Walnut Qute with Storage
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           Hamster cage

- Alison, 11 March 2015

Great service! Great product!


- Sarah, 25 February 2015

This cage is brilliant. It looks great, and the design for the animal has been well thought out. This is the first hamster cage I have come across that comes with a wheel that is big enough for a fully grown syrian hamster, with no need to upgrade well done omlet! I'm also Pleased with the new solid floor upstairs and would highly recommend this product.


- Jonathan, 27 December 2014

Great product, very sturdy and good quality, perfect for my dwarf hamsters.

           Stylish, practical and fun!

- Karen, 07 November 2014

Arrived by courier with no problems - I specified a time I would be out on the delivery day and this did not cause any problems.. I put it all together by myself, I think it took me about 45minutes but I did do it alone (as I was too impatient to wait for other-half to come home). I had one issue with the screw holes for part of the bottom cupboard door however this was easily remedied with a quick drill to get the holes a little deeper. Some of the screws were difficult to get in by hand so again the drill was useful. We are delighted with the cage, it's a nice bit of furniture for the dining room but equally a practical home for our two rescue gerbils. They quickly worked out how to get up and down the tube and the wheel has been very popular - it's a good wheel for gerbils as their tail cannot get caught in it. Food bowl is also great as it cannot be tipped over (ours like to sit in the bowl!) The bottom part of the cage is ideal for gerbils, the depth means plenty of natural digging opportunities - very entertaining to watch them. The top platform means you have a bit of bedding free space to put things for example we have a small flat dish which fits in nicely - we pop it in once a week so they can have a sand-bath. We also have a salt lick block and a chew toy here. We have a 7 year old daughter who is able to change the food bowl and water independently. I generally clean the cage out myself but again it is fairly simple to sort out - I chuck all the bottom tank litter in a bin bag then wipe everything down. I also take all the attachments and centre platform out once a week and wash them down - again it's a fairly quick job. I saw the video showing a child doing the clearing but I'd not trust ours to do it yet - maybe when she is a bit older, the bottom can be quite heavy if it is full of litter. Regarding mess outside the cage - it does happen and I am glad our cage is on wooden floor rather than carpet - poop and other mess can get knocked out by the gerbils on the top platform and also ours have a habit of kicking all their bedding up to one side of the tank and then continuing to kick it - so it ends up coming out the top of the tank. It's not really an issue for us as we can just sweep it all up as needed - but worth baring in mind if you are expecting a totally "mess free" solution (which I think is unrealistic with any pet in any sort of housing to be honest). Overall we are very happy with our purchase and I think it offers good value for money and, unlike so many houses for small animals, it is a very good home for gerbils. I would certainly recommend this product - I'd love to see a slightly wider version so we could house a few more gerbils!

           Great cage but needs improvement

- Jack, 03 August 2014

This is a great cage but needs improvement. Pros: Easy to clean, built strong and blends in to your everyday life. Cons: Too small for price need a bigger model, needs a tube connection to connect to other cages you might have laying around for your hamster.


- Deborah, 07 July 2014

George loves it...

           Very good

- Kenner, 31 May 2014

In my house it is very useful because i have way to many pets and i always have trouble finding places to put there but this i can put my tanks on in with no trouble. if you have a hampster or gerble i recomend this.

           A great improved cage but hard to put together

- Susan, 20 May 2014

I have been wanting this cage for a while now before I get my Syrian hamster I decided due to the new floor on the top part it was a definite yes I would not recommend this cage for dwarf hamsters or mice it would do them more harm than good my delivery came 2 days before I was expecting it l happy it's here now instructions need updating from the old cage to the new only little changes but all together it took me 1hr and 30 mins the 30 mins were for me making sure all parts where there it has a great size wheel for a Syrian and there is plenty of room for toys and a little hut for the hamster to sleep in all round I am happy with the purchase I could of bought this off another site but decided to buy it from omlet due to having a 1year warranty on it

           You get what you pay for!

- Lydia, 27 April 2014

This is probably the most expensive hamster cage ever, however, it is worth it. It's easy to clean and looks just like another piece of furniture in our family room. We have two Russian dwarf hamsters and were worried about them slipping through the bars. This cage is fine for them and, even though it took them some time, they can quickly get up and down the tube from one level to another. The only downside with this cage is that the wheel is not as sturdy as it needs to be for our energetic hamsters, and our previous Syrian hamster wore it out! Overall, this cage is worth the money.

           Brilliant value for money

- Claire, 21 January 2014

I was a little nervous about spending this much on a hamster cage but it is well worth every penny. I have bought 3 cages in the last 12 months and every one has broken or the hamster has got out. I wish I had found this one in the beginning. The sales team are so helpful and arrived next day, 4 days before Christmas what more could you ask. Even the wheel supplied is big enough for Syrian Hamsters unlike high street cages. Wonder if they will make one with 2 floors and the tank at the bottom?

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