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My Omlet 2mx2mx2m cat enclosure - John, East Yorkshire,

Received the 6 packages, all well protected with very clear build instructions. Initially a little time consuming, but once understood the full build process it went together very quickly. My wife assisted with the roof and final fitting of the remaining clip arrangement. We have it in a temporary location for now on the patio, soon we will move it to a grassed area. Our Maine coon loves it already even though we have not fitted it out yet with shelves and climbing frames. To sum up a very well presented and sturdy cat enclosure, excellent product.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2017

Fits the purpose beautifully - Keith,

We use the run for a stray cat we got from the vet. Having been partially feral she craves the outdoors but is quite compromised being deaf with very poor sight. We are on the isle of Skye and there are numerous raptors about; she would not survive long. The run seems to be a good halfway house for her when we want to keep the doors of the house open. The run was well packed and instuctions were easy to follow. My wife is 68 and I am 71, yet although it took about 2-3 hours to put up, it went up easily.

Verified Purchase: May 2016

- Julie,

Excellent product! Keeps the cats safe while allowing them to enjoy the sunshine, smells and sounds of outdoors. Plus, keeps the birds safe!

Verified Purchase: Apr 2016

Great idea, easy to install, now want more of them! - Consett, County Durham,

Bought this product as being a small charity that runs entirely from our own home, we needed to be able to allow our cats the freedom of some fresh air but in a safe enclosure. Our back garden is so small building outdoor cat runs is proving challenging and yet we need something. So we bought the standard product to try it out and although yes at first it takes a bit of figuring out how to put it all together, once erected, it is surprisingly cat proof and yet not as noticeable because of the green plastic coated mesh so does not look horrendous as wooden framed monstrosities might look. Now just need to figure out what to buy next so I can extend it to provide more play area for the cats.

Verified Purchase: May 2016

A great addition to the garden - Val, Dorset,

We are using this for one of our cats who has poor sight and hearing. Once erected this enclosure looks very attractive and is quite spacious. The benefit of this as opposed to the more common wooden ones is that it allows you to see right through to the garden beyond and the green colour fits in well with the surroundings. Also, it is sturdy enough so there should be no chance of a cat escaping. It did take my partner about five hours to put it together and you do need another pair of hands with one or two parts like the roof supports. I have to agree with other reviewers that the instructions were poor and it would have been so much more helpful and taken us less time if proper photos of various stages and/or some written guidance had been given rather than the sketchy drawings which were not always easy to follow. I do think it is over priced and whilst I realise this is the chicken house renamed as a cat house, if its going to be described as a cat run enclosure, it would be nice if it could be modified to have the addition of one or two complementary green shelves which cats like to sit on to keep the overall attractive look. Having said that, I am still very pleased with the end result.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2020

Excellent - Anne,

This Walk in Cat Pen is perfect if you have an indoor cat. It is large and airy, not like the usual wood and wire cat pens that are usually on sale. My half Ragdoll cat loves his pen, it means he can be in the garden with us and watch all the wildlife and most importantly, be safe. This cat pen is made from very strong material and is very pleasant to look at. We purchased an inexpensive plastic shelving unit to put inside which he loves to jump up on and sit and sunbathe on. We also have put down some hesian rugs on the floor, this saves him getting dirty on the grass underneath and also he loves to sharpen his claws on it too. The pen is so nice and airy that I even sometimes take a cup of tea outside with me and sit with him inside the pen and just watch the world go by which he loves. This pen has really enriched my cat's life - from just watching the birds and wildlife through the window, he can now experience it all for himself while being completely safe and secure. Thank you Omlet for producing such a great product.

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