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Shade -Cube - An Omleteer,

After 18 months the Shade split open 3ft across. Colour faded quite a lot also.

Cube Shade - An Omleteer,

Shade is too small - barely covers top of Cube run and allows rain to enter at the sides.

Does the job - An Omleteer,

Does the job very well. We find they last about two years, so good value for money too.

Shade - Cube - not so longlasting! - An Omleteer,

Although our Eglu Cube is still in excellent shape, the shade faded and developed tears after a year or so and we are now having to order a replacement. How about introducing some more funky colours/patterns for the cube shades?

Shade - Cube - An Omleteer,

This is far too small. I have an original eglu which I have had for 4 or 5 years. With this I purchased a cover and have since purchased a separate cover. These covers rot quite quickly and I wanted a new one. You do not however seem to make one big enough now. I would appreciate your comments and help.

Shade for cube - An Omleteer,

Although the idea of the shade is excellent and it is definitely needed I think it needs to be made out of more durable material; I am not sure how long they are meant to last but I have had mine just over 2 years now and the material is disintegrating hence I have had to buy this replacement. I also used one from an eglu which I have had for only a year and that is disintegrating already too.

Shade - An Omleteer,

Lightweight and the small rust-proof bungees are good.

Shade cube - An Omleteer,

Bought for an original run to replace a winter shade but it is not as big so not as useful.

Does a job! - An Omleteer,

The cube shade does the job just nicely, we already had one but wanted the girls to have a bit more shade in the sunny weather and to keep the inside of the caged coop section dryer in the downpours and I have to say the cube shade does the job. We stagger the two shades so that as the sun come round the shadows differ.

Cube Shade - An Omleteer,

The cube shade is a great little shade that gives the hens the shade they need. The fixings are great and simple to attach and detach. It would be nice to see this made in a material that allows the hens to see out, but not allow the sun in, I am sure there must be a material like that out there :-)

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