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Verified Reviews for Extreme Temperature Jacket for Eglu Cube MK2 Green

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Extreme temperature duvet jacket for Eglu cube. - Tcomrie, Hants,

I can honestly recommend Omlet’s Extreme temperature Eglu Cube cover. It works so well our happy ladies come out dancing in the morning after a cosy night. 2

Extremely well made - Deana, Hants,

Have not used this jacket yet but it is extremely well made. I am impressed! 2

My Molting Ladies Stay Nice and Warm - Stephanie, Hants,

I have 2 Eglu coops, one with and one without an extreme jacket. I can tell you that all 4 of my molting hens head to the coop with the jacket every night, without fail. The temps have dipped into the high 20's recently and it makes me feel better to know that the jacket provides the extra insulation (without any moisture accumulating inside) to keep them warmer. It's easy to put on and take off to reach the egg door and the back hatch, too. I am purchasing another one for the other coop to prep for the long winter forecasted ahead. 2

Perfect fit - Angela, Hants,

I haven't used this yet, but i have fitted it to see how snug it is, you can feel the quality of it and i will be using it all winter and can relax knowing that my girls will be snug in their coop, thankyou OMLET 2

Fantastic design - Helen, Hants,

This cover is perfect for my new Eglu. It had frosted over earlier this week and inside the coop the chickens were all warm and happy. its extremely good quality and well worth the money 2

As described - Emily, Hants,

Good product - no complaints. Fits nicely over the Cube and keeps the temperature warmer for the birds on really cold nights. 2

Holding up.... - Joseph, Hants,

So far so good. I would say that it does a decent job in preventing drafts. My concern was moisture buildup, as it might be preventing the little ventilation there is. At times there was condensation between the coop and the blanket, but nothing on the inside of the coop. Please understand that this blanket does not generate heat....the chickens do. If four chickens (maximum I would put in the Eglu) spend the night there, that is the equivalent of a 40 watt bulb. Temperature differences between the coop and the outside have been at best a few degrees Fahrenheit. 2

Chicken Duvet! - Amy, Hants,

Really pleased with it. Seems really good quality and well made . Zip makes for easy access via the back door. My hens aren’t really laying now so it’s not too much of a problem not being able to access the egg department side door. I am however watching the condensation levels ( as I know this can cause respiratory problems ) as I am aware the rear vents are covered but all seems ok so far . I do sometimes unzip the back to allow for more ventilation on a more mild night. I feel this was a good purchase for the winter months . 2

High Quality Product - Could Have Been Even BETTER! - Kelly, Hants,

I love all things Omlet - My hubby thinks I am obsessed : ) Can I recommend this product? ABSOLUTELY! Its made with High Quality materials and it WILL keep things warm. (I snuggled in it while bingeing on Downton Abbey while my afghan was drying the other night and actually got HOT.) I am also more than confident that if Minnesota chickens are fine under this that Virginia chickens will DEFINITELY be! So why 4 stars and not 5? A design compromise - was it for the profit margin? The zipper on the back of the jacket DOES NOT allow for the back area to detach from the rest of the piece! So unless you zip it into the middle and then roll that into a cylinder and have it hang down the back of your Cube, you are in an all or nothing situation. Further, it has NO elastic in the back to allow for "snuggage" against the Cube. Is this a bad thing? Well it IS inconvenient and to my eye just looks tacky. But not tacky enough to return, because the quality of the item and the fact everything else about it is perfect outside of these two details makes me hum and haw and crease my brows but NOT put it back in the box. I was actually surprised at this situation because the lesser of the two jackets - (could it be termed a windbreaker?) has the snuggage factor in the back. I thought that Omlet had just added the back piece as fully removable to that one and sold it as a parka. But no - they didnt. Or I got the only flawed one! OMLET - Add a zipper that allows the back part to be sold separately AND makes the full jacket more pragmatic, and then you will capture all the market that doesn't have the money to buy the full jacket all at once, but can purchase in steps. It will mean profit for you in the long run and happy customers that don't have to buy 2 separate jackets so they can have what they want in insulative qualities for their Cube. Lastly, this version won't look tacky sitting in someones yard. (My solution - fortunately I sew so I am going to take mine apart, sew in a zipper that allows for the back to be fully removed, and sew in bungee cord to the back. Several hours work, but sometimes you just have to take the time....) 2

Omlet Says: Hi Kelly, Thank you for your review, we value all feedback as this helps us improve our products for the future. I will forward your comments onto our design team who will take it into consideration for future improvements. Many thanks, Omlet

Good but a bit worried! - Jane, Hants,

This seems good but I'm a bit worried that when the back is zipped on it covers the ventilation holes? 2

Omlet Says: Good afternoon Jane, Thank you for your comment, please do not worry about the cover going over ventilation holes. The blankets are made of a breathable material which will still allow air flow whilst retaining heat. Similar to a sleeping bag. I hope this helps put your mind at ease. Omlet

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