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Absolutely Brilliant - Maggie, Somerset,

Best coop we have ever bought, would never go back to a wooden one. The Eglu is easy to clean inside and out. It is easy to move round the garden, our ladies are very happy with their detached abode!

Verified Purchase: Oct 2020

Great coop... Well built... - Jameel,

Finally was able to put it all together by myself. 3 hr and one eye opener that required disassembling the main coop !! What is not mentioned clearly is that you have to FIX THE RUN to the front wall of coop BEFORE putting the roof on the coop.!! Anyway, final product looks wonderful !! Sturdy construction A+++

Verified Purchase: Oct 2020

Really Happy with this coop - Andrew, County Tyrone,

I’m very pleased with the Omlet Eglu cube, it’s well thought out and convenient to use. My Chickens seem to like it and had no problems adapting to using the ladder, the run is secure so I have peace of mind their safe and have plenty of space with extensions to four meters, the door to the nest box was handy to persuade them not to sleep in there, the droppings tray is quick to empty and the roosting bars clean in about five minutes, making it a very low maintenance product. Where I live is quite exposed to the weather and it holds up well, keeping the chooks dry and warm in the most stormy horrid conditions. In summing up it was easy to assemble, is easy to maintain and made of quality materials, weather and predator proof, well worth the investment for convenience and aesthetics, I highly recommend it.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020

Awesome chicken tractor and run! - Ching, Singapore ,

I live in hot, humid, rainy Singapore where wooden chicken coops don’t hold up well and are tough to clean and keep dry. Short of designing and building my own coop this is a brilliant solution! Very well designed and thought out with great attention to detail! I honestly don’t think it could be improved on! My chooks love it and started laying happily once they got settled in. I only wish I had bought more accessories or a bigger run! But I may need a bigger yard for that!!

Verified Purchase: Sep 2020

Very happy with this product and the service I received from Omlet - Liane, West Sussex,

I am really delighted with this product and so are my chickens!. I have two Warrens and three Silkies and they all get along fine in their new home. The Cube is spacious and the separate nesting box gets around the problem of any eggs being stood on! When it's wet they can shelter under the coop and I put the heavy duty covers around the side for extra protection. Easy and quick to clean out also. Job done!

Verified Purchase: Aug 2020

engineering and design and ergonomics are brilliant - Piper,

wheels are not steady; right wheel axel is torqued definitely needs TWO people to assemble the Run hygiene aspects are top-notch

Verified Purchase: Jun 2020

The best chicken coop around - Abbey, herts,

Can't believe how great this product is. So easy to clean and maintain a healthy safe environment for my girls. It's fox safe and i've added the automatic door which makes sure they are in when i can't get to them until later in the evening. highly recommend these products

Verified Purchase: Jul 2020

BEST COOP EVER - Kat, New Hampshire,

I bought this coop and run hoping it would give me peace of mind in regards to predator safety and warmth for my little Serama Bantam hens and rooster, and it has exceeded all of my expectations. Not only have I not had any issues with predators (I live in the forest on a mountain where predators are everywhere) but it has kept my tiny little flock extremely comfortable and healthy. It is SO easy to clean, which is another added bonus. I found myself only cleaning their old coop once a week, to once a month...with the Eglu coop, I clean it every day. I honestly wish I learned about this coop long ago. It definitely fits up to 10 chickens if you have a tiny breed like I do, if you have larger breeds, I'd probably only put 4-5 hens in there and let them free range during the day. Either way, best coop around! Thanks, Omlet!

Verified Purchase: Sep 2020

Expanding our existing set up - Kenneth,

When we decided to add more hens to our flock, we went for a second Cube Mk2 with a longer run to connect up to our walk-in run that already had our other Mk2 connected. We were able to set this one up a lot faster (learning from our previous mistakes!) and then we used one of the spare run panels to block off the connecting opening so we could introduce the new chickens to the existing flock. This worked a treat, they were able to see each other and cluck at each other without getting physical. After a week we let them free range together and then after two weeks we allowed them to fully integrate. They've been very happy and we've even introduced 3 home-hatched chickens subsequently to great success.

Verified Purchase: May 2020

Amazing design and so easy to erect and use - Sandra,

Although the instructions said “two people”, I managed to put it up on my own, in pouring rain, and I’m well into my 70’s. The instructions were the clearest I’ve ever seen. My chooks took to it immediately, and it is SO easy to clean. Absolutely perfect!

Verified Purchase: Jul 2020

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