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Verified Reviews for White Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage

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Nice cage. - Jenn,

Overall we love this cage. Great concept. My daughter uses this as a nightstand next to her bed. Plenty big for her hamster. Easy to clean. The only problem we have with this cage is that it is not made for a dwarf hamster. The tube is too big and completely vertical. Our tiny dwarf cannot climb it. We had to purchase a tubing system that sloped and winded down so she could get up to top. The tubes that we had to buy don’t fit correctly at top either. Had to come up with a way to get them to stay. Wish this was recognized by company and additional tubing was available for purchase to accommodate dwarf hamsters. We made it work and really like this cage but wish this was stated that cage may not be good for dwarf hamster.

Verified Purchase: Feb 2021 The reviewer has 1 pets

Omlet Says: Hi Jenn, thanks so much for your review. We're really glad you and your daughter love the cage! I'm sorry to hear that your hamster has struggled slightly with the tube. We do actually have a paragraph on the product page for the Qute titled 'Safe and secure' stating that the cage is suitable for gerbils and Syrian hamsters but may not be suitable for dwarf hamsters. Fortunately it sounds as though you've managed to make it work for you and that's great!

Sleek design - Emma,

I bought the cage a month ago. It’s really easy to use. The has been a problem with the wheel being noisy but customer services were excellent and replaced it immediately without quibbling. My only criticism is that I think it is a little small for gerbils.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2021 The reviewer has 2-4 Gerbils pets

Omlet Says: Hi Emma, thanks for you review. It's great to hear you're happy with your purchase! I'm glad our customer service team were able to resolve any issues you were having so quickly. We only suggest keeping one hamster or two gerbils in this cage. Any more than that and you would definitely need something larger!

Pretty good and very cute!! - Keely,

Cage turned up with a slight scratch on the wood, luckily it was the bottom so it can't be seen, took a while to put together as instructions were confusing but all in all a pretty good cage, the gerbils seems happy enough with it although are a bit confused as to how they get to each platform (they're not used to tubes and different tiers so new to them) going to buy another one next month for my female gerbils too

Verified Purchase: Apr 2020

Stylish and functional - Heather,

I really LOVE this cage concept, but it is WAY too small for my hamster. This is why I rated this cage only 4 stars. I see this being most fitting for a Gerbil. The wheel is AMAZING. Super quiet. This unit is super easy to clean as well. I’m not sure it is a good fit for when gerbil/hamsters become seniors as the center tube is only vertical. Customer service was great and prompt returning emails.

Verified Purchase: May 2019

Fab cage but not simple to clean out - Laura,

This is a fab little cage, my little boy can easily give it fresh food and water every day on his own which he loves. The hamster uses every inch of the cage and it’s designed very well for the hamsters needs. The wheel initially was not quiet and sounded like a train was in our living room but the fantastic customer care team sent a new part for it and it’s been silent ever since. The only reason I can’t give it 5 stars is because it is not simple to clean out. The plastic box has to be taken apart for each clean as urine and dirt gets trapped in the corners and cervices. This is time consuming and tricky and not suitable for a child to do on their own (as advertised). I am happy to help of course, but it is most definitely not a simple job and it drives me crazy having to wash each section of the box individually

Verified Purchase: Nov 2019

- An Omleteer,

Came in quickly with no damage. Easy to assemble but smaller than it appeared to be, but only because i did not read the dimensions. Very nice to look at. Same amount of time to clean compare to regular cages. Smell is not bad at all until the bin is pulled out. Very roomy for my 2 gerbils and again very stylish.

Verified Purchase: May 2018