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An excellent product - Robert,

The Cube MkII and run is without doubt the best chicken coop I have used. It can be dismantled in minutes for routine cleaning and the thought and experience which has gone into the design shines through. The material from which the Cube is made makes it so easy to remove dirt with just a suitable detergent and hosepipe. The droppings tray is easily emptied and I use a sheet of polythene on top of it which enables me to lift out the old absorbent material and droppings in one operation. The rear door and egg hatch fit perfectly and the latches easy to use and secure. The pop hole door is conveniently operated from outside the run which is a huge improvement on my wooden coops used previously. If you need to move the coop around as I do, then the optional wheel kit is a must as the whole coop and run can be moved by one person. (I needed three people to move my old wooden coop). I can think of only three features which I would design in if I had the opportunity: 1. A sliding tray for the floor of the nestbox area (similar to the droppings tray) would simplify the changing of the bedding material; 2. Dividers in the nest box area would help keep the bedding in place as when my chooks scratch around in there to make a nest, they invariably move all the bedding to one end and lay their eggs on the plastic floor; 3. Automation of the sliding door between the roosting area and nest box area (similar to the automated pop hole door already available) would prevent the risk of the chooks sleeping in the nest box. Were it not for those missing features I would have given a five star rating without question. However, even without those improvements, I would happily buy the product again.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2020

Good design, good quality - James,

Very good design and construction. The directions for putting it together could be much improved. The door for the chickens to go in and out could be bet

My Eglu Cube Large Chicken Coop with Wheels Package - Lenore,

I love this coop. I have four chickens and there is more than enough room for them. My only complaint is that the wheels are not wider for rolling in St. Augustine grass which is very thick. I live in the south where we get a lot of rain and the grass is very thick and mushy. Wider wheels would help.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2020

Good quality product but difficult to access - Anne,

The Eglu Cube Mk2 is a fantastic coop for hens. The 3M run is also good although it took hours to assemble. The biggest problem is access - the door is relatively narrow and quite low, so you either have to crawl in or do a shuffle on your honkers trying to avoid the droppings .... I think if it was even 20 cm higher it would be so much better.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020

I love my Omlet! - Natasha, Georgia,

We live in Atlanta, Georgia. As a first time chicken owner, I went through two other coops before trying the Omlet. This finally worked for us! I have bantams and they are more pets and part of the family than anything. This coop looks great in the backyard and much appreciated by the neighbors since we do live in a subdivision. It has a clean look and blends into the yard. I have added all the accessories, a perch, a treat holder etc. I also added my own chicken sand bath. My one complaint is that the wheels do not work to move the coop if you purchased the 9ft length. I would not go smaller than this because I think this is the minimum space appropriate for more than one chicken. But the run is too long for the wheels to lift and move it. I do plan to contact the company and query about that part of it. My chickens happily go into the coop part when it gets dark and they lay their eggs in the nesting box. I also wish it had a door that could open on the back end under the plastic coop. Its hard to get into the run to clean it so would be very helpful if it opened at the back so you could reach that side of the run or to get to one of the chickens on that end if you need to. No better coop for an urban back yard!

Verified Purchase: Mar 2020

Overall a very good product - Drummond,

Well manufactured product. It did take quite a bit of time to assemble but you do realise it is a well built product, you get what you pay for. I bought it to replace an old wooden coop that was really heavy to move around and difficult to clean. My new Eglu is neither of those so I am very pleased. I was concerned before purchasing that it would be a bit light and blow over in strong winds but we have just had some 60mph winds and it didn't move. The only criticism is I find engaging the wheels to move it can be a bit awkward. The wheel arm assembly can foul the cage and be difficult to lock in position.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2020

I am very happy with my Eglu cube and run. Unfortunately I cannot have them fully free-range as we have several daytime predators. - Georgia,

The double 3m run took longer to put together than I anticipated but got there in the end. We were short of some butterfly clips and double clips but managed to compromise. I left a phone message but never heard back. It is difficult to access all the run through the small doors. Another small door at the back under the coop would be useful. I have now ordered a 6x6x2 walk in run to give me the option of being in with my hens. It has not arrived yet though. However, it would be useful to be able to retain the doors to the small run so that it can be closed off at any time. I don't think the conversion kit allows for this.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2019

Omlet Says: Hello Georgia. We are very sorry you did not hear back from our customer services team. We will be happy to send you some more clips free of charge, should you still require them, please email us via Thank you for your feedback regarding the design of the run. We will be sure to forward this on to our product design department for consideration. Best wishes, The Omlet Team.

Good looking cube - Kareen,

Love the Eglu cube, so easy to clean and no worries about lingering damp and wood rot. Run is a great lightweight run and so easy to manoeuvre. Only gripe I have is the plastic fasteners, don’t feel they are robust enough and broke several. Used plastic ties which work better for me

Verified Purchase: Oct 2019

the chickens are very happy - Amy, New York,

The cube is working out very well for the girls. Easy to clean and easy to move with the wheels. I use anchor stakes on the uneven ground. I would suggest some type of guard around the tires to prevent curious chickens from getting their little heads stuck in there.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2018

Pretty awesome chicken coop! - Kevin,

I recently bought this Omlet Eglu Cube with the 3 meter run with wheels and this is definitely a well thought out chicken coop! My wife and I saw this on display at a local pet expo and thought it would be great way to keep chickens humanely in our backyard. I really love how you can close off the roosting area from the nesting box area, you can close and lock the door to the run when the chickens go to bed at night in the roosting area, and you can easily access the nesting box from outside. The best part is probably the removable poop tray and roosting bars. Based on the looks of it, my chickens tend to poop more when they’re sleeping then when in the run. But thanks to how this coop is configured, when the chickens leave the roosting area for the run in the morning I can easily hose off and clean the poop tray and roosting bars. I have the Eglu Cube coop with the 3m run and although it is rated for 10 hens I have only 7 in my coop and they seem to have plenty of room to run around in the run area. Chickens don’t all lay their eggs at the same time so even if you have more chickens than can all fit in the nesting box at the same time, they’ll figure it out amongst themselves on the time of when to lay. The water and food trays that are included are easily moveable for cleaning and refilling - though the water tray gets constantly dirty due to the large open top design. The coop also comes with two doors (top and bottom) - my only gripe with this coop is the manner in which the doors are attached, which is via plastic clips that I wonder how long they’ll last for, but they can also be easily replaced, and how the doors secure which is via a thin metal rod. It definitely works, but for the price of this coop I’d expect something a little more robust. Also, for the price of the coop, it came with zip ties to secure panels together, which is is just a little disappointing... I’m pretty big (6’5”, 275 lbs) and I am able to crawl into the coop if I need to get my chickens - it isnt super easy or comfortable, but it’s doable. And I’d imagine if you’re smaller than me it’d be a whole lot easier. I am fairly handy and while this was relatively easy to assemble, it did take me longer than the suggested 3 hours to assemble by myself. All in all, this an expensive chicken coop, but it feels like it’ll last a lifetime and it very easy to clean (which was important for me) and this is a mobile/moveable chicken coop (which may be important depending upon your municipal code). I’m super glad I went with this coop and love going out to my coop to watch my chickens everyday.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2019

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