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Verified Reviews for Eglu Cube Waterer - Green

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A bit too big for my Silkies - Tracy, Ayrshire,

I love the concept of this drinker and it looks fabulous with the Eglu and run but my 4 Silkies find it a bit too deep unless the water is filled up to the brim. 2

The reviewer has 2-4 Silkies pets

Hen water drinker - Amanda, Ayrshire,

Hens love this drinker , might even buy another one . There are 2 other drinkers as well. 2

The reviewer has 10+ Mostly rescues. pets

Fantastic Product - Duncan, Ayrshire,

This is perfect for my 3 hens 2

The reviewer has 2-4 pets

Works well - Ruth, Ayrshire,

I use the mesh stand to clip the feeder one side and the drinker the other. The latter keeps the water protected and it’s easy to clean and fill. Unlike the feeder, which you have to dry thoroughly before filling, the moulded lips on the drinker don’t offer the same problem where the water keeps dripping back down. It’s going to be wet anyway! 2

The reviewer has 4-6 Mixed breed hens pets

Ideal - Steve, Ayrshire,

We use 2 x Eglu Cube Drinkers, one for water and one for food - our chickens are not keen on the Eglu Cube Feeder. The Eglu Cube Drinkers are ideal for preventing spilages. Highly recommended. 2

We love it - Tracy, Ayrshire,

We have bought many different styles and makes of chicken feeders and drinkers over the last 8 years but we and our flock of chickens most of which are ex-battery hens love their new cube drinker. It is both easy to fill and to clean (I am disabled with the use of only one hand). 2

Good sturdy drinker - Elaine, Ayrshire,

Sturdy drinker but it is huge. My fault for not checking the dimensions. It connects by clips to the WIR but has to be placed low down as I have pekins and they can just about reach it. 2

Eglu cube drinkers - Clare, Ayrshire,

Wish I’d had these sooner. So easy to clean and refill. The ladies of the house love them (I bought two) 2

Great as a feeder aswell. - Christy, Ayrshire,

I know this is meant as a drinker but I use it for their pellets aswell. Its great as the birds can just help themselves but its off the ground. Birds with big combs have no trouble pecking at the pellets. Its easy to refill aswell. 2

Great drinker - Marissa, Ayrshire,

I ordered the drinker and the feeder and I’ve been only able to use the drinker as I’m still waiting for the stand to arrive. The drinker is very big and filled with water it’s heavy so can’t be knocked. We have the older style drinker with rounded bottoms and they seem to prefer the new one. I put it on the turn on their ramp whereas the old one is beside the old feeder... they seem to walk out of their way to use the new style waterer. I imagine it will be the same when the new feeder can be put up too! Holds more water than the old style too. 2

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