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Omlet Screw Pegs - 12 Pack - FLORIDA,

Seem to be made out of strong plastic. Screwing them to the ground just by hand seems to be easy. I have only used them for 3 weeks now, so I don't know if the pegs last long time or not. I hope that they do.

Perfect for securing run skirt, especially on uneven ground - Derbyshire,

Sturdy and worth the money. I've just bought a 2nd pack as have extended the Eglu Go, with the original ones being 2 years old now, yet still going strong. I wouldn't have any pets out in the run without these all the way around. Good purchase

So easy to use -

The pegs are so easy to fit and firmly secure the run down. Easy to remove if you want to move the run too.

Recommended Product -

I bought these for use with my Cube Run, to give me the added security that Mr Fox won't get in, particularly as I regularly move the run and ground levels are not always totally level. They are a great product, very sturdy and the attachment for the electric drill makes the job very easy. The colour also means you can see them well, even when the girls have done their best to bury them! Highly recommended.

Pegs are INCREDIBLY sturdy and easy to use! - Oregon,

If I could give this product 10 stars, I would! I bought these screw pegs a while ago but didn't use them because my yard is full of tree roots, and I wasn't sure they would be sturdy enough. We used metal tent stakes instead. But while installing a run extension yesterday, we ran out of stakes, so we decided to try the pegs since we already had some. We were AMAZED - using a cordless drill, they screwed right in where we had encountered trouble pounding in metal stakes! We ran out of pegs so I'm buying more to get rid of all of the metal stakes.

Best product -

these are probably the best product on offer, to secure hen run to the ground. Much better than using stones or metal pegs.

Perfect! -

Really pleased with these!

Highly recommended - Hampshire,

A highly recommended way to keep the run firmly attached to the ground. Comes with drill attachment, which make light work of screwing in pegs into ground


Brilliant idea -

The screw pegs are excellent. My land is very uneven and these pegs keep the run and run extension tight to the ground. the drill attachment is a super tool making moving the cube and run an easy job. Well worth the money as they are much better than tent pegs etc.

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