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Verified Reviews for Geo Bird Cage - Cream and Black

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Worth it! - Katrina, West Sussex,

I am new to bird parenting, but I started off the right way with one of Omlet's Geo cages. I have two budgies, an older and younger boy. They get enough space in their cage and have shown their love for certain features, lie the easy feeding and drinking station with its rounded perch, and the additional birdbath that I also ordered from this company. If you have small birds, you owe it to them to buy them a cage with flight space. The design is perfect for them, I've attached a picture. The gold and green boy is Loki, my mischief-maker and the older male. The smaller blue and white is Thor, he has a big voice and makes his presence known despite his smaller size.

The reviewer has 2-4 parakeets pets

Beautiful, Spacious and Practical! - Irwin, West Sussex,

So happy I chose this cage! My wife loves the look in our living room and the kids love the easy access to the birds. It is so roomy and comfortable for our 2 keets and they seem very happy. The layout really helps keep most of the mess in the cage and cleanup is very easy. I was attracted to this cage because it reminded me of a few bird aviaries that I have seen at zoos. It really is a very pleasant and attractive home for the birds. I am also grateful to the customer service people who helped me get the cage sooner as i already had the birds and they were in a too-small cage. One thing, building the cage was a little frustrating as the instructions on how to position the nodes could have been clearer. Once I figures out the system, building was a breeze. I also feel that the price is very fair for such an attractive and very large cage. Having a custom night cover is also very helpful.

The reviewer has 2-4 Parakeet pets

Outstandingly Perfect - Yvette, West Sussex,

Can't keep my eyes off of the cage

Geo bird cage - Cream and black - Lydia, West Sussex,

I’m so glad I found this site. Omlet made it so easy to place my order. They were very helpful and efficient and I think even helped me get my order sooner then had originally anticipated. I love the Geo bird cage. It’s roomy, easy to clean, and such a cool design. Goes perfectly with my modern decor! Thanks omlet!!!

Absolutely Stunning - Yvette, West Sussex,

Yes! Quite the puzzle! However the outcome is worth the challenge. It's aesthetically pleasing with it's unique spacious design. I'm so glad the Omlet came across my path and my Finches love it, too.

- Dionisio, West Sussex,

My birds love it and I love it, I’m still missing a latch to secure the cage to base, never heard back, please send the missing latch, love Omlet

- Monique, West Sussex,

Love love love!

Bird cage is great! - Marilyn, West Sussex,

The bird cage was a challenge to put together but now that it is done I think it is an excellent product. The food and all other debris stays in the cage. It is very easy to clean and my bird just loves all the room he now has.

The GEO 60 CHALLENGE - Alfredo, West Sussex,

For the ones that have never assembled a cage from scratch, you are in for a challenge! This cage is shipped unassembled from the factory for a quicker delivery to recipient... you have the fun and pleasure of creating an enclosure for the first time in your life! If you follow the video guidelines carefully, you will be very pleased with the final piece assembled looking very beautiful. Now you can brag to your friends about how simple it is to build a cage without assistance from anyone. Friends will be wondering how you did it! Congratulations! You are now completely happy you did it yourself!

A Creative adventure for Active Avians - Doric, West Sussex,

THANK YOU OMLET, for creating a new way that avians can enjoy being viewed in a beautifully designed GEODESICALLY work of art of living quarters for small avians to enjoy! The avians will feel immediately at ease being able to fly, hover, and continuously flutter to their hearts content in a bath tub which is equally spacious to accommodate a fastidious avian wanting to be clean at all times. People are immediately estactic to the size and spaciousness the enclosure offers. A beautiful sight to behold and admired by gleefully excited people who never had an enclosure to show-off and have an instant conversational piece to talk about! Never stop creating new product ideas that will excite people who have not the pleasure to enjoy such a beautiful sight for the first time in their life!

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