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Exceptional zippi rabbit shelters for house rabbits - Sandy, Dublin 12,

Absolutely brilliant for our indoor rabbits - we bought 2 of these houses looking for a light weight, rabbit-user-friendly and easy to clean replacement for their home made box homes and they moved in very quickly. We love the quality - they are worth every cent...if only we'd discovered OMLET earlier!
Review for: Zippi Rabbit Shelter - Green

The reviewer has 2-4 Lops pets

The Geo - Jim, West Sussex,

I can only speak for the Geo Bird cage but it is attractive and purposeful. I looked for a special cage for a long time as my canary is displayed in the living room. Its a conversation piece and makes my beautiful bird more attractive. I simply think it is great. I look forward to the future of Omlet and what is yet to come.
Review for: Geo Bird Bath

The reviewer has 2-4 Red Factor canary pets

Feeder problem - Pam, West Sussex,

Hi , I love my cage for my budgie, I have had this for a year now. This is the first time I have sat and read reviews and everyone agrees with me it’s a lovely cage. But I don’t see a lot of reviews about problems with the seeds .I have a problem with my seeds coming out and have to shake it at least twice a day to get the seeds to come down , i have tried different size of seeds and the one I use now is very fine but my poor budgie still struggles with it which mean I cannot leave him , more than a day as he would go hungry. Am I doing something wrong .
Review for: Geo Bird Bath

The reviewer has 1 Budgie pets

Omlet Says: Hi Pam, Thank you for this feedback, we are glad to hear that you love your Geo cage. I passed your comment to our Product Design team to allow them to investigate on this question. Here are a couple of suggestions, which hopefully will help with the feeder : You could try for example to put less food in the bowls, as the weight of a full bowl might sometimes cause the seeds to be stuck. The second idea would be to try to leave a larger gap between the hopper and the feed trough so that the seeds can pass through more easily. So when you push the feed trough on to the hopper, you could try not pushing it all the way down and leave a little gap. Don't hesitate to let us know if these suggestions help or not and we stay at your disposal for any further information. Best Regards, Omlet Customer Services team

Love the shape - Jennifer, West Sussex,

I love the cage but definitely have some suggestions for improvement. A separate water dish, mine gets disgusting with hulls and debris before the day is over, the area to actually drink out of is small and gets clogged easily. It would also be great if you could design some type of screening to go around the bottom to catch hulls and feathers and such. I end up vacuuming every day.
Review for: Geo Bird Bath

The reviewer has 2-4 Parakeets pets

Good size - Kate, Surrey,

Good size and safe for rabbits and guinea pigs. Bit fiddly to put together with all the panels and clips. Clips are a good design and the mesh panels are sturdy, good quality mesh which will hopefully not end up bent and twisted as the run is moved. Bit expensive but hoping it will last many years and hopefully buy extension panels to make it bigger at a later date which is a good option to have.
Review for: Outdoor Rabbit Run - 6ft x 6ft x 3ft

The reviewer has 2-4 Rabbits pets

Mixed Feelings - Lisa, East Sussex,

I bought this a few weeks ago for our two new guinea pigs. We have a fair amount of wildlife in our garden so I was searching for something that was 'predator / fox' proof. In hindsight, I believe I focused too much on this element and not enough on some other important considerations. Eg. once the house is closed, its completely dark in there.. theres no happy medium its either all or nothing interms of door open or closed. The ability to move the pen around the garden is tricky and the house is really damaging on the grass. Im sure the wheels and handle would help with that somewhat but it still is heavy on the grass. In hindsight, I wish we'd have bought a static hutch and a moveable run for the garden.
Review for: Eglu Go Guinea Pig Hutch with 3ft Run - Leaf Green

The reviewer has 2-4 Californian Guinea P pets

Omlet Says: Hi Lisa, Thank you for your feedback. We would like to reassure you in regards to the darkness in the hutch. Guinea pigs are entirely comfortable in complete darkness and appreciate to have a place to hide.These rodents are adept at navigating subterranean networks of tunnels or dense undergrowth and are highly reliant on touch, smell, sound and memory to navigate their hutch in the dark. The hutch and its run can be moved with the help of the wheels, so we would highly recommend for you to add these to your hutch if you are planning to move the structure often. When moving the hutch, it won't be as near to the grass, which should prevent the damage to your grass. If you would prefer to have a separate run, it is possible with our Zippi Run range , availablehere. These runs can also be connected to your existing hutch and run with our Zippi tunnels . Don't hesitate to contact us for any further information. Kind Regards, Clémence, Omlet Customer Services team

Tray is a perfect fit, lightweight, good quality - Emily, Hants,

I'm glad I bought the Fido Studio 36 tray instead of trying to find a similar sized generic one at the pet store. The Fido Studio version is, of course, a perfect fit, and it turns out that's more important than I thought because if the size was a bit too small it would slide around and bang on the sides whenever the pup stands up and shifts position. It's a lot more lightweight than other crate trays I've had in the past, but I'm VERY happy with the low price and I'm sure the lightweight factor accounts for that. I stuck some rubber feet "bumpon" bumpers to the bottom so it wouldn't make noise when the dog moves. And I also think it would be better if they shipped it in a rectangular box instead of the envelope style cardboard slip it came in, because it was smooshed in transit and had bent parts. But they popped back into place and just left a little white bend line, no big deal. Purely cosmetic. But a box with sides would probably help avoid that if the mail people stack stuff on top of it. All said, it's still 5 stars. The whole Fido Studio 36 system is fantastic.
Review for: Fido Studio 24 Dog Crate with Closet - White

The reviewer has 1 Mix pets

Great easy to set up crate - medium - Fiona, Hants,

We bought this for our staffy puppy, set up in minutes and puppy is happy in there, easy to open doors, nice tray easy to remove if needed, check out the photo!
Review for: Fido Studio 24 Dog Crate with Closet - White

The reviewer has 1 Staffy pets

Amazing quality - Sophie, County Tyrone,

So happy with my purchase and so are the budgies! Living their best lives in the classiest cage. Easy to put together and amazingly easy to clean/refill food and water. They love it and I love it!
Review for: Geo Bird Cage - Cream and Gold

The reviewer has 2-4 Budgie pets

I purchased the black and teal with tall stand - Chasity-Grand, Bedfordshire,

This is engineered extremely well, I am extremely happy and my Parrotlet and Parakeet LOVE IT! What an impressive product and design, I had fun assembling, it was like building with the tinker toys!! I would say it is one of the best purchases I have ever made! Well done!
Review for: Geo Bird Cage - Teal and Black

The reviewer has 2-4 Parrotlet and Parake pets

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