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Very good product, keeps my cat safe - Michael, California,

After spending much time researching the many different catios on the market, I am satisfied with my decision to go with this Omelet product. The 6 x 6 x 6 catio is a good size for the small patio slab outside the back door of my apartment. Assembly was not simple, and I had to refer to the video every step of the way. The printed instructions could be better. I found the great many small plastic clips involved to be problematic, as unclipping some to move them to a different position rendered them unusable. I will need to order more of those when I move. Disassembling this and then reassembling it after a move will not be easy. I think this catio would be ideal on a nice lawn in the backyard of a house. But it's good, on the less expensive end, and I recommend it.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2020

Keeping track of my kittens - Diane, Rhode Island,

This has turned out to be great solving the issue of letting the kittens be outdoors but also keeping them safe if I cannot watch them. Was fairly easy to set up. Needed two people for sure. Besides the plastic snaps that hold it together I did wire tie it in several areas to be sure. For some reason the wire caging is small on the bottom - but larger on top. For kittens is would be better to have it all small since they can stick their head through it. Maybe provide a option if you want order all the small caging? I continue to add things inside for them to climb and keep busy. I would recommend it for sure and it looks nice as well.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2019

Good - Janet,

Easy to assemble - hard part is probably ensuring you have a flat surface. Mine is on grass. Solid enough - I was a bit worried as I live at the top of a hill and we get strong winds but it will be fine - its sturdy enough plus its open so the wind will just go through it. Open - it seems very open and I think the cats feel a bit like they're in a goldfish bowl but that will be sorted when my climbers grow. Door is easy to open and shut. One negative is that the wire in the top part is wider than the bottom part - a small bird could easily fly through especially now while the babies are about. I noticed a wren nearly flew through one day while it was on my hanging basket. Time will tell how long they last but so far I'm pleased, despite having initial delivery problems.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2019

A great addition to the garden - Val, Dorset,

We are using this for one of our cats who has poor sight and hearing. Once erected this enclosure looks very attractive and is quite spacious. The benefit of this as opposed to the more common wooden ones is that it allows you to see right through to the garden beyond and the green colour fits in well with the surroundings. Also, it is sturdy enough so there should be no chance of a cat escaping. It did take my partner about five hours to put it together and you do need another pair of hands with one or two parts like the roof supports. I have to agree with other reviewers that the instructions were poor and it would have been so much more helpful and taken us less time if proper photos of various stages and/or some written guidance had been given rather than the sketchy drawings which were not always easy to follow. I do think it is over priced and whilst I realise this is the chicken house renamed as a cat house, if its going to be described as a cat run enclosure, it would be nice if it could be modified to have the addition of one or two complementary green shelves which cats like to sit on to keep the overall attractive look. Having said that, I am still very pleased with the end result.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2020

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