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Good but not great - Anna, Lincolnshire,

The idea behind this is brilliant, but it doesn’t always work in the way in which it should. The eggs sometimes get stuck as they roll, so then starts the fiddly procedure of unsticking them and popping them back in line. It is good however, for making sure you are eating the older eggs first even if they don’t always roll there!

Verified Purchase: May 2018

Fairly good - Andrea,

The design is funky and solid, however the eggs don't roll which is a bit frustrating because I like to take the oldest eggs at the bottom of the Skelter and the eggs don't roll down so you can add the most fresh eggs to the top of the Skelter.

Verified Purchase: May 2016

Fantastic Product - Heide,

Given to my daughter in law who has chickens as a present - She loves the look of it in her kitchen and she likes the practicality of it all. Lovely change from the proverbial chicken shaped wire basket!

Verified Purchase: May 2015

Looks good - Valerie,

I've only given it three stars because the eggs do not roll down the skelter as expected. I have to move them by hand and they sometimes fall off and break.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2014

Looks great but doesn't function as well as I'd hoped - Helen,

This looks great in my new kitchen, and it's a real help to have the eggs in date order. However eggs don't corner too well, so each time a remove one I have to shuffle the others along.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2014

Looks fab but poor performer - Julie,

This looks so great and I was really hoping it would make keeping my eggs in date order more simple but it is a real hassle to get the eggs down the skelter. I have to roll them one at a time as they get stuck so easily particularly as there are bars across the skelter which they get stuck on really easily. Therefore it is good to look at but rubbish at its job

Verified Purchase: Jul 2020

The eggs do not move down the skelter without a helping hand - Roger,

This was bought for us by a friend (using my computer whist staying here)- we thought it an excellent idea though were a little concerned it would take up too much space. In the event the space issue was fine as it (just) sits on the shelf where my previous egg holder lived BUT the purpose of having it was so our own eggs would be used in date order. However, because the eggs do not roll down the tracks we have to shift them on manually, this takes more time than writing the date on as we did before and on occasion an egg has jumped off the rack whilst moving them on so its a bit disappointing.!

Verified Purchase: Mar 2013

Nice looking, good idea - Liz,

A good idea for keeping the eggs in order, however I have had a few breakages when eggs have slipped off. I notice that the illustration shows the eggs on their sides not pointed side down, which was the way I understood that they're best stored. perhaps I'm not placing them on the skelter correctly.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2013

Good in theory... - Mary,

This is a good idea (as eggs are stored in sequence) but in practice side is a bit disappointing. Unfortunately the large eggs get wedged between the vertical supports and the small eggs swivel round and get stuck in the rails. I have spoken to the girls about laying consistently medium sized eggs but they won't oblige. Some tweaking to the design would be good.

Not the solution I hoped for - Fiona,

I was full of anticipation for this egg skelter, it seemed the answer to my problem of making sure the oldest eggs get used first. I decided to treat myself at Xmas. I got the medium/large size, because that's the average size of egg my girls lay. It's great - for keeping the eggs in order, but as a storage rack it fails to meet my expectations. The eggs don't move down the skelter as I hoped they would, so I still have to adjust them manually. the eggs move sideways, turn around, get wedged, anything but move in a forwards direction!

Verified Purchase: Feb 2013

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