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Verified Reviews for Eglu Cube Large Chicken Coop with 9ft Run and Wheels Package - Leaf Green

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Perfect for my girls!! - Kat, Surrey,

The coop and run are working great for my 4 hens. The instructions stated that it should take about three hours to assemble, but it took about twice that (a little here and there). We used a lot more zip ties to hold the run together than provided, but it seems fairly sturdy. Definitely meets the need!

The reviewer has 2-4 pets

Skeptical to pleased - Emee, Surrey,

Needed a more mobile solution. I was sold this was the right way to go but not my hubby. After two weeks, he has forgotten all about the price and loves it. We do need to add one more run. Also the assembly instructions were contradicting and a real pain.

The reviewer has 6-8 Assorted pets

Has everything I wanted - Patti, Surrey,

.....but the instructions are horrible. May I suggest a rewrite (redraw) by someone who has actually built the cube? I decided we could make a drinking game out of building the cube, that you would have to take a shot every time someone said "these instructions are awful/stupid/terrible". Fortunately, we never followed through on the game or we all would have been in comas. It took many hours over several evenings but we finally did it. Thank goodness I do not plan to ever take it apart . Otherwise, the finished product looks to be promising. I have wanted to get chickens again for awhile, but the idea of a st ationary coop and having it built was less than ideal. I wanted to have free range chickens but with a level of control. The cube offers me that and low maintenance. Laying chickens will be ready for occupation in about 4 weeks. Living in Wisconsin, I did add hardware cloth to the bottom of the run to keep raccoons from being able to reach through the wire and grab a chicken by the neck. Happy with my purchase when all is said and done.

The reviewer has 4-6 barred rock and wyan pets

Omlet Says: Hi Patti, Thank you for your feedback. It has been passed on to our Product Design team who will review it for improvements. Feel free to contact us by phone or by email to provide us with further details on the specific points of the manual that you believe would benefit of a remake, as this would help us to pinpoint more exactly how we can improve it. We would also recommend you to watch our instructions videos, they can be a great complement to the manuals. You can find them here. Don't hesitate to contact us for any query or question. Yours, Clemence, Omlet Customer Services team

Love it! - Angelia, Surrey,

It is everything advertised. Easy to move,varment proof,and easy to clean.

The reviewer has 2-4 Wyandotte pets

Very happy with purchase - Katie, Surrey,

Received our Eglu 4 weeks after ordering. I was able to assemble it myself using the provided instructions and YouTube videos.. took a couple hours, but I also was caring for 2 young children at the same time. So far, I have 9 teenage bantam chickens in the Eglu and they seem to be loving it. I think it is very safe and secure! Very happy with our purchase.

The reviewer has 8-10 Bantam barnyard mix pets

Not your typical chicken coop! - Cathy, Surrey,

I am a first time chicken mama, bought your book and then the coop. After the coop arrived, I had my family help with putting it together. I have 15 chicks about six weeks old and have ordered a much larger coop in the process of being built. The chicks have been learning how to climb the ladder this week and their antics are amusing to watch. I'm glad I ordered the OMLET because it will be a backup coop for future chicks.

The reviewer has 10+ Rhode Island Reds pets

Nice design and sturdy. Assembly took much longer than 3 hours estimated in instructions - John, Surrey,

This thing is designed very well and once assembled seems real sturdy. We are able to move it around using the wheel kit and really like that aspect. We have not put any chickens in it yet as we are currently shopping around for some. It looks like 6 chickens would be about the limit for this, but 4 would probably be a better fit. My wife and I put this together and we are accustomed to working together on projects. We could tell from the number of parts that it would take longer than the 3 hour estimate and it did. More like 7 hours. Everything arrived well packaged. It did fit together nicely and seems well designed. All in all we are happy with the purchase and if it keeps the numerous predators we have living around us out, we will be very pleased. It looks like it should be able to.

Once assembled, it’s wonderful. - Katie, Surrey,

We opted for wheels, auto door, run extension, light. It took two days to assemble and often required disassembly to correct errors. Guides were somewhat contradictory in that it would have you complete steps and then later in instructions, would be repeated again (after already being completed). Nevertheless, I persevered and it is wonderful now that it is completed.

The reviewer has 4-6 RIR, NHR, EE, barnya pets

Fantastic Coop....Hen Approved! - Williamd, Surrey,

Purchased the Omelet Cube with 9 foot run and wheel package for my hens. Living in the New England are, I wanted something portable, easy to maintain and could withstand our harsh winters. The Omlet Cube delivers in all aspects! Safe, Secure, Weather Resistant and my Hens Love their new home. The Cube is Easy to clean, The wheel package makes mobility of the Cube very easy and the fenced run gives my Hens a secure place! Thanks Omlet for a great product!

The reviewer has 2-4 Buff's & Leghorns pets

Extremely functional - Mark, Surrey,

Did lots of research on chicken coops and kept on coming back to Omlet. I was afraid it might be too small but in this case function and efficiency made this a very smart purchase on my part. The quality of the parts is evident. Assembly does take some time, but the result is a very secure coop that is easy to clean and harvest eggs. My girls have taken to it and immediately knew when to roost for the night and where to go to lay eggs. The automatic door and light are easy to program. Very happy with my purchase

The reviewer has 2-4 Orpington, Ameurican pets

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