Egg Timer - Amazing Colour Change

By Burton

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Genitic engineering has it's opponents but when an invention like this comes along it's hard not to reach straight for the Nobel Prize. Scientists took the genetic sequence of the common hourglass egg timer and after a bit of microscopic fiddling produced a chicken capable of laying eggs which time themselves to soft, medium and hard boiled perfection!

You can reuse this special egg over and over again, simply place with your normal breakfast egg in the pan of water and watch until the colour changes to the desired amount. Perfect results every time. Tomorrow's World Today? You betcha.

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- Simon, 10 July 2012

Well I was a little bit doubtful at first.. but as you can see from my two pictures that have been added its so simple and effective. Simply pop the timer in to the pan at the same time as the eggs (it also helps to keep the timer in the same place you store your eggs for example the fridge) and just watch it. When it reaches your desired cook time take it out! I get perfect eggs every time now! Do buy it its another great product from Omlet yet again!

           Egg celent

- Tina, 23 May 2011

This is an amazing product, I managed to burn the pot dry when boiling eggs. The eggtimer turned totally black and I thought had destroyed it but it returned to red and still works as it should

           Egg timer. amazing colour change

- An Omleteer, 03 February 2010

A genius invention.

           Egg Timer - colour change

- An Omleteer, 21 October 2009

No idea how it works but it does. I have also seen it in some shops at a higher price.


- An Omleteer, 15 June 2009

Works well, great service

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