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Good egg storage - Moyna, Lancs,

I really like the fact that you know easily which is the oldest newest eggs but I am disappointed that the eggs don't actually roll down the helter skelter...
Review for: Egg Skelter 24 Eggs - Cream 2

good answer to egg storage - Liz, Lancs,

Love the idea and am getting used to handling with care when loading eggs which must be guided into place. Stylish looks and admired by all.
Review for: Egg Skelter 24 Eggs - Cream 2

Eggcellent - Aila, Lancs,

A decorative way of keeping eggs in date order. A wonderful storage system.
Review for: Egg Skelter 24 Eggs - Cream 2

answers a problem - Judi, North East Lincolnshire,

This solves the problem of remembering which eggs to use first, and is an attractive way of proudly displaying the fruits of your girls' labours! My only quibble is that the handle on top is slightly damaged so that the red coating has come off one side, which makes it look a bit cheap. I could have sent it back I suppose but it didn't seem worth the hassle, it really should have been picked up before packaging though.
Review for: Egg Skelter 24 Eggs - Red 2

Well built - Andy, Lancs,

Well built and looks great on the worktop
Review for: Egg Skelter 24 Eggs - Cream 2

Useful storage item - Shotbolt, Lancs,

Gave this as a present and has been well received. Looks stylish on worktop and holds eggs well. Only slight problem is that you need to place the eggs really as if you load the egg at the top and let it roll down very far, it can get cracked in the process.
Review for: Egg Skelter 24 Eggs - Cream 2

Great product - Dave, Lancs,

I was getting fed up with storing our eggs in unsightly egg boxes on the work surface, and with fresher eggs being used before old ones due to our system not working particularly well! Then I spotted this, and it works a treat. My kitchen is cream so it blends in perfectly and looks quite cool; it also doesn't take up that much room. Our eggs don't fall off and the old eggs are used before the new ones. The only downside I can see is that once you remove an egg the others don't move downwards as they are oval not round - you have to manually move them down. But this isn't much of a problem. Definitely recommended.
Review for: Egg Skelter 24 Eggs - Cream 2

great - Finola, Lancs,

great item, great service
Review for: Egg Skelter 24 Eggs - Cream 2

overall good - Gill, North East Lincolnshire,

It proves to be exactly right for keeping the eggs.
Review for: Egg Skelter 24 Eggs - Red 2

Great idea - just doesn't quite work - Kira, Lancs,

I love the idea of this and thought that it would be a great idea for us and our egg storage problem. We tried various ways of loading the eggs, but no matter which way, they would end up turning sideways, and we would have to shuffle them down by hand which got to be a pain. We ended up breaking a few eggs because they could slip over the inside edge of the ramp. I'm not sure whether this is due to differing sizes of our eggs or not. 1 In the end we retired our eggskelter and are now using the much less stressful chicken egg basket that my Mum gave me for Christmas!
Review for: Egg Skelter 24 Eggs - Cream 2

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