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Verified Reviews for Walnut Style Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage

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A good heavy bit of kit - Claire, West Yorkshire,

We took a couple of wrong turns whilst building this— It took a while in other words, and we had to look at the instructions VERY carefully. All fine and good quality once done! The cage seems to take account of hamsters' instincts quite well— their need to burrow, and to climb up. So that's a really good thing. I do feel they could have gone *a bit* larger, so that people can adapt the inside and add bigger toys and tunnels etc. to prevent the creature getting too bored. We ring the changes for it nevertheless, and got some small-pet/hamster sand and put it in an egg-box up top. it likes rolling in this to clean its fur, and we continually buy other bits and pieces for it (e.g.varieties of dried grass, herbs, paper bits bedding etc, so that it can tunnel and create beds etc.. In the wild they make different rooms underground, apparently ... (This is why it could do with a little more space, I feel.) Otherwise, this is an almost perfect cage, and components such as the wheel, are silent and much used. (hamsters can cover around 5 miles a night in the wild) It's easy enough to clean, as is shown on the website.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2021 The reviewer has 1 Campbells' (syrian d pets

Great product! - Skylar,

I have two very active cats that love to watch my hamster. I feel very secure leaving them with Peaches during the day while I’m at work. This hamster home keeps her safe and cozy! It took her a while to get used to the tube from going to level 1 to 2 but after the 3rd day she was a pro! The only issue I had was that the plastic drawer on the bottom was slightly cracked during shipping but I didn’t want to wait the shipping times again so we made due.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2019

Omlet Says: Hello, Thank you for taking the time to review our products. I am very sorry to hear that the Bedding Tray has arrived cracked. I have sent you an email to organise a new replacement Bedding Tray part for you to replace at your convenience. I hope this will help. Yours, The Omlet Team

Attractive and easy to clean but beware of tails! - An Omleteer,

This is a very attractive design, so much nicer than the plastic ones you mostly find. I had hoped that it would contain the mess better than it does but it is very easy to clean with the clever design of locking the tube in the upper section and the pull out tray below. However **** please be careful when putting the bottom tray back in that no tails are hanging down!! **** My daughter (age 13) pulled out the tray and in putting it back trapped the tail of one of the gerbils. Thankfully it wasn’t serious but it did cause some damage and made my daughter very distressed. Overall a very nice home though.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2018

Amazing! - Sarah, Washington,

I absolutely love this hamster cage. I gave it 4/5 stars for only one reason; I found the piece difficult to put together with very confusing instructions. Past that though, this cage is amazing! I wanted a home for my pet that didn't look tacky, and had a very hard time finding something big enough for my hamster that didnt take up too much room in my apartment. I was nervous after putting the cage together that my hamster wouldnt be able to figure out how to move up and down the verticle tube, but soon realized this was a silly thought, and she figured it out just fine. I also had hesitations about my hamster's ability to break out of the cage (hamsters Ive had when I was young seemed to be able to break out of anything I put them in). But after a couple of days with the cage, I have no more worries! It looks great as a side table, and is very sturdy and secure.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2018