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Shade Cover - Wray, Essex,

Does what it says, gives shade for my chicks, placed this under my clear cover so they don't get too hot. Could do with it being a bit longer.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2018

Cube 1 Metre Pu Nylon With Bungees - Alan,

Product very satisfactory. Chicks now much drier

Verified Purchase: Nov 2015

cube shade with bungees - Ann,

as the 1st one lasted 7 years i do hope this one is just as good but it is a different material to the 1st one and not as thick and slightly smaller i think. but is doing the job at the moment so that why i give it 4 stars

eglu shade - Alison,

I actually wanted a shade for the standard eglu, but could only see a price for one with a set of replacement spars which I did not need, so I thought I would just get the cube shade instead. It is smallel than expected but the hens can still get a bit of shade.

Verified Purchase: Feb 2019

Shade - Kirsty,

Good quality item, although the sun has not shined very much for them to sit under it.

Verified Purchase: May 2020

Does what it says - Chris,

Does what it says

Verified Purchase: Nov 2014

A little shade/rain cover, has lasted well - Nina,

I've had this cover for 2 years now over one end of the cube's run. It provides a little shade, but mostly I've got it over the food container to prevent surprise rainfall from getting the food wet, and to prevent leaves and other things from falling in the food. It's been in the sun, shade, rain, cold, heat - whatever - for 2 years and shows no evidence of wear. Once or twice I've run it through the washing machine and dryer, and it's still fine. I see that one other reviewer felt it didn't stand up to their weather, but to Northern California weather it does just fine. The reason for 4 starts instead of 5 is that I feel it's a little too small. A foot longer would have been better.

Verified Purchase: May 2013

Does the Job - Joe,

Bought to replace the old one that we had had for 2-3 years and had faded and torn. Hads a hard life so can't complain. Well worth it to give the chicks some shade when the sun shines.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2011

essential - Anne,

I use one on the top and one on the windward side to help keep the worst of the winter winds and snow out of the run.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2010

Does a job! - An Omleteer,

The cube shade does the job just nicely, we already had one but wanted the girls to have a bit more shade in the sunny weather and to keep the inside of the caged coop section dryer in the downpours and I have to say the cube shade does the job. We stagger the two shades so that as the sun come round the shadows differ.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2018

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