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Really easy to use - Dawn,

So easy for my 3 bantams who struggled with mites in a wooden coop. Great for cleaning. Bit sticky opening the back a lot , but otherwise a really clever set up. Also have portable netting. Really pleased.
Review for: Eglu Go Chicken Coop with 2m Run Package - Leaf Green

Verified Purchase: Aug 2021 The reviewer has 2-4 Pekin bantams pets

Hutch and run are fantastic - Andrew,

I have had this hutch and run for a few weeks and I am very glad I did. The first night it was in the garden I woke to see a fox standing on it! Security is important and this does not disappoint. The only disappointment is the water bottle, I have had 2 and the both drip constantly depositing the complete contents in to the hutch over about 8 hours! Which given the overall cost of the package is poor. I have bought a different design and the problem is solved.
Review for: Eglu Go Guinea Pig Hutch with 1m Run Package - Leaf Green

The reviewer has 2-4 Guinea pigs pets

Omlet Says: Hi Andrew, Thank you for taking the time to write us a review. We are sorry to read that you experienced some trouble with two of our water bottles. They should indeed not leak. You could try the following : fill the bottle, turn it upside down and shake it. Some water will come out, but inside the bottle a vacuum will form. Important: the bottle should be then kept upside down and put it in the hay rack. Normally, it should not leak anymore. However, if after trying this, your bottles are still leaking, there might be another issue. If that is the case, please come back in touch with us by phone or by email, so that we can understand the source of this problem and find a solution for you. Yours, Omlet Customer Service Team

Good design - John,

The coop is very practical. It is easy to clean and move. It is nice to have the hens in the garden where we can see them and our kids enjoy playing with them.
Review for: Eglu Cube Mk2 with 3m Run and Wheels Package - Leaf Green

Verified Purchase: Jul 2021 The reviewer has 4-6 pets

Very Cute but lacking some necessities for bird well-being - Brickelle,

I think this cage is adorable and very nice and modern. However, there are some things that are lacking. This cage really needs a removable grate at the bottom to keep waste separated from where the birds walk. The birds that are small enough for this cage are "ground birds" and therefore like to peck at the ground for food that has fallen. Unfortunately, that means the birds are pecking at the area with their waste. Also, I wish there was a way to remove the center pole and have the hole plugged. I don't use the feeder that was provided because my birds don't eat an all seed diet and they need bowls I can serve vegetables in. Other than that, the cage is great. It would be really cool if they made the same design but in a 30 inch of 36 inch design. Assembly was moderately easy.
Review for: Geo Bird Cage - Cream and Black

Verified Purchase: Aug 2021 The reviewer has 2-4 Budgerigars pets

Omlet Says: Hi Brickelle, Thank you for taking the time to write a review. This type of constructive feedback is very important to us, our Product Design Team will review it for future improvements. Don't hesitate to get in contact with us if you wish to pass any other feedback. Yours, The Omlet Customer Service Team

Beautiful, unique but oh so difficult to assemble - Heather,

We have had this cage since May and our budgie loves it with lots of space for flying. The assembly, however, was a nightmare. As soon as some pieces were secured, others would come undone. In the end I just accepted that there would be a few disconnected bits which does not seem to matter too much. It is a very innovative design, but I think the linking fasteners need a bit more thought. Also I would like to see the catcher bowls designed so that they will fit through the door as lifting off the cage with risk of further disconnection of parts and also the bird getting out, is a worry. Overall, glad to have bought it.
Review for: Geo Bird Cage - Cream and White

Verified Purchase: Apr 2021 The reviewer has 1 budgie pets

well built but could do with some spare clips - Bernadette, Dublin,

Just put this together over several evenings. Very happy with this purchase! Was reasonably straightforward for one person to build and the hutch part is very good quality. The run clips seem a little flimsy (hoping they stand up to local foxes) and could have done with a few spares since ruined one or two closing/opening again. only complaint is that if you don't have very flat ground the edges can lift a bit and there might be a chance for escape as the floor grid is relatively big holes. Would advise some tent pegs or similar to anchor it to the ground for peace of mind.
Review for: Eglu Go Guinea Pig Hutch with 1m Run Package - Leaf Green

Verified Purchase: Jul 2021 The reviewer has 2-4 2 long hair guineas, pets

Great idea but needs some improving features - Theresa,

My hens love this and it keeps them occupied for awhile. An improvement would be an opening that could slide open and closed on the top for refilling. In order to refill it, I need to remove it totally from the ground and turn it upside down which causes food to fall out. I'm not sure about what is the best grain to put into it. I put mixed bird seeds in it and the small grains(milo, millet just fall out. Probably, just sunflower seeds would work better. I don't use cracked corn since my chickens get this all the time and wouldn't care about getting it out of the peck toy.
Review for: Poppy Peck Toy

Verified Purchase: Jul 2021

Absolutely necessary! - Fruarri,

It is difficult to move the coop with the run attached without the wheels. These provide the necessary clearance to move the coop through the grass. Buy it! That said, the metal engineering is not as good as the plastic engineering. The wheels are wobbly and will slowly sink into the soil. Wide tyres would really help. My chickens don't use the space under the coop anyway.
Review for: Eglu Cube Mk2 Boxed Wheels

Verified Purchase: Jun 2021 The reviewer has 4-6 speckled sussex pets

Great bendy tunnel - Sue, Sheffield,

A really useful addition to make bends and go in enclosure corners. As the product clearly states it is not very strong and predator proof like the main zippy tunnels, but as an extra toy to go in enclosures it works well. Also is good for my indoor bunnies. A bit of a shame you can't join them together. My indoor bunnies haven't attempted to chew the tunnels so haven't bothered screwing the end rings on, have put them on for the tunnels which are outdoors.
Review for: Rabbit Play Tunnel with Connector Rings

Verified Purchase: Jul 2021 The reviewer has 2-4 pets

Great but design flaw - needs to be flat and/or anti-slip - Sue, Sheffield,

I have four rabbits and they have all loved the shelters. I also foster rabbits for a local rescue and they have them too. It works well indoors for my house bunnies as well as out in the enclosures. None of the 6 rabbits which have road tested the shelters have spent any time in them, they run in and out but all want to sit on top. But it has a slightly rounded roof and smooth surface and some rabbits couldn't get on it, others just slid off. So I have added strips of anti-slip tape (bought online) which has worked really well and they now love it, as Millie is demonstrating.
Review for: Zippi Rabbit Shelter - Green

Verified Purchase: Jul 2021 The reviewer has 4-6 Various pets

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