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Verified Reviews for Geo Bird Cage - Cream and Black

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Creme Color Base - Doric, West Sussex,

The creme color base with black wiring is a very nice combination giving the avian occupants an attractive appearance and most people will choose this combination because it will blend in perfectly with their eclectic decor. But other color choices are nice too! It does'nt matter with the occupants. All the avians are concerned with is their personal health and well being as long as their enclosure is secure and food and water is available at all times.

Designed for maximum comfort and space - Doric, West Sussex,

Most Avians will not readily accept a cage for immediate exploration and will feel frightened and will crouch in the corner of a square shaped cage. The GEODESIC SHAPE CAGE has no square corners for your Avian to hide from, making your Avian feel free to wander without fear of being trapped. Avians will love the openness and space to explore!

Love the design and the birdies love it too - Canton, West Sussex,

Just rehoused my two budgies in their new omlet home. The assembly wasnt as complicated as I first thought. Its a genius design the best cage so far in all aspects. Thank you!

Home for new pets. - Anne, West Sussex,

Pondered for quite a while before purchasing, so pleased with it. It's very stylish and my 2 new budgies seem to be settling in nicely. Took a while to assemble but once you've got the knack it goes together lovely. I absolutely love it.

Fantastic Cage - Cynthia, West Sussex,

Received this cage and was very surprised how nice and study it is! My Parakeet just loves his cage he had no trouble finding the feeder he went into the bath the same day! Took awhile for me to put the cage together, watched the video which was very helpful. Thank you for a great product.

Cool - Fat, West Sussex,


great product - Rebecca, West Sussex,

I ordered our new bird cage in January after a lot of conversations about its size and reading other reviews we decided to try it as we both like the style of the cage. we were not disappointed. Its much bigger than we were expecting. Our budgie transferred over to his new cage without any worries and found the food and water very easily. The food and water feeder is fantastic, catching the waste and mess but also very easy to fill and clean. we went for the tall stand as our budgie flies around free for large parts of the day and will just sit and play on top of his cage. its a very stylist cage and looks like a piece of furniture in our home that we have had many comments. I would recommend allowing 1-2 hours to assemble the cage, its simple once you get going. After only 2 weeks the handle on the one door broke so I emailed customer service with photos and they replaced it for us. I think this was just bad luck as the rest of the cage and door handles are very strong and its good to know there customer service is helpful. our budgie is still very happy with his new home, plenty of room to fly around, the perches that come with cage are large and our budgie swings side to side getting faster and faster - its so cute. I think two birds would be comfortable in this cage no problem.

Stylish & spacious - Rachel, West Sussex,

Love this bird cage! It took a little while to put together but it looks so stylish and is much more spacious than the previous cage I had. The mess free bird feeder is such a cool touch, although it took a little while for my budgie to work out how to get the seed out. A little miffed that our local pet shop wouldn’t sell us a budgie due to the fact the cage was ‘too small’ for 2 budgies apparently. Anyhow, the cage IS spacious and my little budgie is loving life in his new home.

fantastic playground for baby Pippin - Christine, West Sussex,

Hello from across the ocean! I'm so glad I found this beautiful cage for our baby parakeet. I've had parakeets all my life, but have never had a cage my parakeet could fly in. Baby Pippin is four months old and settling in nicely to his spacious home. He loves swinging and climbing and flying. Thanks for the thoughtful designs that takes birds' physical and mental needs in mind!

Lovely cage - perfect for our single budgie! - Beth, West Sussex,

We got the Omlet cage as a replacement home for our 3 year old budgie. It was delivered really well packed, and took a little while to put together but once it was up it’s really sturdy and looks great. Almost all of our toys could be transferred over, though we did have to use our own feeding and water stations until he got used to the Omlet one - which only took a couple of weeks. There’s a lot of recommendations not to get a round cage, but I really wouldn’t consider this round, there are still corners and we have ours against a wall so our budgie isn’t uncomfortable at all. Although we have our bird free flying most of the day, there is plenty of room for him to fly around inside when we go out. A couple of recommendations, we missed having a grill on the bottom as our budgie likes to potter around on the floor sometimes, but it’s just a preference. One thing we had to do was place some dowelling on the cage door for the bird to land on when going inside as the bar is quite thin to one on. Otherwise, our little guy took to this cage so well and we are really happy with it! It’s a great size for a single budgie, and he has a lot more room than his original cage. We were most interested in something our budgie would be happy in rather than appearance, so it’s a bonus that this is a lovely design and looks like a piece of art in our room!

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