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Verified Reviews for Eglu Go Guinea Pig Hutch with 3ft Run - Leaf Green

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Some issues but like it - Daniel, East Sussex,

The hutch and run need to be moved every 2 or 3 days otherwise the guinea pigs have no grass to graze on and the grass gets too ruined. the hutch needs a run for the back too to prevent the guinea pigs escaping when you remove the back door. the sun shade is huge and covers almost the whole run (maybe i have been given the wronf one) so i dont use it because i want to be able to see the pigs. a lot of hay and bedding comes out around the edges and makes a big mess in the garden. those are the negatives but it is very safe and the pets seems to love it and are very happy i think.

Eglu Go for Rabbits - Susy, East Sussex,

The rabbits seem really happy, they have quickly learned to go into bed last thing at night for me to shut them up safe. I have the confidence that they are fox-proof! the only thing I find is that the shiny floor means their sawdust all gathers at the back door so we have to keep sweeping it back in to shut the door properly.

I love it! - Jenny, East Sussex,

We bought this hutch for our lopped eared rabbit George, and it is lovely to see him running about in his little pen. We're saving our pennies to get another one for our Netherland dwarf rabbit Jack!!

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