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Verified Reviews for Birch Style Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage

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So pretty! Easy to clean. A few misses - Amy,

I love this qute cage, it's definitely the prettier of them all. I got a pair if gerbils right away, & they enjoy it. I learned after they typically like more space than this 1 cage, & dream now if attaching a second quite somehow, or getting something bigger. The other warning is they can escape out the back side when the drawer is open. I thought I was playing with one put him back in the drawer, & the other escaped out the back. Luckily they are tame & he came right to me.

Good - Name,

I got new gerbils recently and received this cage as a gift from someone. It is a great cage, the gerbils love it but I took out the tube because after hours and hours of sitting by the cage watching them, neither took any notice of the tube. One of them did try to go up, but got half way and slipped down. That might just be my gerbils who can't get up, I don't know. We sorted out the problem by putting in a wire /metal bridge thing. Great cage.:)

Omlet Says: Thank you for your review. Every pet takes its time to adjust to a new home, and this is the case with your gerbils as well. We have 2 Qutes with gerbils in the office, and they just love it! However, it took time for them as well to learn how to climb up and down the tube, and to feel comfortable in their new cage. We would advise you to try to tilt and lean the Qute on the wall to make it easier for your gerbils to climb. As well, playing with the tube outside the cage with your hamster can help him to understand how it works.

Awesome except for the directions - Kristen,

After my daughter’s dwarf hamster died, she decided she wanted a Syrian hamster and we realized as soon as we got him home that the plastic cage was way too small. We got this cage and it’s SO much nicer. It’s really well made and thought out. It took some training to get the hamster to go up and down the tube, but now that he’s got the hang of it, it’s fine. We haven’t yet discovered how chew-proof it is. We got the model with the storage compartment and it’s perfect for putting everything away so you don’t have supplies sitting out. I’d feel comfortable putting this anywhere in the house. My only complaint about this (and the reason for one less star) is that it was very difficult to put together. First of all, it doesn’t even come with instructions; you have to find them online - not on the Omlet site - and download them. My daughter wanted to do it herself (she is a smart 16) and with some help she got about halfway through. Then she accidentally put the top on backwards and we were in a real pickle. The screws for that not only go into a hole, they are pushed down about a 1/2” into it and hook onto something else. It took me hours and a dozen different tools and tricks to get them out again. So - DONT PUT THE TOP ON BACKWARDS! We also got hung up on the plastic bin - it doesn’t come in one piece like the diagram shows - you have to put it together and there were no directions for that. It was an ordeal and took us several days to accomplish. Once together, everything works and fits well. I don’t think it will destruct easily unless the hamster chews through something.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2018

Great starter cage - Ana,

We’re new to gerbils and purchased the Qute mainly for it’s looks. It’s a great looking piece of furniture and blends into the decor brilliantly! I am finding it a little small for our two young gerbils I have to say, there isn’t much room for them to have many toys but they get plenty of out of the cage time so it’s not an issue for us. They weren’t too keen on the tube so I have improvised there and replaced it with one of those sea grass tubes which means we can give them deeper bedding. The cage is pretty easy to clean once you get the hang of it and the wheel is really quiet and seems the perfect size. I found the instructions tricky to follow in places but we got there, just make sure you think about where you’re going to need the drill holes to be as it’s not very clear which way round you need the wooden pieces to be. On the whole it’s an excellent design, I’m sure they could sneak out over the back of the plastic tub though when you’ve got it open to handle them so watch out for that. Omlet, maybe look at adding another tier if you ever redesign the Qute?

Verified Purchase: Aug 2018

Lovely design - Webb,

Lovely design and sturdy build no chance of escape for our hammy. Would have given 5 stars but a little on the small side for our rather large Syrian hamster. Customer service excellent dealt with any issues right away and without any trouble. Big thumbs up!

Verified Purchase: Aug 2019