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Verified Reviews for Eglu Cube Large Chicken Coop with Accessories - Leaf Green

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Steps and roosing bars - Edwina,

The Cube is very acceptable to the 7 hens. The steps are a bit narrow and slippery for them. They tend to fly in and out. The roosting bars they stand on can be cleaned with a pressure washer but anything less leaves stains. Overall a very good buy.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2020

Eglu cube - Nicola,

I've had a few chicken coops (wooden ones) and this one is by far the best I've had. It's so easy to clean and quick too. I keep 6 medium chickens in it and there is plenty of room, but I do leave the nesting part open. Although they are more expensive I will never use another product again would 100% recommend. One down side for our chicken is that some couldn't get use to the steps so we made something for them to hop up to the door !

Verified Purchase: Feb 2019

Best coop ever!! - Charles,

This is hands down the best coop I’ve ever seen. It takes a whole 20 mins to set and my 8yr daughter did most of the work. It takes about 10 mins to fully clean and put back together. Your chickens will love this coop.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2019

great product - Jennifer,

I searched extensively for a plastic hard resin coop for my new chickens found this one finally on sale in the spring and wow was I glad I got it the girls have loved it ever since and are laying eggs everyday and it's so easy to move around I didn't even purchase the wheels or the run I just push the coop up underneath the shade tree and the girls love it. And I could go on and on and on about how easy it is to clean I use a spray bottle with some vinegar in it wipe it down in 5 minutes put the tray poop in the compost and we're good to go and I put lavender in the nest box for the girls they love it

Verified Purchase: Jul 2019

- June, Hampshire ,

In process of putting together the cube, looks lovely & I’m sure my girls will love it just one issue, we purchased the cube without the run as we have a large run, my issue is where do you hang the water & food pots. I was expecting to have some sort of wire fence piece under the cube to hang them on. A little bit disappointed as this is not the case.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2019

Outstanding Service - Iain,

My Eglu Cube arrived and on putting it together at the final stage I discovered a part missing. It was just before Christmas but there was an immediate response to my email, followed by a swift discussion and the arrival of the part only a few days later together with some toys as compensation. The Eglu itself is a sturdy and entirely practical affair but the real point of this review is to compliment Eglu on their charming, personal and efficient aftercare which has left me with a warm feeling about the company.

Verified Purchase: May 2019

Perch x2 - Tracey,

Bought as spares to make cleaning each day easier and quicker. We have been very happy with the cube and the hens seem happy too...

Verified Purchase: Apr 2019

Eglu cube Mk2 - Carol,

Really pleased with my eglu which I brought second hand as new. I would like to say I use it for my rescue warrens hens. It is easy to clean, but I would like to soak the roosting bar as I find it a real mess to clean and I get splashed all over - and get back ache scrubbing it. Come on Omlet come up with a idea so I can soak the roosting bar - it doesn't seem you sell roosting bars separately for the cube? Also they find the metal ladder a problem getting in and out ! I've had to make one out of an old scaffold board and roofing felt !

Excellent - June,

Better than we anticipated, managed to construct with aid of u-tube. So easy to clean, quick and easy to let chickens in and out. We are happy and our chickens are happy.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2018

it's worth the money - Catherine,

My chickens really took to this coop. Well 2 of them didn't go in the first night but after that they were all in every night. Love how you can clean out the drawer in the back. Looking forward to getting the insulation cover for the winter. The feeder and waterer accessories are well made. Was hesitant at first because of the price but it's really working out well and glad I bought it for my fluffy butts!

Verified Purchase: Aug 2018

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