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Verified Reviews for Heavy Duty Tarp for Eglu Cube - 3ft

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Must-have for FL Coops - Brooke, Bristol,

If you live in a rainy climate, this is a game changer. My coop is so much dryer with this cover. It's more durable and bigger than the cover that comes standard with the coop.

The reviewer has 4-6 pets

Great features! - Harry, Bristol,

I bought this a month ago and am so happy I did!

The reviewer has 2-4 mixed variety of bre pets

Excellent Cover - Lenore, Bristol,

Excellent heavy-duty cover. I use it for heavy wind and rain.

A quality cover - Lisa, Bristol,

I was very pleased with this cover, it’s really thick, great quality and will last for years!

Impressed - Mary, Bristol,

After a slight glitch arrived on Saturday. Thick material with four anchoring straps at each corner. Very easy to fit and looks strong enough to withstand our Skye winters. Our new girls will love it.

Works like a charm - Laura, Bristol,

I would recommend this cover for the cube - it is heavy & strong enough to withstand some pretty substantial wind gusts, keeps my ladies dry the way we wanted. The cords are firmly attached & easily moved on the fencing of the run.

not yet used but will be fab in winter - Geraldine, Bristol,

Replacement Omlet cover - Stephanie, Bristol,

The new covers are much stronger than the old covers, which did not last very long. I hope these will survive many years, but only time will tell

Pretty good and no feeling I'm being exploited - Bob, Bristol,

Thing about Omlet is you don't feel ripped off. OK, the cube was not cheap but it's a clever design and should last for years. And replacement parts are reasonably priced and quickly delivered. This cover replaced the one that came with the cube and which had got pretty tatty over 6 or so years. This might be heavier duty and should fit well. Pleased.

Eglu waterproof cover - Heather, Bristol,

I was very pleased with this as it was much bigger than the original which after years of service had worn to shreds. It will allow me to totally shield the pen from the prevailing wind and still cover the top and most of the other side. Great!

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