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- Nikki,

Verified Purchase: Mar 2019

Great product! - Sandra,

My 12 year old daughter put it together herself and can clean it out by herself. Excellent design!

Verified Purchase: Jan 2019

Fabulous cage - Carys,

This age is great, I've had it for almost 4 years now with different hamster and it is still in great condition and all my hammies love it. I'm not ashamed to have it on display as it looks really good in my house. It is very good quality and has served me well. The only downside is that my hamsters tend to pee in the corners and when it drys it can be a hassle to get out, but that is the same with a lot of other cages so don't let it put you off. I would most certainly recommend this product to everyone.

Very Satisfied - Campbell,

We ordered the Birch Style Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage with Storage for our daughter's gerbils. We found the assembly to be fairly easy, akin to assembling Ikea furniture. The finished product looks very nice in our living room since it resembles a piece of furniture rather than an animal cage. The separate compartments made for very easy clean-up and since you're able to keep the gerbils isolated in one section we no longer need a back-up cage while we're cleaning it. My favorite quality of this cage versus our previous cage is the bedding isn't easily dragged into the upper portion so it no longer spills out onto the table or floor. Our two gerbils quickly learned to use the tube to move between the two compartments and it's been pretty fun to watch them play. Our previous cage was destroyed fairly quickly by the gerbils chewing apart any exposed plastic pieces, despite the numerous chewable toys they had. This cage does not have many accessible plastic edges for them to gnaw on (aside from the running wheel) so we've noticed far less damage. Our daughter was very happy to receive this as a gift. Overall it was a great purchase!

Verified Purchase: Dec 2018

Perfect - Tom,

We got a hamster known as the "escape artist". He is secure in a piece of furniture that we are proud to display. Great product!!!!

Verified Purchase: Dec 2018

It's better than many cages - Gail,

The good points to this cage are that it looks neat, that you can see what your pet is doing, even when they burrow, the wheel size is ok for small rodents and it's easy to clean. The base comes apart, so we take off the front which makes catching our gerbils after they've had a run around my son's room much easier. The not so good points are that it could be bigger. I'd have paid more for a larger version. There are no air holes for the base, so they have to keep some of the upper floor surface as wire, which isn't good for tiny paws. I don't really like the tube, a ramp or angled tube would be better. One of my gerbils won't use it which makes this cage a bit pointless. I'm therefore going to have to remove the tube and add a ladder. All in all, it's ok but not the best design really.

Stylish and easy to clean. However... - Chris,

The bottom drawer is simply not deep enough. The recommended depth is about 5 - 6 inches for bedding for Gerbils. That is the bulk of the entire drawer, leaving a small amount of surface available. Also, the tube being in the middle means it disproportionately takes up a lot of space. It would make more sense to have it at the side or in a corner. This cage is more for hamsters. To be more useful for Gerbils, the tray needs to be much deeper, meaning the whole unit needs to become bigger.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2020

A hamster home of dreams - Hannah, GLoucestershire,

My parents have an Omlet cage for their hamster and when I said I was getting a little friend, they insisted this was the cage I get! It’s brilliant - the size is perfect for the hamster and the design means it fits in perfectly at home and with minimal mess, which is ideal in a small flat. My only complaint is the drawer design. When my parents got their cage the drawer cage as one whole party, but mine can in 5 different parts to be made up. The design is clever and simple to make, however, every week I have to totally take the drawer apart to clean the cage because the sawdust gets into all the little nooks and crannies and in between the pieces. Not the easy clean the product promises. However, that small issue aside, this is a perfect hamster home, making my little friend accessible and truly a part of the family.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2018

Beautiful and Functional - Hope,

When my granddaughter said she wanted to buy me a hamster, all I could think of was a bunch of obnoxious primary colored plastic bubbles sitting somewhere in my house ruining the flow that I had worked so hard to create. Needless to say I was thrilled when I found these beautiful Qute cages that I could put in my living room or bedroom and simply use it as a table. It has ample room for my calico teddy bear hamster and she loves the burrow in the deep bedding in the bottom bin. She sleeps down there during the day and eats and plays on her wheel and in her sand box at night. She is a happy little hamster and I'm a happy grandma who has a hamster living in a beautiful little mansion. Thank you so much for making such beautiful and function hamster homes.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2018

We LOVE It!!! - Kristina,

What a great cage! Easy to clean, fun to watch the hamster burrow in the bottom compartment. The hamster loves it as much as we do! Only thing we would change is we would've preferred a glass water bottle

Verified Purchase: May 2018

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