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Verified Reviews for Eglu Go UP 3ft Run Extension

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Eglu Go Up run extension - Jackie, Ross-shire,

We are very pleased with this as it gives considerably more room for our hens. Normally they have free range of the garden during the day but we were recently on holiday so they needed to stay in and with this extension we were confident that they would not mind staying in too much. Also the grass that they are on doesn't get so messy with the extra room. 2

Eggcellent - Lynne, Ross-shire,

Excellent service and item - happy chickens so happy us. 2

Overall good product - Suzanne, Ross-shire,

We are happy that our chickens are secure in this run. It is unweildy to move and could do with something to keep the run rigid. We would also like perches in the run. However we are happy enough to buy another extension should we need it. 2

The girls love it! - Joanne, Ross-shire,

Just upgraded my Go to a Go Up. The additional extension means I still have the same space in my garden, but the girls have the added benefit of a bit of extra space underneath the Go itself. 2

Great quality and fox proof. - Annalise, Ross-shire,

Struggled to put this together at first as the instructions were in another box! But once up it was perfect. Chickens love it and are happy! 2

Good addition though pricey - Diane, Ross-shire,

We currently have two hens in our Go Up although will shortly have four. They are normally free ranging, but shut in when we are away and didn't feel the standard gave them enough space while we on holiday for two weeks. The extension does the job nicely and will be fine for the two extra hens too. Easy to add to the run but a significant cost to add to the kit. A little bit wobbly, but you can still move the run around on its wheels without any problems. 2

Eglu Co Up plus 1m run extension - Carol, Ross-shire,

Absolutely delighted with the Go Up house. The 4 ex-barn hens had no problem with the steps from day 1 and happy with their accommodation. The house is easy to clean and the food and water containers stay clean enough as they are attached to the frame off the ground. The 1m run extension was well worth getting as it gives the girls plenty of room if they have to stay inside during the day if I'm out. It's also easy to throw a little corn into the run to persuade the hens to go back in and it's then easy to close and secure the door quickly. The frame sagged in the middle at the sides when we attached the 1m extension and we've had to insert bamboo canes to keep them rigid - so the design could be improved. It would also be useful if the wire frame could be continued across the Go Up house so that the hens can't get out when the trays are removed for cleaning. We're now looking at Omlet fencing so that the girls can have a larger area to romp in! 2

Useful but needs more stability - Dena, Ross-shire,

A good and useful extension to give important extra space for 4 hens. Addition of a horizontal bar (maybe a perch) at the junction of the main run with the extension would greatly improve stability - otherwise the sides sag in a bit! 2

expensive but excellent product - Dean, Ross-shire,

Easy to use. Added it to my go up to give my chucks a bit of extra space. The little clips are fairly easy to use and it all seems pest proof. Maybe on the pricey side but I still paid it didn't i?! 2

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