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Our Play Tunnel and Zippi Shelter is the perfect way to provide your rabbits with a new and exciting exercise game!

By connecting up several tunnels and shelters you can create an amazing play space where small “rooms” are connected by tunnels - just like a warren in the wild. By adding more tunnels and bending them you can create new set ups for your pets, making sure they never get bored.

Rabbits have a natural instinct to seek a hidey hole and the Zippi Rabbit Shelter and Play Tunnels are perfect for providing protection from wind, rain and sun whilst offering a place where they can feel secure, settled and relaxed.

This pack comes with the practical connector rings that attach to the ends of the tunnels to create a secure connection to the shelters. These connector rings screw on to the ends of the Omlet Play Tunnels to help prevent your pets chewing the tunnel ends.

This pack includes a Zippi Rabbit Sheltergreen Zippi Rabbit Shelter and two Play Tunnels with Connector Rings.

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Happy customer - Debra,

My bunnies love shelter and tunnel, I think it gives them a sense of being in a burrow. I have seen far more binkies since buying them ????

The reviewer has 2-4 Mixed pets

Rabbits love it!!! - Lenny,

Soon as it arrives and our rabbits had the pleasure of using the hideaway ams tunnel they loved it. Running though non stop, and providing great shelter when they want it. It was really easy to assemble as well, and easy to clean. Fantastic product.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2021 The reviewer has 2-4 Rabbit pets

Our bunny loves it! - Rachel,

This is a really good bit of kit for anyone that keeps rabbits. It’s sturdy and can cope with being chewed or scratched at. I would happily recommend.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2021 The reviewer has 1 Miniature lop pets

Best money I’ve spent - Julie,

My rabbit loves both the shelter (which he snoozes in) and both tunnels (which he loves running through). Very well made products. Easy to clean, chew proof and sturdy. Best product I’ve bought for my bunny and great value for the money.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020 The reviewer has 1 Mini lop pets

Great product - Laura,

Great product - our buns love it. Very well made

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020

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