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Easy Access Lock for Zippi Runs - Single

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Create large, easy access doors in your Zippi Run enclosure with the new Easy Access Locks!

You can transform your Zippi Run by turning any of the mesh panels into a door or hatch for easy access to your pets. Simply replace the standard run clips with Easy Access Locks on three sides of any mesh panel to give you a secure and ultra convenient opening to your run. Use more locks to convert several adjoining panels into a larger size door or even open up the entire roof of a Zippi Run!

The improved accessibility to your run makes it easier to tidy and clean the run. Feeding and playing with your animals is also easier than ever before and the hatches are great for picking your small furries up! This helps to ensure that they remain happy and healthy while allowing children and adults alike the opportunity to stay closely connected to their pets through interactive play.

The Easy Access Locks are both durable and predator resistant while being easy for you to operate. The integrated safety feature means you need to push and turn simultaneously to open - helps to keep your pets safe from unwanted visitors, while the position of the green button shows you when the lock is activated for simplicity and peace of mind.

Designed specifically for use with Zippi Runs, these locks are not suitable for use with Eglu Runs, Outdoor Pet Runs or Walk in Runs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the runs can be extended lengthwise however big you want using extension kits. You can also extend a two panel wide run to three panels wide. You can’t however turn a single height run into a double height run.
Yes, you can find extra panels (both single and double height) on the Zippi spares page.
Walls and Roof mesh size: 1.5in x 1.5in
Underfloor mesh size: 3in x 3in
Skirt mesh size: 1.5in x 3in
The underfloor mesh is 3in x 3in, measured from the ends of the mesh wires.

While the strong materials and thought out design makes it extremely hard for predators to get to your pets, no run is 100% predator proof.

If you live in an area with lots of predators (foxes or smaller ones like martens and weasels) or rats, you might want to consider adding additional protection to the run.

Yes, you can turn your playpen into a run by adding a roof whenever you want. You can find the Zippi Rabbit Run Roof - Starter Pack here.
Depending on the size of your rabbit and their eagerness to dig, you will likely see your pets trying to dig through the underfloor mesh. Make sure your pets have lots of opportunities to exercise and play (digging is often a sign of boredom), or give them a designated safe spot to dig. If you notice that your rabbits have been digging, regularly move the run to new spots to prevent your pets escaping. If you’re still worried, you can contact our customer service team who will be able to give you more tips.
Unfortunately you can only extend a Zippi run length- and widthwise. The sturdiness of the run can’t be guaranteed when extended in height.
The sizing of the mesh has been designed to fit rabbit and guinea pig feet. If you’re placing the run on grass, it will barely be noticeable to your pet, but even on a harder surface it won’t cause your pets’ any discomfort.
You can technically connect two runs together, but it’s not something we recommend. The extension packs will provide you with exactly what you need; if you connect two runs together you will have spares. Connecting two runs rather than extending also compromises the structure of the roof, and it will not be as strong.
As long as your rabbit or guinea pig is old enough to go outside, they can be kept in the Zippi Run. For very small babies of certain breeds, you may want to add additional mesh or covers to exclude the risk of escapes.

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Easy Access Lock for Zippi Runs - Single

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A must-have for the Zippi Pen
I loved these so much, I bought more! Makes opening the Zippi pen panels so easy so that I can walk into the pen without having to crawl on my hands and knees. They're so easy to use, even my 3 year old can work them to open the pen himself.
Review for: Easy Access Lock for Zippi Runs - Single
The reviewer has 2-4 Americauna Chicks pets
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