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Cube - Jayne,

This is our second omlet and the cube is a much better product all round. Our ladies are very happy. And no more soiled eggs thanks to a desperate compartment that can be closed off when laying is over for the day.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2019

Fab, good bye to red mite, I love how easy to keep clean it is - Sue,

Very happy with my Eglu Cube. I thought there was a mistake when I managed to have a next day delivery slot. My son and I put it together with out any problems other than the sun going down, I hadn't read the bit that said how long to allow! I've thought about having an Eglu for two years but this summers red mite infestation was too much. I hate using chemicals/insecticides around my hens so I took the plunge and I'm really pleased. The hens took to it straight away. The wheels make it movable and they are currently scarifying my lawn. My only small criticism is it would be nice if it had some sort of handles to lift and steady the run end when moving it. I was wary about the ultra modern design in my country garden but it looks great so all in all I'm very pleased.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2017

Easy to manage and erect. - Michael, Cumbria,

I am pleased with the unit and find it easy to manage on a daily basis. The height is just right as I find bending a bit difficult. I think the 'undercarriage' bolted joints could more rigid with the wheels a bit tighter on the axles. We don't all have bowling green lawns. I might even buy another next year.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2020

Eglu Cube mk 2 - Keith,

Can’t fault the cube at all. Relatively easy to make (tho my son did it!) and it is so easy to clean (yesterday it took all of 10 minutes). I removed the cube’s run and have put it into a extended walk-in run which is much better, giving the ladies more room. Hopefully they are loving the whole thing, they certainly seem to be. The new ex-batts are beginning to use the ladder, GrabI’m still helping them in at night after 10 days, tho yesterday one beat me to it! Give them another week and I’m sure they’ll all be fine. (Going down never a problem after they’d worked out that was the thing to do.)

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020

We absolutely love it! - Stephanie,

We absolutely love our eglu cube and run. We are new at keeping chickens in our backyard and were concerned about the upkeep. The eglu cube is quite easy to use, move around and clean. I can't imagine using anything else. So glad we decided to go with Omlet and not the traditional wooden coops!

Verified Purchase: Nov 2017

- Amy,

love, Love, LOVE our Eglu Cube. We are new to chicken keeping, and did a lot of research on quality, durable, efficient coops. Eagle cube won, hands down. The number of good reviews tipped the scale. The cost was a bit "scary" for us, not knowing how we would like chicken keeping, and if we would stick with it long term, but seeing that they hold their resale value (unlike all these wooden kits) and seem to last forever, we decided to take the plunge. First- Customer service. We ordered the cube, and I eagerly checked the UPS tracking info daily. As there were 6 boxes, I merely tracked box 1. We eagerly anticipated the arrival of our coop, and when it arrived, I raced home from work, eager to start putting the coop together, only to discover that one box was missing. A check with UPS tracking showed that the label had been printed, but box never shipped. When I called, customer service was SOOO kind and easy, and our box was shipped the next morning. Putting the cube together was not that difficult, but definitely time-consuming, and I was thankful for my husband's help. Our girls are 6 weeks old now. Because it is a nice, warm summer, we put them in the run during the day starting about 2 weeks, bringing them in overnight. We did find that the ladder was challenging for the tinies, so put a piece of plywood behind it, and ended up using a branch as a "ramp." This worked much better for them, and they still prefer the branch, to the ladder. Every morning, we would put them in through the back door of the cube and they quickly found their way down and out. When they hit the point of being able to stay outside 24/7, we would pick them up from the run and place them into the coop and lock it. It was only a few days before they just started putting themselves into the coop at night. Because the weather is so warm, we lock up the run at night, but leave the door open. They then have the freedom to come out on their own time in the morning, as my work schedule is so varied that consistency in opening the coop is nearly impossible (midwife here) A timer on the door would be WONDERFUL, as that would take care of the timing problem that we may face in the cold of winter, when I need to shut the door at night. The only complaint I have is that Eglu doesn't make anything bigger. I can already see that we may very well be a family where "chicken math" occurs!!!

Verified Purchase: Jun 2017

Review of the product - Anne,

Everything was included in the shipment, which was a lot!! It was pretty well laid out. There were a couple of places where there were questions on assembly, but the online video was a good supplement to the assembly process. So far, after three weeks of usage, everything seems to be working well. aut

Verified Purchase: May 2017

Chickens are safe at last - Chris,

No more worries of wood rot. Well designed coop and run. I wished there was a roost bar for inside as I don't like that they crouch on the slotted floor, which is almost always coated with their droppings, so I created one and that helps. We will have to watch the plastic fasteners to make sure they hold up over time

Verified Purchase: May 2017

Awesome - Marcel,

Great product. Excellent quality and function. Our hens love it.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2018

The end product is excellent - James,

The end product is excellent and I & my chickens couldn't be happier. 4 items of mesh for the run were missing from the original order, but this was promptly addressed by S. from customer service dept. I found the construction complicated, particularly the run & extension. On my own it took me approx. 20 hours to build. The instruction manual is 68 pages of pictures. The materials are of a first class quality, very strong, well made & finished

Verified Purchase: Nov 2018

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