery. Would definitely recommend both the product and the Company. Thank you.

Unique cage, easy to clean, a few niggles - Annie,

Overall, we love the cage, and it's very different than most others on the market. Love how easy it is to clean--my child (9) can very easily take care of cleaning it on her own. Also like the height--great for hamster-watching. And our hamster is very happy, which is perhaps most important! The storage at the bottom is definitely handy for storing food and hamster accoutrements--that said, the magnet is fiddly, and we've found it doesn't always release the door. The cage was relatively easy to assemble, but a key piece was missing on delivery. Customer service was very nice and quick to sort out the issue, but it did mean a delay in moving our hamster in.

Omlet Says: Thank you for your review Annie. Please feel free to contact our customer service back if there is a problem with the storage door's magnet as we would be very happy to solve this issue for you. Yours, The Omlet team

Excellent product! - Shanna,

We had one of those cheap cages you get at the pet stores originally for our Syrian hamster. We found out it just wasn't big enough and started looking for another. We found this and are so happy we did! It is a GREAT cage, and honestly our hamster seems happier in it. I would highly recommend this product!

Love the cage - Gail,

Cage is easy to clean Our gerbils seem to enjoy it

walnut gerbil cage with storage - Benjamin,

I like this product so much I bought a second. I want to give my pets plenty of space to keep occupied and this product does it with a minimal footprint. I have two of these and have a glass Ikea shelf on it's side stacked on top. I have 6 gerbils and I wanted to give them plenty of space.

Love it! - Andrew,

The only reason I have not given this great product a 5 star rating is because my gerbils were not able to navigate or understand the tube between the two levels. As they have grown however, they are now able to run up the half tube I have positioned at an angle and I am confident that with time they will ‘get it’ and it will be fine. I am a grown up kid who loves fluffy animals and I really wanted gerbils. I have four and they love their home. It is the perfect environment for them and it looks great in my home. Very smart and stylish. I absolutely recommend this product as it is good quality, well priced, it looks great and, most importantly, it provides a safe, comfortable and engaging home environment for small critters.

Outstanding product, outstanding service - Mary,

I have kept gerbils for 8 years and so wish I had found this home for them years ago. After a little slip up by pets at home resulting in 14 baby gerbils I now have 4 of the Omlet Qute homes for them and their mums. They are so easy to put together, all fixings lined up perfectly. They are sturdy, attractive, spacious, very, very easy to clean and most important of all they are cat proof ! On arrival one had a little damage but I can ignore this as new parts arrived 48 hours after I sent an email to customer services and prior to this I received an email updating me and an apology. Thank yo so much Omlet, I am not sure what would have done without you as 4 ordinary cages in my office would have looked a mess.Many thanks for all your help. Mary

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