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Delighted with my Eglu Cube! - Michelle,

Really wish I had bought one of these years ago, they make chicken keeping so much easier. Great to keep clean & I can move it myself effortlessly. They are expensive but well worth the price. The only negative is that it took us much longer to put together than the time estimated by Omlet!

Verified Purchase: Jul 2020

Very Pleased! - Deana,

My eglu cube has already saved my birds by keeping a raccoon and a fox out. Very happy with my purchase and my girls seem to like it very much. My husband and I put together the cube and run, but since we a older had a bit of a problem getting the double clips to close (arthritis). We ended up buying extra zip ties to compensate. Overall, great purchase.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2020

Bear proof? - Marion,

When the run handles arrived I moved the Cube under a tree for some shade. I wrapped the electric fencing around the Cube, next to the tree. During lunchtime I looked out at the run and noticed an overturned bucket and dark figure. Momma bear was in the run! She had nuzzled Up the tent stakes and crawled inside. The hens were huddled under the cube. I sounded an air horn until she broke out of the run and ricochetted off the tree to freedom. Thank goodness for the clip system which allowed her to break out but was easy to put back together. I now use screw tie downs. The Omlet screws are super fast to install and allow tightening with a drill! Thank you Omlet for your thoughtful designs and quality materials!

Verified Purchase: Apr 2020

- Wathena,

Love everything about the Eglu Chicken Coop.

Verified Purchase: May 2020

HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!! - Brittni, Virginia,

I can’t say enough great things about this coop! I started out with a pre made wood coop that didn’t even last a year. This coop was the answer to all my problems! It is incredibly easy to clean and my girls love the nesting box! My egg production has actually gone up since they moved into this coop. I am in love with this coop and I will NEVER get anything different. GO OMLET!!!!!

Verified Purchase: Sep 2020

Well thought out design - Matanat,

The delivery of the cube was fantastic. Came earlier than we expected, which was great as we only found out that we would get our rescue hens a week in advance. The cube feels sturdy and we feel like the hens are safe in their run. It did take them a few days to figure out where to go and to navigate the stairs but within a week they had the hang of it. It is expensive but this is reflected in the quality and we expect it to last a long time. One thing to note while the assembly was ok on the whole we found those double clips to be very tough and difficult to close but hopefully we won’t need to do it again.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2020

Awesome rugged safe coop - John,

Awesome coop, easy to put together and safe from predators. We added a 50 by 50 outside run and put the cube under a shed because we don’t have a lot of shade trees and I wanted the eglu in a permanent spot. We have lots of predators in NH so the outside run has solar electric fence around it and bird netting over it. The eglu is really easy to move around and is built really well so it's going to be predator proof and a warm place for the girls this winter. Great design they walk right up the ladder every night and climb in for bed the first few nights they piled up in front of the door but within a couple nights they go up and right to the back. Awesome coop we are very happy with it and have shown it to several people who were interested in purchasing one.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2020

Eglu Cube - Jennifer, Minnesota,

I love my Eglu Cube. It’s a great little coop for an urban farmer. It’s super easy to clean, and all of the poops come easily off with my hose. Keeps my birds warm and safe at night. Has safety latches so predators can’t get in. The coop is really sturdy and is easily moveable with the wheels. A super cute coop.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2020

Ideal - Kim,

Really happy with my new chicken house - only comment being I wish there was a bit more distance between the perches as a lot of the chicken poo sticks on the perches, rather than falling through like my wooden house. Still it's easier to do a proper deep clean and hens seem happy. The automatic door is brilliant and now I can move them around the garden. Still waiting for my handles which will make it even easier.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2020

An excellent product - Robert,

The Cube MkII and run is without doubt the best chicken coop I have used. It can be dismantled in minutes for routine cleaning and the thought and experience which has gone into the design shines through. The material from which the Cube is made makes it so easy to remove dirt with just a suitable detergent and hosepipe. The droppings tray is easily emptied and I use a sheet of polythene on top of it which enables me to lift out the old absorbent material and droppings in one operation. The rear door and egg hatch fit perfectly and the latches easy to use and secure. The pop hole door is conveniently operated from outside the run which is a huge improvement on my wooden coops used previously. If you need to move the coop around as I do, then the optional wheel kit is a must as the whole coop and run can be moved by one person. (I needed three people to move my old wooden coop). I can think of only three features which I would design in if I had the opportunity: 1. A sliding tray for the floor of the nestbox area (similar to the droppings tray) would simplify the changing of the bedding material; 2. Dividers in the nest box area would help keep the bedding in place as when my chooks scratch around in there to make a nest, they invariably move all the bedding to one end and lay their eggs on the plastic floor; 3. Automation of the sliding door between the roosting area and nest box area (similar to the automated pop hole door already available) would prevent the risk of the chooks sleeping in the nest box. Were it not for those missing features I would have given a five star rating without question. However, even without those improvements, I would happily buy the product again.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2020

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