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Verified Reviews for Geo Bird Cage - Teal and Black

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Brilliant Cage! - Edwina, Bedfordshire,

Really good cage. The feeder is great because it catches all the husks and that means the husks don't get spread around. Looks nice and smart. Really recommend!

Beautifully Designed Enclosure - Doric, Bedfordshire,

There is no doubt that unusual, yet beautiful appearances will arouse interest for the public to immediately respond just to be noticed. Enter the Geodesic dome like cage! I love it!... but does it matter with the birds? As long as the birds are well fed and safe from harm, appearance is immaterial. People will not accept a cage that will not blend with the interior decor of their home. We live in a colorful world and beautiful colors is the spice of life! So be it! OMLET has proven to the world that people will be happy with a fresh new look for avians to enjoy. Thank you.....keep on creating new ideas!

Geo Bird Cage - Angie, Bedfordshire,

Arrived all boxed up with instructions. To be honest I found it a challenge but then I’m not great at stuff like this but I did it and it looks amazing (wouldn’t do another though ????). It’s spacious and the bird loves it. The feeding station in the middle helps contain flying seed etc and it’s very easy to clean. I also brought the stand and bird bath. Everyone comments on it as its so nice.

Great cage! - Linda, Bedfordshire,

This cage is fab!! Have not bought a budgie cage since the 80’s! Omg my new baby budge “Bertie” loves it! It is so spacious he actually files in there! Enjoys hopping from swing to swing! Plenty of room to add a couple of extra toys too. The feeding station is a great idea in the centre of the cage, Bertie has mastered perching on the top and do a backwards slide to get onto the water and food! Effortless job to clean the cage out too, withe 5 easy clips you can clip back to remove the base, readymade sheets fit perfectly. Would never buy another cage other than this one, looks great in our lounge too.. colour co-ordinated, budgie and all!

I love it. - Jennifer, Bedfordshire,

I love this cage so much, it is so beautiful. This company is such a wonderful place to deal with , with great products also. The best costumer service. Thank you guys so much.

Beautiful! - Julie, Bedfordshire,

I love this bird cage, very stylish. I do request a bigger version to be made for my conures, I would love one for those, especially a bigger matching one.

fantastic cage - Playford, Bedfordshire,

My canary loves his new cage . and so do I .Its so easy to clean and my floor stays free from seeds spills GREAT !

Love this cage, and im sure my bird does too - Annette, Bedfordshire,

Looks good and my budgies seems to fly around alot more than she did before. But others have said the shape is not good for a bird, but I havent had a problem., was a long haul to put together though, you need patience.

Geo bird cage full set up. - Christine, Bedfordshire,

Bought the bird cage stand and the night cover plus extras .and love it so does my budgie. I've all all kinds of birds and cages .over the years ,this one beats them all for style.quality,and bird features eg the perches and feeder would reccomend.

Omlet bird cage - Christopher, Bedfordshire,

Good Geodesic design which makes it strong when assembled.Can be slightly tricky to assemble but with patience and forethought as to where one wants the doors,is achieved quite easily.Only one gripe why are the bars on the cage not horizontal? so that the birds can grip and climb up them?.

Omlet Says: Thank you for your review. The vertical wires make the mesh panels more stable to prevent the cage from bending. It is also for an aesthetic purpose as the bars line up better. Best wishes, team Omlet.

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