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Fantastic - Emma, West Sussex,

I have 2 gouldian finches and they took to the cage straight away and seem so much happier. They are using the whole space of the cage to fly and the middle bird feeder and water is an excellent idea and no mess. I'm buying the legs next week. Very impressed with the whole design. Much bigger than I thought it would be. Really delighted with it.

The reviewer has 2-4 Gouldian finches pets

Bird Bath - Gail, West Sussex,

Easy to put in cage.

- Tekla, West Sussex,

Fun to watch sweet William take a bath

Cute Bird Bath with other uses - Kathleen, West Sussex,

I haven’t had the chance to try out the bird bath as such, but, have attached it and used it for “special” treats for my birdies. So, it has a few uses which is great!

the best small bird bath i have ever seen. - Richard, West Sussex,

reason good size/shallow/fits easy on wire/level position. my canary loves to use it every morning. keeps him looking fresh everyday. buying this with the geo cage is a must. also can fit any style of cage. enjoying it. would recommend 100 percent.

Double use! - Tracey, West Sussex,

I must admit I keep this in the budgies cage all the time. I normally use it as a fresh food platform feeding station. I fill it up with tepid water when I clean them out twice a week in the hope that they will have a bath, to no avail I have two dirty little urchins that do not like the water! However, in my mind this is ideal for either use.

perfect for my parakeets - Brigitte, West Sussex,

My birds love this bird bath. The cage allows for the placement of this bath away from droppings. It is very easy to clean and refresh daily. Highly recommend this product!

Beautifully designed bath - Doric, West Sussex,

The unique design of the bath is very functional and spacious giving the extra space your avian can move and maneuver at will, without fear of falling out while splashing about to its maximum delight. It blends in with the design of the cage without looking like an "add-on" accessory! Your avian will appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Bird Bath - Amanda, West Sussex,

I bought the bird bath as soon as I saw it advertised. My canaries love having baths but struggled to find something suitable that either fitted or didn’t get sand in it. This is perfect, fits to sides easily and the perfect shape and depth.

Fabulous!!!! - Margaret, West Sussex,

What a great addition to the Geo Cage. Already tried a shallow pot put on the cage floor but this bath is really good. My budgie, Misty got in it straight away and showed obvious delight. I though it rather expensive for a small plastic dish however it was worth it for the entertainment value Misty provided for us. He couldn't quite get his wings in it but as he is a contortionist managed to splash about everywhere. The only other problem is when it is empty he tries to unhook it and throw it out!! Great purchase!!!

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