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Verified Reviews for Coop Light - Automatic Chicken Coop Door

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Great product - Juan,

This thing is great don’t have to go out at dawn and lock the ladies up anymore automatic door close every time I set mine on time mode light goes on a couple of minutes before door closes!!

Verified Purchase: May 2020

Coop Light - Mary,

Excellent product. The light calls my chickens in for bedtime. Light comes on at dusk, chicken get in coop, AutoDoor closes and it’s night, night for the day.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2020

i wouldant be without it - Bob,

it is all good i cannot fault the products in any way you dont have to mess with string like on most coop doors and the omlet coop door and light is fantastic and i know my chickens are safe to me best product going many thanks omlet

Verified Purchase: Mar 2020

Help with winter blues! - Claire,

Got this coop light to help my girls through this very dark period! As it is also compatible with my door. Bonus! it is a real help!

Verified Purchase: Dec 2019

Good product - Andy,

Well made product. Easily integrated with the automatic door controler.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2019

Problem Solved! - Jan,

We have not used a light on the coop before but it’s was a new young flock (8 hens) and we live in the Highlands (so daylight is at a premium at the moment (November)). We bought them from a grower of commercial flocks and so they had been used to a tightly regulated indoor system and so had to learn to become free range hens! And the light has helped showing them where to go after a day foraging in their run to roost for the night (it took a couple of days but their behaviour now is ‘normal’) going in a out of the coop at the correct times - one happy hen owner!!

Verified Purchase: Feb 2020

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